Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Out in the Gazebo Stitching!

The tulips may not be open yet but laundry is out on the line and the gazebo is back in operation so spring is here as far as I'm concerned! Our gazebo is actually more like a solarium and it maintains the heat of the sun as long as the windows are left closed. That makes it perfect to sit in during our recent sunny afternoons. The outdoor temp may be a bit cool yet but it's comfy cozy in the gazebo's interior. Bob got it all cleaned up on the weekend and found the cushions for the furniture.

 I've been spending some quality stitching time out there recently. As you can see, Clarisse is pretty happy that gazebo season is here too!

The warmer weather has prompted me to start something new for spring. This sweet little stitch by Primitive Betty was calling to me.
This is called Pure and Pleasant.

 I love the blues and browns in this piece and it's such a pleasant design indeed!

After some neglect I brought out My Dear which you may recall is from Blackbird Designs The Gift is Small leaflet. I wasn't happy with the colours as they appeared on my fabric and after some deliberation I have swapped a few floss for other variations. 

I'm still working with the colours as I go along. I might change the called for Parchment which appears in the chain motif to the right of the bird. It just doesn't stand out enough on this fabric which is a 30ct Abecedarian linen.
Here's another pic of the same piece in different light. I've also displayed with it some of my new bone button collection. I use these particular types of buttons a lot on my finishes and found these beauties on Etsy.

The floss I had on order for BBD Button Box has now arrived. I'm much happier with the dye lot on this bunch and hope to resume stitching on this piece soon.
Also I have another of the new market releases all kitted up and ready to go. Hopefully I'll have some pics soon.

I neglected to post pics of two other gifts which I received during my convalescence. My cousin sent me two of the sweetest needleminders. One is a witch's hat and the other is a red owl. When I went to take a pic I discovered that I've misplaced the owl already! It will turn up eventually especially now that I'm feeling well enough to get back to some light housework. In the meantime, here's the witch's hat.

My dear friend and stitching buddy Pam knows of my love of birdhouses and brought me the sweetest little tabletop version of what looks like a purple martin house or is it a church?

I am so grateful for the many cards, gifts, visits and good wishes from all my friends both online and locally. Your good cheer has certainly helped in my recovery. Physio is going well but does result in some afternoon naps after a good session! In just one week I've increased the flex in my knee by 7 degrees. I hope things continue to improve in this manner and I'm out and about more as the weather gets better and better.


  1. Lovely blog Lynn, it's so nice when he sun shines :-)

  2. Your Gazebo looks like the perfect place to stitch.
    Great projects.
    The needle minder and birdhouse are too cute.
    Clarisse looks so pretty and fluffy. :)

  3. Good news on your recouperation, its lovely to see blue skies and be outdoors again. We've had some lovely sunshine this week too.

  4. I think you are going gangbusters Lynn in both the physio and the stitching arenas! GORGEOUS stitching, a BEAUTIFUL view and a sweet kitty by your side :) PERFECT!

  5. So glad to know you are persistent with your physio.
    Enjoy your gazebo!

  6. Gazebo stitching sounds so lovely! I'm thinking this weekend might be a good one for outside/back yard stitching with temps in the 70s - yay!!

  7. Glad that you are feeling better. I am sure that basking in the sun stitching will do you the world of good too.

    It's fun to change the colours around to suit yourself too. I do it a lot.

  8. Those colours you're stitching with are perfect for spring! Here's hoping warmer weather helps you on your way to good health.

  9. Inside your gazebo looks like an idea spot. Hope your weather continues to be kind and that it helps in your recuperation. Lovely stitching. The birdhouse is just wonderful.

  10. I love how the warmer weather is starting to come around too. Winter seemed to be so bitter cold this year the sun and warmth is especially appreciated. My Dear is looking great so far, I like the colors you're using. The needle minder hat is awesome, it reminds me of the sorting hat in Harry Potter :)
    Hope you continue to do well with your physio.

  11. Very jealous of your gazebo, it looks like the perfect place to sit, relax and stitch! Hope you are improving daily.

  12. What a lovely birdhouse you've received! I am jealous about this gorgeous gazebo you have! Perfect place to relax for sure.

  13. Sitting in your gazebo looking out onto the garden and stitching sounds wonderful. Enjoy it now that spring has sprung in your part of Canada as well.
    Great stitching on your WIPs.
    Physio must be helping you a lot and I hope the healing process will continue steady and fast.

  14. Hi Lynn: I am like you often I change colors because they donot meet my idea of the right color.
    Love that birdhouse, it is lovely.
    Nice needle minder, anything Halloween is wonderful.
    I am so happy your healing is going well.