Monday, 30 June 2008


A very special Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian bloggers and to all of my US friends I wish you a very Happy 4th of July! I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful country and enjoy its many freedoms.
I had to return to work today following a week of holidays but I do have Canada Day off. If the weather holds we might even take in the fireworks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. There are a number of free concerts being offered so we're just going to play things ''by ear" for now and see what we feel like doing tomorrow.
I had a very relaxing week off. I wasn't able to do too much in the garden since it rained just about every day at some point. Enough! Some of my poor flowers are water logged and the weeds are flourishing. Like I need that... more weeding, ugh!
I did manage to get up to Watertown for the day Tuesday and picked up some supplies at Joann Fabrics. Okay,so help me out here. I picked up a number of fat quarters while I was there. It wasn't until I went to open one that I realized I can't remove the store's stickers from the fabric. Has anyone else had this problem before? The stickers are coming off in shreds and I'm cursing them . I got so frustrated that I shoved the lot of them in a box and haven't touched them since.
Instead I picked up my stitching to calm me down. Pam, I'm finished stitching your secret gift and I'm halfway through the finishing. I hope to have it in the mail by the end of the week.
I can't show any progress pics of anything I did though because I left most of my stitching in my bag in Bob's office on Sunday after church. I was so annoyed with myself when we got home and I realized the bag wasn't in the car. I always take my projects along with me Sunday morning and stitch while he rehearses before the service. We went out for lunch with friends after church and I just forgot to bring the bag back to the car. It's an hour drive to the church so I wasn't making a trip back just for that. Gotta conserve my gas! I'm hoping we get a chance to stop in tomorrow and pick it up. I really feel lost without it.

There are a number of stitchers in the South Eastern Ontario region who get together every so often for a SAL. It seems that lately I'm always working on the weekends chosen. Rebecca is planning one for July 12/13 and of course once again I'm working. It's not as easy as it used to be to swap weekends anymore either. So I got thinking that maybe while I was off that Dani might want to drop by for a stitch one evening since she lives the closest to me. Friday ended up being the best night for both of us so when she was finished work she headed to my place. I told her to pack an overnight bag and that way we could get in a lot more stitching time. She stayed until Saturday noon and we had a most relaxing time stitching and catching up.
More thunderstorms arrived that evening after her departure but just before sundown the sun poked out long enough for a huge rainbow. I tried to get a better picture than this but the light was too low and the clouds kept passing over. Looks more like a streak of red than a rainbow.
Here's hoping the weather improves so that all of us can enjoy the festivities in our respective communities over the next few days. Take care everyone, especially around those fireworks!


  1. Lynn thank you so much for inviting me out at the end of last week! I don't know if you realize how much I needed that to decompress after the crazy couple of monhts I've had! I don't want to go back to work on Tuesday.

    I hope you can make it to my place this upcoming weekend... get to meet Kathy and Beatrice!

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day.

    The weather was gorgeous, and the
    day just seemed to fly by for us.
    But going back to work today felt
    like we'd had two Mondays in one
    week. Ugh!!!

    Sounds like you and Dani had a grand time stitching together.
    All those planned SAL's sound
    like so much fun, but are too
    far for me to travel to.

    How frustrating to be separated
    from your stitching bag. Hope
    you were able to retrieve it
    before too long. Dani says your
    Butterflies are looking amazing.


  3. I'm so glad you had a good Canada Day..We did, It was gorgeous weather and had a good sing in the park.

    I sure hope you make it to Dani's ....It will be so much fun to meet you!!!
    I look forward to seeing some of your stitching in RL!
    Take care.

  4. Glad you had a Good Canada Day, my 4th of July was lovely too. How fun that you were able to meet up with Dani and stitch, sounds like you both had a wonderful time.