Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Stitching at the cottage

That's what I hope to be doing for the next 11 days. We're heading out tomorrow afternoon but only going part of the way, stopping to visit a friend overnight. That way we should reach the cottage Friday morning, avoiding all the Toronto traffic headed in the same direction that afternoon.

I've packed a few new stitching projects for my holiday. I've already started a new ornie by Schoolroom Samplings called Country Santas. I'm working this one on a scrap of linen I found in my box. I'm not a big fan of linen but this one is lovely and I'm quite enjoying it. Having my granddaughters here for the past few days has meant that not much stitching activity has taken place but here's my effort so far.

I'm also starting Waxing Moon's Witches Garden which I've had in my stash for quite some time now. Then of course I have Cirques des Cercles and my other new Tantes Zolder pattern. I've also got All Things by Abbey Lane Designs kitted up as well but haven't decided whether or not I'll bring it. I'm afraid that if I do, nothing will get done on Cirques and I really want to get back on track with this one. Come rain or come shine I'll be stitching!

I've had a super time the past few days with my granddaughters and my oldest son visiting! On the Monday we even managed to get all three of my boys home at the same time so we had a full house. The girls are getting sooo big! The youngest, Summer, is already starting to speak which is quite a bit ahead of her older sister. She has a lovely head of curls! Oceanne knows me now and calls me Grandmaman. Her vocabulary includes a lot more English than before though she does speak mostly French. For now, I understand her and she understands me but the time will come when that will change since she resides in an entirely French community and my French does have its limitations. My son is hoping to put the girls in an English school so that they will be bilingual. Until the girls are a bit older we stay at home during their visits with outings to the park and swimming. By the days end they were exhausted and so was Grandma!!

The visit was far too short and today we headed back to their home. They were good as gold in the car, an improvement from their first trip here. They're getting used to the long ride now. It's anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 hrs depending on traffic. I remember travelling those long trips with my boys when they were young. My parents lived 8 hrs from us and as good as they were there came a point when everyone was tired and we could hardly wait to get there!

At this point I'm going to head off to bed. All the driving has worn me out and there's more to come tomorrow. I haven't even packed yet either. Since I don't have a laptop I won't be blogging until my return unless we make a pit stop at the local library. Even then I won't be able to post any stitching pics until my return. See you all next month!


  1. Sounds like a fun time! The girls are lovely!
    Have a lovely relaxing time away at the cottage :)

  2. Have a wonderful relaxing time at the cottage! I'll think of you sitting on the dock with a cool drink in one hand and your stitching in the other.

  3. Have a great time away, Lynn! Love seeing the pics of your dear grandchildren - what sweeties!

    Today on my blog I gave you the Brillante Weblog award. Don't feel obligated to pass it along as you're away from home for awhile and internet time is limited. Hugs!

  4. Hi Lynn I've nominated you for an award as well! Have fun in Muskoka... I'm jealous!

  5. Lynn..your granddaughters are beautiful:)

    I hope you have a great vacation and you get a chance to relax...have a great time and see you when you get back

  6. Your granddaughter's are adorable. I've left a surprise for you on my blog ;)

  7. Your grand daughters are beautiful! Sounds like your going to have a great time.

  8. Hi Lynn,

    You're off to the cottage now and
    won't read this until you get
    back, but I'll post now so I don't
    forget later.

    Your butterflies turned out
    beautifully, and I think your pin
    keep turned out very nice as well. It's a great way to finish off a
    design. These Tante Zolder free
    designs are so wonderful. I
    wonder which one you've decided
    stitch next??

    The pin keep that you made for
    Pam also turned out great, and
    what a lovely design you chose.
    Pretty colours, and a tea and friendship theme!! You know you
    just can't go wrong with tea.
    Adding yours and Pams initials
    to the tea cups was a brilliant
    idea. Clever Dani to think of it.

    And congratulations for finish-
    ing Weather Wise!! (Phew!!)
    It looks wonderful, and I think
    it'll look even more amazing
    when it's framed.

    It looks, and sounds, like you
    and your granddaughters (and
    son) had a great time together.
    The girls are so adorable. Love
    their names.

    Hope you have/had a wonderful
    time at the cottage Lynn, with
    excellent weather (fingers
    crossed) and lots of time to
    relax and stitch. Looking
    forward to hearing about it
    when you get back.


  9. Hope that you have a lovely time at your cottage. Your granddaughters are gorgeous. I love your pinkeeps, they turned out wonderful.

  10. Have a wonderful Holiday Lynn!

  11. Lovely new start, what a fun piece. Have a great time at your cottage, all the pieces you listed as working on are so pretty. Your granddaughters are cuties, glad that you were able to spend time with them.

  12. Hey, Lynn!! Darling, just darling, granddaughters!! I know you enjoyed your visit. You're really stitching and making some lovely things. When do you think you'll be back my way again? I miss our happy time together!