Sunday, 13 April 2008

A finish for the framer

Saturday morning I put in my last stitches on The Wedding. I'd saved the personalization until last because I wasn't quite sure whether or not I wanted the year put in on the date of marriage. The pattern doesn't call for the year. In fact it's done a little differently in that there are no capitals used on the names or month and the actual date is stitched in a larger font than the month. After talking with my DH we decided that we really wanted the date to indicate the year as well. However fitting that in was another matter! When I stitched it as May 17, 2008 it looked a little off balance since the numbers are so much larger than the month. So then I tried putting it in as 17 may 08. However when I started stitching it where the pattern called for it, I found that the 7 was running into the letter p in the bride's name. So I made a slight adjustment and started stitching a little lower than where the chart indicated. If I put in the all the numbers of the year it just didn't look right. So I decided to leave the year as you see in the picture.It just looked more symmetrical that way.
I headed off to my LNS in Ottawa to have it framed where it should be complete in about 3 weeks. I'll post a picture when I get it back.

The weather here has greatly improved since my return home. Mind you, this weekend was a little cooler and rainy but overall the temps have been increasing and the sun has been shining. Along with those warmer days comes the melt. At this point the only snow left on the front lawn is the large pile at the foot of the drive where most of the snow from the plow was thrown. It's much smaller than it was but naturally it will be the last to go. Our back yard faces north and doesn't get as much sun so things there are taking a bit longer to disappear. I can finally step out on the deck though and make my way to the clothesline again. The first BBQ of the season took place on Friday. Bob did up some burgers that just tasted great. These were the first burgers I've had since October. I'm not much for fast food joints and prefer the home cooked variety.

As soon as the snow receded I found that my tulips were up. Just the leaves of course, no buds yet, but a joyous sight nonetheless. This weekend I also spotted shoots coming up from my bleeding hearts and even from my rhubarb plant in the back. The birds have all returned and already we have a family setting up their nest in our birdhouse. The cardinals pay regular visits to our feeder but only in early morning or just before dusk and they're very quick. The other night after supper Bob hollered to me from upstairs that the male cardinal was at the feeder. I grabbed my camera and managed to grab a very quick pic through the downstairs window. Unfortunately this window is not very clean and the picture looks a bit cloudy but he did sit still long enough for me to grab a couple of shots. This one is best. It's not very clear but I was also taking the photo through the screen on the window and the light was fading.

While I was visiting my Mom in Florida I saw some birds of a different sort. First was the mockingbird who showed up each day at the pool and serenaded us. What a treat! Then all week my Mom had been talking about the sand cranes that show up in the yard looking for food. She said if I saw them not to feed them otherwise they would poke holes in the screened porch looking for more. By the end of the week when we still had not seen them, my sister and I would joke. " What cranes would those be? Are they like the gator that sunbathes on the golf course?(not!)" On my last day the cranes showed up. Laurie had already left for home and missed them but I got some pictures for her to prove they existed. There was a male and female and when the female stood up, two babes ran out from under her! The babies were so cute and the mother let me get pretty close for some good shots. As for the gator, apparently my niece got a picture of him on her visit. I'll believe it when I see it!

With spring comes the urge for fresh starts which is exactly what I've done. Now that The Wedding is finished I kitted up and got started on Prairie Schooler Weather Wise. I'm doing the sampler with the verse Red Sky at Morning. I've only just put in my first stitches so still too early for a picture. I hope to have something to show later this week on Trilogy's Secret Garden as well. And with any luck, I'll even get some time in on CdC! Too bad that work has to get in the way!!


  1. Very nice wedding sampler. I think your numbers and date are just right. sometimes it takes a time or two till we get it just the way we want it. Glad to hear spring has arrived as we will soon be on our way home.

  2. Congrats on finishing your wedding sampler! It looks lovely and will make such a nice gift.

    I'm so envious with your cardinal visits. For some reason, he is my favourite and I rarely get to see them in RL. And the pics of the crane family are great- with all that lush green too!

  3. The wedding piece came out beautiful! Those sand cranes are kind of scary looking, not sure I'd want them walking around my yard ;)

  4. What a beautiful finish - and those chicks are adorable!

  5. Your Wedding Sampler is beautiful!! Good job!
    I'm happy the weather is improving for you. Love the pictures of the birds. The Sand Hill Cranes are awesome to see in person. I remember my first week down here and a pair flew overhead. I thought we were being attacked by some type of prehistoric animal! Big & loud!
    Can't wait to see your new start!

  6. What lovely GREEN pictures from Florida!!! I love the pictures of the mockingbird and sand cranes. We had a mockingbird nesting in our tree out front last year and whenever we'd come outside it would swoop and tweet nasty words at us! It bit me on the bottom as I was bending over pulling weeds and bit my son on his cheek! We had to start taking the broom with us whenever we went outside!

  7. The Wedding Sampler is just gorgeous - I might have to add that to my stash as something to keep on hand to stitch for a wedding. I really like it!

    I am a sucker for a baby bird. I drive my husband nuts squealing about baby geese and such. I can't help it - they're too adorable.

    We have what I think are 3 sets of cardinals in our yard, plus another one or two that I suspect are juvenile males. I've seen one male chasing another, but I've seen three males (and their mates) coexisting peacefully and waiting their turn at the feeder.

  8. Lynn, congrats on getting that wedding sampler done in good time! It looks lovely.

  9. Hi Lynn,

    The Wedding sampler is beautiful, and I'm certain that the Bride and Groom will both love it. Can't wait to see it framed too.

    Loved the bird pictures that you posted. We have quite a few Cardinals around here, and at this time of year we hear them all day long. I guess the males are serenading the females in hopes of charming and wooing them.

    The Mockingbird picture turned out really well too. And love the cranes and their little chicks. So cute. Imagine having those appear on your front lawn. Cheeky beggars, poking holes in the screen door looking for food. :)

    I love your finish of Checkerboard Bunny and I'm thinking I'd like to stitch that one myself one day. Love the bright cheerful colours.

    Your trip to Florida does sound like it was a lot of fun, and how wonderful to get to meet Deb and Martha while you were there.

    Our snow is all gone here, except for around the mall parking lot in the centre of town where it was piled higher then the lowest branches of the trees. And things are popping out of the ground in the garden. Very exciting.


  10. The wedding piece is gorgeous Lynn! It'll be a wonderful gift for the couple.
    Oooh i love the PS piece you linked. I might have to get this, red sky would be the one i'd stitch first.
    Love the cardinal pic - so reminds me of our hols in Canada. Dont see them over here!