Monday, 30 January 2017

January WIPocalypse

It's a beautiful, sunny day today..... the first time we've seen the sun in a couple of weeks! Although the sun is very welcome, the overcast, rainy and snowy days have lent themselves to some great stitching time. 
I continue to plug away at This is the Day but basically I'm just filling in the background stitching so no new progress pic.

I have done very little on the Plum Street Sampler piece I started just before Christmas. It's called Pomegranate Santa and I think I just don't feel like stitching a Christmas piece right now. I will get back to it eventually but for now here is my meagre progress.

My latest start is one which is almost a companion piece to my earlier stitch, WTN&T Heaven and Nature Sing. This is also by With Thy Needle & Thread and is called Paper Snowflakes. There is a similar deer in the piece but instead of the angel there is a lovely snow woman in this one. How do I know it's a snow woman? Well if you follow the link to the completed pic of this you will see that she is wearing a dress! Here is my progress so far:

I'm really enjoying this one and although I haven't quite got to my snow woman yet I don't think it will be very long before I put my first stitches into her. This piece is moving along quite quickly.

There's not much else happening around here right now. I've been hunkered down indoors most of the time. The weather has been so miserable that my Tuesday stitching group has had to cancel for the past 3 weeks. Even the birds have remained hidden with the exception of this lone mourning dove. I suspect that the fact there is a hawk in the area has driven them all into hiding.

So for now I content myself with my stitching, catching up with some taped TV shows and finding new recipes to try out. Oh yes, and always looking for another start!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Jan 2017 - First Smalls post of the new year!

It's a new year with a clean slate and an entire year of small finishes awaiting me! Thank you once more to Heather for continuing to lead us in this wonderful group! I find it is a great way to motivate myself to complete my small projects.

 I chose this month's design to welcome in the new year. I wanted a few small stitched pieces to display once the Christmas finishes were put to rest until next year. The design I chose is by The Stitcherhood. From my picture I think you can guess the title of the design!

The original for this design was stitched using black floss but I decided to add a little colour and stitched this in a lovely shade of blue by Caron Waterlilies called Charcoal. I love stitching with silks! The fabric is called Denim Days from Dixie Sampler Hand Dyed Fabrics and the floss complements it nicely!

That's all I've had time for this month. I'm also stitching on two larger designs which you will be able to see in some of my other posts throughout the year. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you have been up to!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

WIPocalypse 2017

I'm a little late to the party but here's my first post for WIPocalypse 2017. Before starting my list for this year's stitches I had a look at last year's progress. I managed to complete all 4 of my WIP that I wanted done and out of my list of 15 hopefuls I completed a third of them. In addition I stitched another 16 projects. I'd say that was a pretty good amount of stitching done! 
Anyone who has seen my lists and completions over the past WIPocalypse years knows that I tend to veer off course of my list and stitch whatever strikes my mood or fancy and that's okay. My list of hopefuls is only a guidance as far as I'm concerned. I usually don't have that many projects left to complete from the previous year so the new year is wide open for choice.

So far I've already managed to complete one of the WIP on my 2017 list that I wanted to complete. Here is Stacy Nash Blackwater Hollow.

This design is an interpretation of Stacy Nash's visit to Lori Brechlin's farm, Notforgotten Farm. I made my first visit to this farm in 2015 for Lori's fall open house so I stitched this year into the design. In addition I my initials along with the initials of some dear stitching friends who accompanied me on that first visit...... Nan Lewis, Theresa Meloon and Pat Simon. They are very dear friends and this piece brings a smile along with the memories of the fun we shared there that day. I chose to leave off the Blackwater Hollow stitched at the bottom of the piece.

My list of hopefuls for this year is rather ambitious and more than likely it will be tweaked her and there but I look forward to a year of most enjoyable stitching either way! You can see my list by following the link just below my header.  Looking forward to seeing all your plans and finishes.


Thursday, 29 December 2016

December WIPocalyse and Smalls SAL

December.... a busy month at the best of times and not enough time for me to post twice this month. Consequently you get a combined WIPocalypse and Smalls SAL post. 

 Blackwater Hollow had very little attention paid to it this month. I suddenly realized how little time I had left for Christmas stitching and put this one aside. Sadly I don't expect to have it complete by year's end as I had hoped, not unless I have a stitching marathon which is highly unlikely. Our family have not had their Christmas gift exchange and dinner yet. My sons and families are only arriving on New Year's Day for our celebrations.

I did manage to get three small finishes completed in time for the Christmas season. Only two of them received final finishing as they are gifts for my granddaughters.
First up is A Festive Noel by Tina Woltman of Early Workings.

This is the third small involving a fruit basket which I finished this year. I have since purchased a couple more which I hope to complete in the next month or two. I love this design and can't wait to see it finished up as a small pinkeep.

The next two designs are by Prairie Schooler from their Evergreen leaflet. My granddaughters each picked out the design of their choice. Summer wanted the reindeer and Oceanne picked out the Peace design.

I found the backing fabric for these in my village fabric shop just last week. I love it and thought it was perfect to finish off these small stitches. I know the girls are going to love them!

I also started a larger work on a Christmas theme. I took a fancy to one of the new releases by Plum Street Sampler called Pomegranate Santa. As you can see, I haven't gotten very far on it yet.

Since our family wasn't joining us for Christmas dinner, we were invited to the neighbour's home for dinner with their family. All in all we were 14 and enjoyed a lovely turkey buffet dinner. I just had to show you a pic of the dessert we all enjoyed. It's a chocolate mousse cake! Yup, those are Kit Kat bars all around the outside!

Christmas Eve between church services, Bob and I took a drive up to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to see the Canadian Heritage light show. It was the perfect evening to see this as it was fairly mild. The show had been running since early December and would finish on Christmas Day so we definitely made it a point to get there to see it.

The light show was fantastic and pictured the adventures of a snowman, fox, and grizzly bear. It started with a countdown on a clock and ended with a tribute to Canada's upcoming 150th birthday in 2017. In anticipation of that event there will be a huge fireworks display on the hill on New Year's Eve. I wish I could be there but I don't think I'll make it since I'm picking up my granddaughters that day out of town.

I'll leave you with a pic of sweet Clarisse, enjoying my little twig tree on which I display all my stitched ornaments. She loves hanging out by the tree whether it's this one or the larger one downstairs. Happy New Year everyone and I'll see you then!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas

Check it out! Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a giveaway for each of the first twelve days of December. You don't want to miss this! Nancy has beautiful floss and linens which she hand dyes. Giveaway results will appear from Dec. 13 - 24 so make sure you check back. In addition if you've missed the first few giveaways as I have, you can go back and enter right up until Dec. 12. Just follow my link and come join in the fun!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Smalls

I thought I had screwed up on the date for this post but then realized my mind is better than I thought, lol! I managed to complete two smalls this month.
As you saw in my earlier WIPocalypse post, I stitched up Threadwork Primitives Christmas Fruit Basket. I had a few small patterns in my stash which contained fruit baskets. I got the bright idea that perhaps I should stitch up a few of them, finish them into pin pillows and display them for the upcoming Christmas season.
Here are the next two fruit basket designs I completed. The first is by Heartstring Samplery and is called The Holly Bears the Crown.

The second finish is by Tina Woltman of Early Workings and is called A Colonial Christmas. I especially love this one!

I have one remaining design, another Early Workings, which I'd like to complete and add to these. I know I'll get it stitched in time but there may not be time for my final finishing now. I've managed to fall behind in some stitching for Christmas gifts. I like to stitch a couple of ornaments for my granddaughters but they like to choose the designs. I only just received their requests last week so now I'm concentrating on getting these two stitched and finished first. I will have pictures of these up for my December Smalls along with the last fruit basket finish. See you then!

Monday, 21 November 2016

November WIPocalypse

Late to the party again but at least I arrived! I switched gears this month and decided I had better get some of my Christmas stitching done. Consequently I never got my Blackwater Hollow piece finished off as I'd hoped to. Here's where I am at this point.

There isn't a lot left to do on this piece but I'm still working on Christmas so it may be some time before I get back to it.

As part of a SAL group on F/B I stitched up this lovely piece by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives. It is called Christmas Fruit Basket and I plan on finishing it off as a pinkeep. 

I have several Christmas pinkeep patterns all of which have a fruit basket of some sort in them. I decided I would stitch up a few of these and display them in my antique dough bowl along with some sprigs of pine and berries. I have finished stitching 2 more with a third yet to follow. I will then finish them all together. You can see pictures of the other two finishes on my Smalls post towards the end of this month. 

As well as the fruit basket designs I am at work stitching up a couple of Prairie Schooler ornaments for my granddaughters. I don't have enough progress to post a pic on these yet.

I also picked up two framed pieces of my stitching this month. The first one is framed in an antique frame with convex (bubble) glass which I found while antique hunting in Muskoka this past summer. This piece was already stretched and it was just slightly small for the frame. My framer said he could work with it and would add a mat. It turned out beautifully! I have already had so many compliments on this one.

 Plum Street Samplers Fruit of the Spirit

The second frame is an early Christmas gift from my husband. Usually I go and pick the frame but don't see the final piece until Christmas day. This time however I wanted this one on the walls to display leading up to the holiday. I stitched this in late 2014 and finished it in early 2015. 

With Thy Needle & Thread Heaven & Nature Sing

Stitching aside now,I made a weekend visit to celebrate my granddaughter Summer's birthday. She is the younger of the two and has now reached double digits! Here are a few pics from the time I spent with them. I miss them both terribly already!

 It was a lovely weekend for the drive up there and I'm so glad that I went when I did. Here is what we woke up to this morning.

 It has snowed all day and there is now more than what appears in these pics. It was a rude awakening but we had been told to expect it. From what I hear it will be a long, snowy winter!

Now back to my Christmas stitching! See you soon.