Saturday, 15 December 2007

Happy birthday Bob and Dan!

This week saw the celebration of two birthdays in our family. The first was my husband Bob's on the 12th and the second which is today is my son Daniel's. They decided to have a joint celebration yesterday with just the one cake since there is so much overindulging already in progress! Dan chose a chocolate fudge cake much to Bob's delight. He's a huge chocoholic!! Bob is proudly showing off his new Toronto Maple Leafs lunch bag . He's a big Maple Leaf fan which is no small feat when you're living in Ottawa Senators territory!

Daniel is my middle son and turned 23 today. I can't believe how fast the time is passing now. When my youngest son celebrates his birthday next spring, all 3 of my boys will then be in their twenties. I'm feeling ancient!! Especially since this year I had a hard time remembering where I hid all of their gifts. I try to keep them separated from their Christmas gifts so I won't mix them up but I don't have enough hiding places. My oldest son Jeff has a birthday in early January so I have some of his gifts mixed up in there too. I misplaced one of Bob's gifts and spent most of the week looking for it! I managed to find it(quite by accident!) just as I was wrapping his others. Somehow I don't think I planned this very well. It would be so much easier if they were all spread out through the year!

As I'm writing this I'm watching the news regarding the major storm which is arriving during the overnight. I'm supposed to be working but from the sounds of the reports we're supposed to get anywhere from 30-40cm of snow in our area by the time it's over. That translates to 12-16 inches of snow with strong winds and whiteout conditions. I'm trying to make arrangements now to head into Cornwall tonight and sleep at my son's so that I can make it into work. If it was a weekday I wouldn't worry so much about getting in but on the weekends there is a skeleton staff and unless you're on your deathbed or stuck in the ditch somewhere you'd better make it in! Trying to find a replacement for you is next to impossible. The weather forecast for Monday isn't much better so I may end up staying at my son's for a couple of days. My DH is in Ottawa now and is staying put until the storm's end. So I guess it definitely will be a white Christmas for many since this storm is hitting a good portion of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. I spoke to my oldest son in Quebec this evening and they already have between one and a half and two feet of snow on the ground! We have about a foot here already.
So I'm really glad that most of my Christmas shopping is done. I really only have stocking stuffers and a gift certificate to pick up. Oh yeah and my Mother and stepfather's gift. This is the one I'm stressing over since they have just about everything. I'll figure something out!
Christmas commitments and work have kept my stitching on the back burner for now. I've managed to put in a few stitches on my Lynn's Prints ornament but not enough for another picture. I've managed to stitch only one evening during the past two weeks on my CdC and didn't get very far because I was so tired and was nodding off. Here's a pic of my progress to date.

Time to head off to my son's place now. I've got my bag all packed and the snow hasn't started yet so we're going to hit the road while the goings good. I'll check back in with all of you in a couple of days. Keep warm!


  1. Your CdC is so pretty. You're still ahead of me, i havent stitched on mine recently.
    My in-laws are in Hamilton ON and got hit by the storm you are talking about.
    Happy birthday to your DH and DS :)

  2. WOW! Busy times there. I laughed about Bob in Sens region, my house is the Habs in the Leafs region! I had a hard time finding something for anyone but I found matching PJ's for the two little ones for Christmas Eve/morning.

    We are getting slammed at the moment with the same storm, and DH has to go into work the night shift tonight, the drive could be interesting.
    Hope you are at work safe and sound and I'm sure your son doesn't mind you dropping in, as long as you cook for him! Stay safe and have a wonderful, white christmas!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to them both. How perfect they both liked the same type of cake, it sounds yummy.

    Hope you didn't have any trouble with the weather and roads as you were out and about. We had the storm here as well, but didn't get quite that much snow. Ours started Sat. and ran through this afternoon. Luckily it stopped finally so I could get out and clear the drive. Hopefully it doesn't start up again so that maybe the commute tomorrow won't be to bad.

    CdC is looking so pretty, the color mix is turning out lovely.

  4. Happy Birthday Dan and Bob!

    Wow CDC looks awesome you've got so much done!