Friday, 10 May 2013

Spring TUSAL

It's TUSAL time once more and this month I have a smaller amount than usual. Too many spring activities have cut my stitching time in half. So I only have one little jar of orts instead of my usual two.

There's an assortment of green, black, white and red orts from my current PS Viktor & Irina as well as from my spring ornament I stitched last month. Not a whole lot going on. 
My orts are sitting on a garden ledge next to my latest birdhouse which my DH hung in our tree shortly after this picture was taken.

Instead of stitching, I have been busy cleaning out our gazebo (my preferred stitching spot!) and cleaning up the garden. I'm not able to do a lot of gardening these days due to my need for a hip replacement. My hubby hates gardening so I made an arrangement with my two younger sons. Besides Mother's Day this weekend my birthday takes place on the Saturday. I know the boys are short on cash at this time so I asked if they would be agreeable to do some gardening for me instead of buying me gifts. They both thought it was a great idea and so they will be out later in the month to do my weeding and plant my flowers for me. This is the best gift they could possibly give me!

It's a little too early to plant here. Although the temperatures have been quite pleasant lately, we could still get frost yet. The weatherman says it's getting colder this weekend and dropping down near 0 again at night! I've gone ahead and bought some hanging baskets which I will place in the gazebo at night to protect them from the frost. I was rearranging the baskets in my yard and placed this one on the bird bath to get it out of my way. Then I decided it looked rather nice there so I just might remove the hanger and leave it there.

What do you think? 
The birds didn't use the bath last year. All they did was use it for a toilet!
Here's a couple of pics of the other baskets I picked up.

I also found this adorable planter which I going to fill with either petunias or pansies and place on my front step.

I was also thrilled to see my parrot tulips open this year. I planted them two years ago and they were gorgeous. Then last year I had leaves and no blooms. This year they were back in all their glory. The leaves are even scalloped, similar to the way the blooms are feathered. I wonder if perhaps they only flower every other year?

So that's what's filling my hours lately. Soon I'll be finished and able to sit outdoors and enjoy the view. I've been out in the gazebo stitching on a couple mornings and there's one other whose enjoying it as much as I am.

She keeps me company! If the weather allows I fully intend to sit out there all day on my birthday and stitch the day away. Mother's Day may be a repeat, lol!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and to all the mothers, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to you Lynn! Sunday is my mother's birthday. We will all be together for that.
    That is a fabulous gift I wouldn't mind getting from my three teens!!!
    I am sorry you need a hip replacement. I have such pain with my hip joint, I know it cannot be easy.

  2. What a lovely idea, rather than gifts. Your flowers look lovely. I like the flowers in the bird bath and would leave them there if it was my choice.

  3. Hope you have a great Birthday!

  4. That will be a wonderful gift from your sons for Mother's Day. All of your flowers look so pretty and the planter on the bird bath looks really nice. It just seems to fit there perfectly!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. The perfect Mother's Day and birthday gift, I agree. The baskets you bought look terrific, and to place one of them in the bird bath was a good idea - it looks absolutely great.
    Oh my, I wish I could have such wonderful tulips in my garden. I have planted tulip bulbs several times but they were all eaten by mice during the winter.
    Enjoy your garden!

  6. Happy Birthday Lynn and Happy Mother's Day! That is the perfect gift to give a mother...time spent in her garden!! I love your hanging baskets and I think that the one sitting on the bird bath looks just right. That bird planter is so sweet and will look perfect in your garden!

  7. Forgot to add...Titus says Meow to Clarisse and thanks her for the crinkle toys that plays with daily!!

  8. I love the idea of stitching in a gazebo! What a great idea to ask for gardening help as your gift ~ love it! And those flowers look great on the bird bath ~ so cute!

  9. Your flowers look absolutely gorgeous. What a good idea to have your gardening done for Mothers Day. Hope you had a great birthday too!