Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Mail Treat

Over the holidays I learned that I was the lucky winner of Nancy's Christmas floss giveaway at The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. This was a fabulous giveaway of 25 skeins, 20 yrds each, of Nancy's hand-dyed floss. I couldn't believe my luck when I found out I'd won! When I checked yesterday's mail, I found a package waiting for me. Could it be? Yes, it was the floss! Feast your eyes on this beauties!

Nancy is having another giveaway right now for some more of this floss so head on over and join in on the fun. While you're there, check out some of her great designs too! She is an extremely generous lady and loves to share her passion with her readers.

I wanted to show you what my middle son Daniel got me for Christmas. I have a wishlist over at 123 Stitch and Dan took it upon himself to check out my list.
He bought me this gorgeous chart and a needleminder to go with it. Dan knows I love deer which is why he picked this one and I was so thrilled with his thoughtfulness. Thanks honey!

I ran into a small roadblock on my BAP, Pardis Perdu. One of the floss used in the flowers didn't seem to match with the picture of the design. Now I know that these often aren't exactly like the picture but this one didn't even come close. The picture showed some flowers which appear to be a pale pink but the floss I had was a yellow-green colour and didn't go with the floss I'd already used in the design. Since I'd done a silk conversion of this I went back and pulled the DMC floss originally called for. Nope, no mistake on my part. It was the same colour as the silk I had been using. All I can figure is that it is a misprint in the chart. I paid another visit to Hand Dyed Fibers and chose another floss in a pale pink which will work much better. It's on its way to me now and in the meantime I'll work around that area.

I'll have another progress pic of Gobble for you on my next post. My camera battery ran out on me before I could get a photo. I'm nearing the end of this one now and hope to have it finished up by the end of the weekend.

With a finish in the wings I decided to start another small ornament for the Winter Challenge. This one is a Prairie Schooler called Winter. It's from the 2006 issue of the JCS Christmas ornaments.

This one is stitching up pretty quickly which means I can then pull out another start from my list! The weather is on my side as far as stitching goes too since we are receiving a nasty mix of sleet and freezing rain. It started early this morning and has been coming down nonstop.
Okay, so I just looked out the window and now it's turned to snow! DH has cancelled choir practice for tonight and we're going to stay put, snug as two bugs.
Welcome to all of my new followers and thank you for taking the time to drop by and check out my WIPocalypse post. I'm really enjoying this challenge too. I get to see lots of awesome stitching and meet lots of new stitching bloggers. What could be better than that?


  1. ouuuuuu eye candy at it's best. What a nice prize, Congratulations. And, isn't it nice when our children know us so well!
    Still raining here but apparently soon to get more Winterish out there..... Time for some cozying up by the fire I think.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Lucky you... winning all that lovely floss, and what great goodies you got for Christmas! Enjoy your "cozy" stitching time on your ornament. Oh, and I just love your background and your beautiful header. May just have to make a visit over to Shabby blogs :^)

  3. What a lovely win ~ enjoy them!
    Ahhh, that was such a thoughtful thing for your Son to have done, I bet stitching that chart will mean everything to you.
    Enjoy snuggling up whilst the snow falls xxx

  4. Lynn --
    Beautiful floss that you won:! YEAH for you and what a nice gifts you recieved from your son. Nothing beats stitchy stuff:)

    I like your Winter PS design too:)

    We're getting snow today -- they're calling for 4-8 inches!

  5. Hi Lynn, Happy New Year to you. What a lovely treat to get the threads, such pretty colours. Enjoy your new stitchey pressies :)

  6. Oh my! I am sure that you did a happy dance.

    I love the pattern and needle minder. My Rooster bought me a needleminder and I love it.

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. Lucky you winning Victoria Motto floss! I absolutely love her floss! What a nice young man you have for a son that would go to a stitching wishlist. Congratulations on how you raised him.

    Your Prairie Schooler is looking quite cute and you are making great progress on it. Sorry about ths floss snafoo that would be so frustrating!

  8. Great job on the win!!! Those colors are gorgeous! I love your ornie start! So cute! Hope you have a wonderful 2012!!

  9. Lucky you--what a great package of threads! And lucky you, too, with a son who (a) knows that you have a wish list and (b) buys you stuff from it!! That's great--you've trained him well. ;)

    I love the ornament--you can never go wrong with PS! I hope the thread for your BAP does the trick.

  10. What beautiful colors of floss! How thoughtful of your son to check your wish list at 123...Can I get him to tell my family about that idea!!

  11. Those colors are so pretty and 20 yds - wow! How sweet of your son. :)
    That is strange when thread colors so obviously don't match - that has happened to me a few times.
    Ugh - sleet and freezing rain.

  12. Beautiful colors of floss you received, and congratulations!

    Your son picked a lovely chart for you, he has great taste.

  13. Congrats on your win! That is a lot of beautiful floss to play with :)

    Wonderful gift from your Son. Mine got me something really special too which made me so proud!

    It's still raining here too but it is supposed to change over to snow overnight. Ugh......LOL.

  14. Such pretty colors. What a great win. Fabulous gift.

  15. What a great win. Lovely colors. Love your ornament.PS charts are always so great aren't they?

  16. Congratulations on receiving the lovely floss. Nancy is so generous.
    Your son did such a wonderful job on your Xmas gift.
    I hope that your floss comes soon. In the meantime, i love the PS piece.

  17. Wonderful to win all that fabulous floss! Thanks for the link to head over and maybe win some too! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
    Love your gifts from your son - how sweet of him. I received one of those needle minders at christmas too (mine had dragonflies on it) aren't they fantastic?!!!
    Hope you don't get too much snow!

  18. Wow, Lynn...what a lovely bunch of floss! Lucky lady! And such a sweet and thoughtful son too; love the design and needle minder he picked out for you.

    Awesome start on the PS design...can't wait to see your progress.

  19. Congrats Lynn! That's awesome :o)

    What a sweet DS you have. I hope mine will be that thoughtful ;o)

    Love your new WIP.

  20. How wonderful to win such beautiful threads. Glad you got something off your wish list.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  21. What a sweet gift from your son! And a gorgeous finish...I need to stitch this one myself :)

  22. Oooh--you lucky girl!! I just love that floss--congratulations, Lynn!

    How thoughtful that your son bought you some things from your wish list for your Christmas...what a sweetie!

    Your PS piece is very cute--one I should add to my list.

    It's snowing like crazy here right now--glad I don't have to drive to work today :) Enjoy your weekend, Lynn!

  23. Such beautiful threads - congratulations with your win, Lynn! And the presents are so cute :)


  24. Congratulations on winning that beautiful thread. What agreat gift your son gave you.

  25. You're a lucky girl.These colours look gorgeous and I have heard some great things about Nancy's floss. Enjoy!