Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May's Ornament

I started this SAL with great hopes that it would aid me in completing my ornaments. Well, they're definitely getting stitched but the finishing is far from over! Once again this month I've not had the time to complete the final finishing. Oh well, maybe I can have a couple days of nothing but finishing near the end of the year and get them all done up at once.

This month I chose to go back to a Christmas ornament. I chose Threadwork Primitives Be Ye Merry. This particular design is charted with a border around it but for now I've chosen to leave it off. Otherwise the ornament was a lot bigger than I intended it to be. It was stitched on a mystery piece of linen using DMC floss. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll dye the whole thing with some tea or walnut stain.

I noticed that in this picture it looks like there is a flaw or discolouration in the bottom right of the picture just above the y in Merry. However in real life there is nothing. I think it might have had something to do with the camera flash when I took the pic.

I don't have a clue what I'll be stitching next month. Perhaps another Christmas theme. I love seeing what everyone else has done and getting ideas from your finishes. Now I'm off to stitch!


  1. Your ornament looks great.

  2. Lovely ornament!
    Good luck with dyeing :)


  3. Very nice ornament. I heard that using strong tea in the spray bottle can give very nice effects on the fabric. I think I will try myself...

  4. Nice design. I tend to put finishing off too.

  5. Lovely stitching Lynn. I'm exactly the same, although I am trying to get a few finishes ticked off this summer. Here's hoping!
    Best wishes.

  6. Lynn, your ornament is lovely! I am also starting to have a pile of unfinished ornaments. I hope to finish-finish them before Christmas, just like you! I found your blog on the Christmas Ornie SAL page.

  7. It looks lovely!

    And I haven't finish finished anything yet either. I'm hoping to do a big pile of them in the fall.

  8. Handcrafts are certainly perfect giveaways and presents for Christmas, don’t you think? I believe it is too! I once received a cross stitched angel from a friend and till now, it remains hanging on our wall in the living room. Hope you could show more of your finished art. I just couldn’t have enough of it. Thanks!

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