Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Small SAL

This month has been a productive one as far as small stitches are concerned. I managed to finish my granddaughter's gift into a pinkeep, finish stitching a second piece and then start another before the month was over.
 You saw my granddaughter's finish on last month's post but I had yet to do the final finishing. We had originally hoped for a pillow finish but because of its size I decided to do a pinkeep. I thought that it would be much easier for her to display it this way. I also have to admit that I detest using the sewing machine and I was much happier doing it this way. Once again, this is a finish by Blackbird Designs called Bird in Hand. I've also posted some pics of her opening her gift. 

Océanne has just turned 11 and she was so pleased that I had remembered to stitch the piece she had picked out. She was afraid that I might forget! I added a little charm to the bottom of the piece which says Stitched With Love. She loved it!

After finishing this I started another Blackbird Design, Pins and Tulips Pincushion which I shared the start of last month. Stitching is finished on this and it will be turned into a small pillow for displaying in my dough bowl.

I changed this up a little. I added a small sun charm in place of my initial. I then stitched my initials in a different colour within the small partial alphabet. 

I've started another new small by E Sub-Rosa called Such a Perfect Day. I love the little spool of thread in this one. It should be finished up within the next couple of days and then on to the next one! See you next month.


Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Smalls SAL

The last day of the month and time for a Smalls update. As I indicated in the last post I stitched a piece by Blackbird Designs called Bird in Hand. This was chosen by my granddaughter to be stitched by moi as a birthday gift for her. I have finished all the stitching and all that remains is the final finishing.

The design called for my initial at the bottom right hand and I've added my granddaughter's initial to the top left. 

It was a busy month and I didn't have time to complete the second small. This one is to be added to my display bowl of small spring stitches. It's another Blackbird Design called Pins and Tulips Pincushion and it can be found in their book Sarah Tobias.

This should be finished fairly quickly if I can stay still long enough to stitch! 
I just received a few new charts from the Nashville Needlework Market and one in particular I hope to finish as part of this years' smalls. Have a peek at A Stitch in Time by With Thy Needle and Thread.  
See you next month!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Greetings

 A very blessed and Happy Easter to all my family, friends and stitching family!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

March WIPocalypse

It's been a wonderful month and spring has arrived on our doorstep. Or has it?

This is what I woke to this morning. Scenic but not really what I was wanting to see! Another 15 cm (6 inches) is expected on Thursday along with freezing rain. That storm will start tonight. Hopefully that will be the end of it!

I have concentrated on two stitches this month. Blackbird Designs Bird in Hand and Rosewood Manor Dreaming of Tulips

Bird in Hand was chosen by my granddaughter to be stitched for her birthday. 

This is a progress pic but I am actually finished stitching the whole piece. I will post a picture of the finish next week for my Smalls stitching post. I only have to finish this off now as a pillow. My granddaughter has even picked out her backing fabric!

Dreaming of Tulips is a wonderful stitch! I love Karen's designs. Completing each motif feels like an accomplishment.

What I love about Karen's designs is that not only is the whole design wonderful but you can take portions of the design and stitch them as small finishes. I'm stitching on pages 2 and 3 of this right now with 3 more pages remaining.

That's it for now on the stitching front. I've been home now for 10 days following a great vacation in Cape Coral, Florida. My mom and step-dad rent a home down there and I flew in to visit them along with my sister and her boyfriend. 
Here are some pics of our week together.


I loved the break from all the cold. We had marvelous weather and now my youngest sister is down there with her family enjoying the same. I only wish that I could do this every winter!

I'll be back at the end of next week with my Smalls post and hopefully another new start. See you then!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

February Small and a new start

Although Valentine's Day is over for another year, I chose to stitch another small along that theme to add to my bowl of small finishes next year. 

This is Key To My Heart, designed by Shelly Auen of Primitive Stitichin'.

A sweet little stitch which is just perfect for a pinkeep. I'm looking forward to displaying this next year in my bowl of smalls.

Having just completed a larger finish it was time to sort through my stash and decide on a new start. Yesterday morning we woke to a snowy day which quickly turned into a mess of freezing rain. I was dreaming of spring on such a day and decided to start on a design which would get me thinking of better weather ahead. This design is a beautiful collage of spring tulips and is appropriately called Dreaming of Tulips. The designer is Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor. I'm stitching this on 32 ct antique white linen.

 I love Karen's designs and I love the way that she always charts smaller vignettes that can be stitched from the main design. There are so many different small finishes which are the perfect gifts.
I should have a few more progress pics in the coming days. I know I'm going to enjoy my time spent with this.

A week or so ago my husband and I travelled to the city of Kingston, Ontario to meet up with my brother-in-law and his wife for dinner. We decided to check out some antique shops in the afternoon prior to our meet up. There were several shops in the area but I found one in particular that had a lot of what I was looking for. It wasn't in the budget for any large purchases but I did come home with a few choice items.

 A wooden spool, some antique lace and a small heart baking tin. I love to use these larger wooden spools to display some of my small needlework finishes on the top. I look for ones with a smooth surface as seen in the pic below. You can then wrap some of the antique lace around the spool. I use the lace for decorative purposes and also to add to some of my finishes.

If this tin had been just a little larger I would have used it to display a needlework finish within it. As it is I will use it for display purposes in a bowl with some of my smalls. 
I'm definitely planning a trip back to this shop. There wasn't enough time to check out everything. There were lots of antique sewing items...... lace, buttons, fabric, ets. I'm looking forward to my return visit! 

Monday, 22 February 2016

February WIPocalypse

February... a short month to begin with and even less time for stitching here due to a bathroom renovation. I'm determined to finish off a few of my WIPs from last fall before starting anything new other than small stitches. There are two remaining projects which include Kathy Barrick's And Heaven And Nature Sing and Stacy Nash's Thistles and Spells Pinkeep. 

 And Heaven And Nature Sing posed a number of problems for me. Rather than purchasing the required silks I decided to use silks I had in my stash. Unfortunately I ran out of one of the main colours which is by Vicki Clayton and no longer available. Stitching friends to the rescue! I put a call out on Facebook and one of the ladies had the necessary floss and gifted it to me. I also came very close to running out of 2 other silks. It's hard to tell just how much floss you have remaining when they come on spools. 
Then I stitched one of the trees in the forest in the wrong spot! No frogging for me as I didn't want to waste my silks. Instead I redesigned my forest to accommodate my mistake. 
After that the only thing remaining was some beading. I chose to add beads to the holly around the deer's neck rather than just stitches. 
 Finally, a finish! I'm thrilled with the results, challenges and all. Here are some other close up pics.

After finishing this I turned to my one remaining project from last year which is the Stacy Nash design.
I am soooo close to a finish on this one. Just a few leaves left to stitch and it's complete. Once again I ran out of some floss. I was sure that I had two skeins of the necessary colour to begin with but I was wrong. Duh!!
So this piece is on hold until the floss order arrives.

I have recently started a small stitch which will hopefully be finished by Thursday so I can post a pic for the Smalls SAL. I've been hunting through my stash to determine my next big project and I've already put in my first few stitches. I should have a progress pic to share very soon. Until then, I'll keep you guessing! 

Just a note to let you know that I have finally created a WIPocalypse 2016 list of projects I'd like to complete this year. Better late than never! Check it out by clicking on the link just below the header on my blog.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

A new year of small stitches

I've lost track now of how many years I have participated in the Smalls SAL but I believe this is my third year. It has done wonders in encouraging me to stitch all those small projects I kept meaning to get done but which always got put to the side. 

Following all of my Autumn and Christmas finishes I have been looking forward to starting off the new year with a change and hopefully a leaning towards spring.
My first small finish for this year is Country Rustic Primitives Grow Old With Me designed by Jenny Hoffman.

I love Jenny's sweet little stitches and they make such lovely pinkeeps. The finishing on this one is not complete but I am hoping to incorporate some sort of lace into the finish. I have a few more Valentine smalls that I want to finish up in the next week or so. Then I'll do the finishing on all of them at the same time. Jenny's sister, Shelly Auen, is also a designer and I've just started one of her Valentine smalls as a companion to this one. They will make a lovely addition to my bowl of smalls and I hope to have a pic of the latest one soon.

Here's some of my Valentine smalls that I have out on display.

The two at the back are designed by my friend Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives

 The above two are also designs of Jenny Hoffman which I stitched last year for the Smalls SAL.
The two below were designed, finished and gifted to me by my friend Theresa Meloon of Dulaney Woods Treasures who produces some awesome primitive finishes. 

 I hope all those of you who were impacted by the recent blizzard have managed to dig yourself out and weathered the storm without any damage of sorts. This one managed to bypass us and to date we have had only one significant snowfall which I think is a record on its own for our area. Happy stitching and I'll see you next month!