Monday, 4 May 2015

May WIPocalypse

Is it true? It's really May! Not only that but it's WARM!!! Actually today was warm enough that we need the air conditioning in the car and that's when we discovered that it's not cooling all that well. So as soon as I'm able to take the car in I guess I can add that to the brake job. Ouch! 
Actually I love the heat and I can do without the air most of the time. It's just that today was soooo windy that we couldn't hear ourselves talk in the car so we turned on the air to cool things down and quiet them as well. Wasn't long though before those windows were open again and we travelled the rest of our journey in silence. 

The warm weather is getting me motivated to stitch since I'm not able to garden yet. I'll be depending on my boys to help me out with that again this year. The first day of the month led to a new finish.... Primitive Betty's Pure & Pleasant.

I'm on the hunt now for some fabric to finish this one off with. I love the blues and browns which is what attracted me to this design in the first place.

BBD Button Box is back in my rotation again and I should have some updated photos soon.
In the meantime I had a new start..... With Thy Needle & Thread In Season. I'm just getting going with this one but loving every stitch so far! I'm using the recommended fabric and floss.

My WIPocalypse 2015 list isn't being whittle down a lot but as per the norm I'm adding new designs to it constantly.

I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable driving distances in the car and as a result I was able to see both of my husband's spring concerts with his two community concerts. I must admit though that after an hour drive each way and sitting for more than an hour that I was pretty darn stiff afterwards and tired to boot.
Sunday I decided to try going into Ottawa for the day with my hubby to church and then to brunch after with a friend. We picked an awesome day to have our brunch outdoors along the Rideau Canal at the Canal Ritz

 This is one of our favourite eating spots and let me tell you, it's a lot more enjoyable to see the Canal like this than the last time I saw it!

The Rideau Canal is known as the world's largest skating rink (7.8 km long or 4.8 miles) and they had a record breaking season of 59 continuous days of skating. Like I said, I'll take the current condition!

That about covers things here. I'll be seeing the surgeon for the first time this week since my replacement and getting the official okay to drive. Yahoo! Then watch me go!!


  1. Pure & Pleasant is very sweet. Hope you get the all clear at the surgeon's.

  2. Those first few days of warm spring weather are the best, aren't they? Your stitching is lovely! Happy driving!

  3. Such a lovely little finish. And a nice new start as well.

    OH, I think I would prefer the Canal like it is now as well, lol. IT actually has to be veeery cold to have this natural ice rink for 59 days in a row. Good for the ice skaters but nothing for me.

  4. So glad you're getting around better. The all clear from the doctor is sure to make you feel even better! Beautiful stitching, and how I wish I could join you for lunch on the canal.

  5. Glad to see you are enjoying the warmer weather by the canal! Good luck with your visit to the surgeon!

  6. I'm so glad you're starting to feel more comfortable driving distances!!!!

    I haven't been to the Canal Ritz in a long time is it still really good?

    Congrats on your lovely finish!

  7. So glad you've been able to get out a bit and enjoy some lovely spring days! Hope your visit with the doc goes well!!

  8. Beautiful finish and start!!

  9. I love those little rabbits, such fun!
    I'm being very disciplined with my WIPocalypse this year and sticking to my list. So far!

  10. A beautiful finish, love the colours. A great start on your next project too. It looks a lovely place by the canal.

  11. Lynn: Love the pictures, so pretty, love your stitching.
    It is always fun to sit outdoors and enjoy life.


  12. Hello Lynn!
    I have arrived at my home thursday night May 07.
    I was in Montreal for five days and in Toronto for four days! I was in Niagara Falls too!
    I love Canada so much!!♥ ♥ But is so far away from Brazil :-(

  13. Super finish and such a lovely picture of you at your lunch.