Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April's Smalls

 This month I had my small stitched up very early in the month, just in time for Easter.

This is He Is Risen, designed by Jenny Hoffman of Country Rustic Primitives. There are very few designs out there that highlight the reason why we celebrate Easter so I was really pleased when I saw Jenny's new release. It was a quick stitch and it will be made into a pillow tuck when I'm feeling up to using the machine again.

Primitive Betty's Pure & Pleasant is on the home stretch now. I should have it finished up by day's end and so I'll hold off with a pic until it's completely finished.

I finally got around to finishing up Blackbird Designs My Dear from their leaflet The Gift Is Small. I wasn't happy with my dye lots of floss and put it on hold until I could decide what to do with it. In the end I used other overdyed threads in my stash as well as DMC to complete it. I didn't like the phrase My Dear on the piece and instead made it my own and stitched My Work.

  I haven't done nearly as much stitching during my recuperation as I had hoped for. As my physio routine increases in length and difficulty so does my fatigue level. I often find myself taking an afternoon nap. Besides that I can't seem to settle in one spot for very long. I sit a few minutes, then I'm up and moving around, sit down again for a short time, move around again. You get the picture. It generally results in not much of any one thing getting completed. I'm just not comfortable sitting, walking or standing for any length of time. A good portion of this is due to the stiffness in the knee which will work itself out in good time. Unfortunately the patient is impatient!!

I was pleased to see this fine fellow in his newly acquired summer coat! I love spotting the bright yellow again as they arrive at our feeder. In addition, last night we had a couple of visitors to our backyard which appeared to be going through some sort of mating behaviour. In any case the female wasn't impressed and kept slapping the male in the face before he finally grew tired and took off. For all I know, they're both males and were just having a tiff!

Sorry about the picture quality. It was getting dark, my battery was weakening and I was trying to take these through a dirty window. Photography at its best.....not!

I'm getting some new starts kitted up and hope to have some photos of my progress for you in the very near future. See you soon!


  1. I like your changes on the BBD design. The colours are lovely too.

  2. The Easter stitch is beautiful and perfect.

  3. Beautiful stitching Lynn. Your changes to the BBD is perfect :)
    Bunnies in your backyards?!! How adorable!!

  4. Nice stitching. I hope your knee heals quickly!

  5. è venuto benissimo con quei colori

  6. Love your wild life!
    Great stitching!

  7. The BBD is lovely. Sweet bunnies and such a bright and cheery chap.

  8. Beautiful stitching. You've got wonderful garden. And these bunnies are just so cute!

  9. Nice finishes.
    The BB looks nice with your change.
    Cute Bunnies!
    Hope your knee feels better soon.

  10. Beautiful stitching. Hope your knee continues to improve and you can settle down to some valuable stitching time. Have a good weekend.

  11. Congratulations on beautiful stitching and wildlife. I do so love those American Goldfinches-- they are my favorite. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you heal.... we need you at full, inspiring stitching strength to spur us on. :)

  12. ohhhh this is delightful, makes my heart sing

  13. Your BBD piece is beautiful as is your Easter finish.

    Oh wow that bird is so beautiful!