Thursday, 2 July 2015

July WIPocalypse

Summer is just getting started and it's been a busy one here for us already. I love being outdoors again after being cooped up all winter recuperating. I've already spent many hours in our gazebo happily stitching away. 
I've managed to finish a larger piece and work away steadily at another WIP.
Here's my recent finish. This is In Season by With Thy Needle & Thread. I love how this one turned out!

Now that this one is complete I've had more time to work on my Blackbird Designs Button Box. 

I thought I would never get that house finished! It's one of the reasons that I loved this piece when I first saw it and it's also one of the reasons that I've put it aside repeatedly when I got tired of stitching those bricks.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I finished the house and could move on to other areas. I do love how it looks though! Besides these 2 designs I spent a good portion of the month on finishing smalls. Pics of these can be seen on my previous post.

One of the things that I love to check out each year is Art on the Waterfront in our little village of Chesterville. I missed it last year because of my hip replacement and was so glad that I could pay a visit this year. This little festival takes place downtown in our village where they close off the streets to traffic and have many booths with crafts, art and baked goods for sale. A few years ago the village did an improvement to our waterfront and lots of booths are also set up on that area. One of my favourite things to do is check out the quilts stitched by local women that are on display.  My friend Thea stitched several of these.

The quilt of the International Plowing Match
taking place this summer in the next village
Finch, ON

 Done by my friend Ruth

 This one was for sale & if I'd had $600 I might have bought it!

 Done by my friend Thea

This one was done in chenille

The above 2 were also done by my friend Thea
 Besides the quilts there were a lot of other interesting sights to see!

 The MacCulloch Dancers of Glengarry

 A Bevy of Ragdolls

My hubby also purchased a new- to -us boat which we've taken for a spin on the St. Lawrence.

I loved being able to get into the boat again. We missed our annual trek to Muskoka last year and now that I'm recovered we'll be heading in that direction again later this summer.

I didn't have time to post yesterday but I do hope that all of my Canadian friends, bloggers or not!, had a fabulous Canada Day. It rained here pretty well all day but our neighbourhood BBQ went ahead anyways and we had a marvelous time.
I also hope that my many American blogging friends have a very Happy 4th of July this weekend. Keep safe and enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Smalls

Summer is here and already June is nearing its end. I can't believe how quickly time passes!
July 1 is Canada Day and I'm sadly lacking in small finishes to celebrate this occasion. So with that in mind I stitched a new small and completed the final finishing on two previously stitched pieces. My new piece is a freebie that was offered by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives on the Prim Stitchers Society Facebook group. 

The remaining smalls were all stitched in the last year with the exception of one which was done back in 2012. I finally dug them out of my finished pile and set to work to complete the final finishing. Here are the results:

 Where Liberty Dwells by e-SubRosa

Threadwork Primitives My Work

 Lizzie Kate Land That I Love

Not Forgotten Farms June freebie
Primitive Acorns Flower Pinkeep

These have kept me busy enough this month but I'm happy to see that my pile of finishes is dwindling. 

We've had some lovely repeat visitors to our yard this June. The Cedar Waxwings have returned and have kept us entertained daily as they clean the berries from the neighbour's tree.


Unfortunately, one of these beautiful birds tried to fly through our front picture window and didn't make it. I looked out the window when I heard the thud and sadly saw the mate sitting beside the body, keening. It was so sad to see. It was quite some time before he/she left.

It's a lovely summer day here and I'm off for a boat ride shortly. I hope that you enjoy your day wherever you may be!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June WIPocalpyse

The full moon kind of snuck up on me yesterday. I was not at home most of the day and hadn't checked my calendar for posting. I was returning home from Ottawa last night and noticed the big, beautiful full moon on my drive. I wish I taken a picture of it. It was just huge! Then suddenly it dawned on me..... full moon equates WIPocalpyse. Sure enough when I got home and checked my calendar I saw that I should be posting. At that time I was too tired and made a beeline for my bed. So here I am, a little late but with a brief post.

Most of my stitching the past week has been on my Blackbird Designs Button Box. This design is from their latest book, In Friendship's Way. The house is coming along slowly what with all those little bricks to be stitched.

I really love the colours in this piece. I got stalled in the beginning because I wasn't happy with the dye lot of the Old Brick floss I was using. After ordering another skein along with one more skein of the Old Marigold I was back on track. I still want to do a bit of frogging on the flowers in the pot and use the new dye lots that I have. 
I plan on finishing this as suggested, as a button box. I'll be on the hunt for the perfect box next.

Since my last post with the pic on In Season, I have done only a smidge more. I've started the large leaf on the top right of the basket and I've started to add the little flowers to the top left. Really not much of a change since you last saw it.


 My next post I should have pictures of my new small start which I will be getting to today. It's a Stacy Nash Primitives design which I was gifted with during my recuperation. It comes complete with linen, floss and finishing supplies which is great. Although last night I almost lost one of the skeins of floss thanks to a certain kitty. I found her swatting it around on the floor. When I tried to take it away from her she took off running at a good clip with the skein hanging from her mouth. Fortunately my floors weren't too dirty and the skein wasn't wet or chewed up and I was finally able to retrieve it. The floss had been sitting on my dining room table which means she's also in trouble for getting up there. This is where I found her after the escapade....

 I don't know what got into her! Fortunately the bag was empty and there was nothing else for her to take off with!

The garden is finally starting to take shape here. My son Dan came out to help with the weeding and planting. Then my hubby topped up the beds with new earth and some mulch. One of my new columbines finally opened this week. Unfortunately Bob accidentally covered my other columbine plant with the earth and mulch. I'm still trying to dig it out and I'm not sure if it will flower.

 I also added a new piece of Mexican Talavera pottery to my collection thanks to my Mom's birthday gift to me. I now have 2 of these flanking each side of my garage.

Finally I'll leave you with this sunset pic that was taken from my back window. I was just closing the blinds for the evening and had no idea that the sky was so colourful. When I got a glimpse, I grabbed my camera and took a snap.

Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May's Small Stitch and In Season progress

When it has come to stitching this month the mojo just hasn't been there. The knee has healed well and I'm done with physio now but a wicked sinus infection set in and I just haven't felt like doing much of anything except sleeping.
This week, thanks to the help of antibiotics, I am feeling much better and the mojo has kicked into overdrive! I suddenly realized today that I hadn't even started anything for the Small SAL. Now you may not realize it but since I first joined this SAL I have not missed a month yet. So I set about to see what I could come up with in a very short period of time. Here's the result:

 This little vintage iron has been in my possession now for about 3 years. I always knew that I wanted to add a cross stitch finish to it but I just hadn't found what I was looking for. Then this spring Blackbird Designs released their booklet In Friendship's Way which contains several small stitches. They are all meant to be finished as a strawberry emory but I had other ideas!

I started stitching Emily's strawberry, as it is called, this morning and by dinner I had the final finishing completed. I am finishing challenged at the best of times and there were several small issues which is why the chenille trim was put in place, lol! However I have learned a lot for the next time and you can bet there will be a next time. I have a couple more of these irons in a larger version that I will be finishing in the future.

Remember that other BBD piece I started.... Button Box? Well I finally have some more lots of various called for floss that will work much better and I pulled it out this evening to frog some things and then continue on my way. Too early for a pic yet but on the next post for sure!

Besides this I have been working at a quicker pace on WTN&T In Season. It also sat neglected for much of the month and the progress that you see here has mostly occurred in the last week.

So far, so good when it comes to the floss colours on this. I'm liking what I see. There are two Valdani floss used in this one of which is the blue of the basket and I do love working with them. Only complaint that I have is that these balls of floss are 3 strand and I'm using 2 strands on the 32ct which always leaves me with one odd strand. It would have worked much better if I'd have used a 36ct fabric. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who sent well wishes my way during my recent knee surgery and recuperation. As I mentioned above I am done with my physio appointments but I will be continuing with the exercise program at home for some time. The knee is still stiff but my surgeon told me they had a few issues during the procedure which are responsible for a lot of the stiffness. It will subside over time. I'm driving again but I do find it a bit uncomfortable and I'm limiting the distance that I travel right now. However I see road trips in the near future so look out! 

Monday, 4 May 2015

May WIPocalypse

Is it true? It's really May! Not only that but it's WARM!!! Actually today was warm enough that we need the air conditioning in the car and that's when we discovered that it's not cooling all that well. So as soon as I'm able to take the car in I guess I can add that to the brake job. Ouch! 
Actually I love the heat and I can do without the air most of the time. It's just that today was soooo windy that we couldn't hear ourselves talk in the car so we turned on the air to cool things down and quiet them as well. Wasn't long though before those windows were open again and we travelled the rest of our journey in silence. 

The warm weather is getting me motivated to stitch since I'm not able to garden yet. I'll be depending on my boys to help me out with that again this year. The first day of the month led to a new finish.... Primitive Betty's Pure & Pleasant.

I'm on the hunt now for some fabric to finish this one off with. I love the blues and browns which is what attracted me to this design in the first place.

BBD Button Box is back in my rotation again and I should have some updated photos soon.
In the meantime I had a new start..... With Thy Needle & Thread In Season. I'm just getting going with this one but loving every stitch so far! I'm using the recommended fabric and floss.

My WIPocalypse 2015 list isn't being whittle down a lot but as per the norm I'm adding new designs to it constantly.

I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable driving distances in the car and as a result I was able to see both of my husband's spring concerts with his two community concerts. I must admit though that after an hour drive each way and sitting for more than an hour that I was pretty darn stiff afterwards and tired to boot.
Sunday I decided to try going into Ottawa for the day with my hubby to church and then to brunch after with a friend. We picked an awesome day to have our brunch outdoors along the Rideau Canal at the Canal Ritz

 This is one of our favourite eating spots and let me tell you, it's a lot more enjoyable to see the Canal like this than the last time I saw it!

The Rideau Canal is known as the world's largest skating rink (7.8 km long or 4.8 miles) and they had a record breaking season of 59 continuous days of skating. Like I said, I'll take the current condition!

That about covers things here. I'll be seeing the surgeon for the first time this week since my replacement and getting the official okay to drive. Yahoo! Then watch me go!!