Saturday, 25 May 2013

May WIPocalypse

It may be May but from the temperature outside you'd never know it! Today is the perfect day for stitching.... overcast and cold. With any luck I'll have a few minutes to put needle to thread. 

I concentrated on 3 pieces this month one of which I can't show yet since it's for my ornament SAL.
The other two are both larger pieces and I'm happy to say that I had a finish with one!

Viktor & Irina are complete and aren't they sweet? I adore them and can't wait until I can get this framed and on my walls. I love the whimsy and fun of PSS designs, so much so that I moved from this one back to my PSS Fruit of the Spirit. When I last left this one I had only started the first house and wasn't finished stitched the bricking or roof on it.

Here's where is stands at the end of this month:

I love the colours in this design and as I get along further in it you'll see a lot more. However I didn't realize that there was a fair amount of over one stitching. I picked up on the robin but didn't notice the other birds, the flower and tiny strawberry,the star on the door, or the people in the house window who are stitched over one as well.
Don't you just love that little strawberry? Even stitching over one, PSS designs always make me smile!

I'm so proud of myself for getting these done and done fairly well too! You see, this fabric was marked as 32 ct but I now realize that it is actually 36 ct. This piece will be a little smaller when finished than what I expected. I'm stitching it with Vicky Clayton silks and since there is some confetti stitching, mainly on the bricks, I found that the silks were working their way out even when I'd run the threads through previous stitches. Has anyone else ever had this problem using silks?
Most of this stitching, including Viktor, was all done during the past week. Next I'm going to spend part of the day choosing a new start. I have some new birthday stash which arrived this week including Stacy Nash Summer Sampler (scroll down about halfway through the page),  BBD Agnes Platt's Strawberry Sampler and With Thy Needle & Thread Strawberry Hill Sampler.  I also won on ebay a discontinued pattern by The Goode Huswife called Sampler Farm. I could only find a link to this one through someone who had already stitched it. Then to further complicate the decision, I pulled out Midsummer Night Designs Garden Angels, Birds of a Feather Bitter Flower Sampler and Blackbird Designs Summer House. The latter is another design that it's difficult to find a pic of. 
What's a girl to do? I think I sense a theme here, lol! Do you have a favourite in the bunch?

The sun has just made an appearance so perhaps things will warm up after all!

Edited: I forgot one other choice of new start. It's by Shakespeare's Peddler and is called Weeds Make Haste. This is another favourite I've been debating over so we'll add it to the above list of choices.


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  2. Love your finish and wip ~ love the effect of the over one stitching of the people in the window!

  3. You've made wonderful progress! I've never had much of an issue with silk threads slipping out, but I also wrap the thread around one of the back stitches too (if that makes sense). I pick Bitter Flower Sampler as your next project... it's really pretty!

  4. Love that PSS design too and that strawberry is so wee! I have used Vikki Clayton's silks before and found the threads come undone a bit too. For the single stitches I usually weave it in and out of the other stitches quite a few times so they don't unravel. As I've said before, we have such similar tastes in patterns. I've been eying up the new BBD Strawberry sampler and am going to purchase it. I have the Bittersweet flower kitted, so perhaps we should SAL one day on that design?! Happy Belated Birthday by the way!!


  5. Oh you gots lots done this month Lynn! I too love PSS designs :)
    and your Viktor and Irina is cute as a button!
    Your stash is great too! I'm anxious to see what you decide to start next!

  6. I really enjoy these pieces Lynn.

  7. Congrats on the great finish, and lovely stitching on Fruit of the Spirit - you are quite right to be proud of it :-)
    I just wouldn't know what to choose from that gorgeous list... just close your eyes and grab a random one, lol.

  8. What a sweet finish on Viktor and Irina! The Stacy Nash Summer Sampler is so pretty and a favorite of mine. :) Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

  9. You have been busy and productive! Victor and Irina are adorable

  10. Beautiful stitching! I can't wait to see which new start you go for. I love the look of Weeds make Haste, such a pretty pattern.
    Best wishes.

  11. Wow what wonderful work you did this month.

  12. Beautiful finish and I am loving your Fruit of the Spirit. I would not be much help with choosing a new start-those are all just great. I have done the Summer House and I think The Garden Angels would be really pretty.

  13. Great finish and great new start! It was so cold the other day it felt like early Spring and not almost June. It's warmer today :)

  14. I really need to steal your keys at the next SAL, make a copy and sneak into your stash.... no worries, I would be too worried that I would come in during the middle of the night and step on Clarisse and scare her,,, just kidding!

    Your b-day stash list as usual matches either what is on the shelf or on that list that just won't stop growing!!!!

    Love you WIP and finish, both are wonderful.

  15. I'm comletely with you when it comes to PSS designs, I just love them. All of them. And when I read your list of possible new starts I can see that I have them all in my stash, too, besides BBD Summer House (and I regret not having bought it when it was still available, because it's nearly impossible to get it now). And I can't help you choosing one of them, as they are all so beautiful and promise a lot of fun. I think I would start them all, lol.

  16. Congratulations on your Viktor & Irina finish, they are so cute!
    And PSS design is so lovely!
    Good luck in choosing your next project ;)


  17. Great stitching and finishing. Good luck on deciding your next project.

  18. Viktor and Irina looks beautiful! The over-1 stitching detail is so pretty, especially the little strawberry!

    I hate making decisions. I vote for starting them all, then stitch on each one every day until one of them hooks you and you can't bear to put it down. Then focus on that one and come back to the others later!