Saturday, 30 July 2011

TUSAL and a new ort jar

A few of you figured out from my last post that one of my other finds on my antique shop trip was a new ort jar. It's a double purpose jar because it has a screw top with holes in the lid which looks very much like a flower frog and is now being used as a scissor frog beside my stitching chair. It holds all my orts and then some! I have no idea what it's purpose was originally. Look at the unusual holder it sits in.  Any ideas? 

As you can see in my small ort jar there are lots of gold orts this month from my wedding sampler finish. The remainder are the colours from Their Song.

We are having a great time at our high school band reunion. Last night was the meet and greet. We haven't seen most of these folks for 37 years. There were many that we knew right off the bat but quite often we'd have to drop our eyes to their name tags before we could figure out who we were talking too. What a hoot! So much reminiscing and stories being told that I had not heard about during our time together. We are heading out shortly for a tour of our former school and then gathering for a band practice in the music room. We have a choice of playing or listening and laughing.  Should be interesting! Many of us haven't picked up our instruments since leaving high school. I've brought my newly refurbished flute with me and we'll see just how much I've remembered!

We've had one incident since arriving here that had everyone pretty shook up. Two of my sons have joined us this weekend to see the family. Daniel travelled by car with us on Thursday but Chris was taking the train on Friday since he had to work on the Thursday. Just about an hour before his expected arrival in Windsor he called to tell us that he would be delayed because the train had derailed! He was okay but really shook up. It seems that a 24 yr old driving a pickup truck was crossing the tracks as the train approached but he didn't quite make it. The train got the rear end of his truck, throwing it up into the air. It then landed in a ditch and caught fire. The impact derailed all four cars on the train. Pieces of the wood ties were flying everywhere and the train landed on an angle. One of the rails was completely flattened! Other than the truck driver most of the injuries were not serious and only a few were taken to hospital to be checked out. The truck driver has survived and was airlifted to London, Ontario with a broken back, and both arms and legs broken. Life can change in a split second and I'm sure his error in judgement will alter his life for some time. I am just so very fortunate the God was watching over them all and my son is alright. He arrived here safe and sound by bus and was delayed only 2 1/2 hrs . Things could have been so much worse. Below is a link to the local news report on the incident.

For my Canadian blogging friends, I hope you enjoy this Civic holiday long weekend and that you remain safe whatever you do.


  1. What a terrible ordeal your son went through. I'm glad to hear he's ok!

    I love your new ORT jar. I do believe it is a flower frog, just made of metal. I have a red bowl with a wire metal top and another white bowl with a top very similar to this one.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Oh, my goodness! I"m so thankful your son and the other train passengers weren't more seriously injured. I'm sure he'll be sore for a few days, but that's a minor thing compared to what could have been. His guardian angel was definitely on duty!

    Love your scissor holder-ort jar. Besides being doubly useful, it's beautifully made. I'm sure you'll enjoy having it near you while you stitch!

  3. Sorry to hear that your son had to go through that and I am glad he is ok.

    Love the jar- so pretty!

  4. What a frightening episode for your son and the other train passengers... I'm so relieved to hear he is okay.

    Oh, Lynn--you are brave to take your flute in and play again after all these years! I haven't picked up my clarinet in almost 40 years--can't imagine even remembering a simple scale. Enjoy the remainder of your reunion festivities :)

  5. I wonder what would make the pickup truck driver take a chance like that?!? I hope he recovers and has no lasting reminders of his mistake. Glad the train's passengers were okay. It's amazing how life can change so much in the blink of an eye, and how it changes us to know how much our lives COULD have changed had things worked out differently. Here's hoping everyone involved is better for having had the experience!!! I couldn't tell you what the original purpose of your ORT jar was. The handles make me think milk, but the holes in the lid would say no, so IDK. Love all the reds in it though!! Glad you are enjoying the reunion. I didn't enjoy high school the first time through, so I don't want to revisit all those bad memories. Glad you have good ones!!

  6. I am very glad that your son and the other passengers are ok, how frightening it must have been for them all. Sure hope the truck driver can recover from his broken bones, such a shame if he can't.

    So glad you are enjoying your reunion! Enjoy making music with your old band members!

  7. Whoa ~ what an ordeal for your son. *hugs*

    OMG what an awesome jar! I have no idea what it could have been in its former life. I'm so glad you found it!

  8. What an awful thing for Christ to go through and thank goodness no one was killed and things weren't worse!

    I'm glad you and Bob are enjoying your band reunion! Sounds like you're having a blast.

    I love your new ort jar! Don't know what it was originally... something to do with alcohol?

  9. So glad your son is OK. Life can change in a split second

  10. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad your son is ok! What a horrible thing to go through, I'm thankful the situation wasn't any worse.
    It sounds like you had a lovely time at your band meeting, and I honestly have no idea what the original purpose of the jar was, but it makes a wonderful place to store ORTs. Best wishes.

  11. So glad that your son is okay! Odd thing is that my DSIL & DBIL were traveling across Canada late in May and the same thing happened to them. It was a little worse because the driver of the vehicle died and the train was delayed a little longer.

  12. Hi Lynn I just read your blog, I am so thankful that your son is ok. You just never know do you and you are correct the boy that was injured he will be a long time in recovering and probably will suffer pain in one way or another the rest of his life.
    Take care, hope you enjoy the rest of your time at the reunion.

  13. Oh my gosh, thank God your son is okay!! What a terrible accident.

    I love your new ort jar--it's so pretty!