Friday, 6 January 2012

First finish of 2012

Happy New Year! We are home once more following our trip to visit our families.
We've come home to a little more snow than before our departure but not all that much more. Weather is so unpredictable at this time of year and we had to delay our departure both coming and going on this trip due to winter storms along the route. I always breathe a sigh of relief when we arrive at our destination.

I managed to get in a little stitching time during my visit but a good portion of my stitching was done on the road. I've made some significant progress on Gobble and I'll be posting a pic on this month's WIPocalypse. In the meantime I have a small finish and a progress pic for you.

This ornament is one I started just before Christmas but didn't have time to finish. It's called Santa's Buddies by Angel Stitchin and is from the JCS Christmas 2009 magazine. As you can see from the picture, I'm very close to a finish. Only a small amount of stitching left and then the beads. Can you tell where all the beads are going?

My first finish for 2012 is one of my smallest finishes ever. It's by Trail Creek Farms and is called Winter. I haven't decided whether to finish it off as a fob or a small ornament. Once the finishing is complete I'll post a pic to the Winter Challenge which Becky is hosting. This challenge is a continuation of the Christmas ornament challenge but with a winter theme.

Winter by Trail Creek Farm
stitched on 32 ct Ayrloom opalescent lugana
using Six Strand Sweets floss
Very shortly I'll be starting my BAP for the year, Paradis Perdu by A Mon Ami Pierre. I just want to get a little further on Gobble first. I'm really enjoying seeing all the new starts out there in Blogland. There are some wonderful choices which find me straying from my list and checking out other charts. The temptation to purchase a few of these is so strong, but so far I've managed to resist and stay on track.

Our Christmas celebration was a short one but sooo much fun! All three of my sons arrived together and brought their girlfriends and their families with them too. We were 11 in number which I know is relatively small by some family standards but for us it's a big group. We got to meet Pasquale's children who are really delightful. The language barrier didn't seem to be an issue at all and the kids were so proud to try out their limited English with us. They were surprised that I understood so much French and in Bob's case, language wasn't needed at all. I woke up the morning following our Christmas to find all four kids giggling at the dining room table. Bob was entertaining them by teaching them how to cross their eyes! Here are a few pics from our fun.

Show Me The Money! which my sons were more than happy
to do after receiving such a generous gift.
In the next pic we are all sporting paper crowns. Does anyone else use the Christmas crackers which contain these? Each cracker pulls open with a crack when you tug on both ends and out falls a paper hat and a small prize. Growing up, we always had these at my Grandmother Kearn's house at Christmas. The crackers were hard to find for many years but are resurfacing and it's one of the traditions that I have carried on down through the years.

I want to thank all of you for the concern and best wishes you extended for my Mom and MIL. My MIL is 93 now and has slowed down quite a bit in the last year. Her mind is as sharp as a tack though and we love to visit with her and here her recount stories from her youth. On this visit we were able to gather as a family for dinner including some of Bob's cousins from Michigan. Only Bob's oldest brother and family were unable to join us since they don't live in the area.

My Mom was feeling well enough that we were also able to gather for a family dinner. Her days of cooking are over so we also met at a local eatery. Honestly, this trip has been about nothing but eating! We have done nothing but eat out for the past two weeks!! My recent weight loss has been seriously challenged and the scales showed an increase of 3 lbs damage. I'm glad to be home and back on track again.
Following our dinner, we returned to Mom's where I got to catch up with my sisters. Laurie has lost 60 lbs on WW and looks fabulous! Way to go Laurie! I hope I'm able to come close to your success.

The 3 Ls - Laurie, Lynn, Lana and Mom
My Mom is finally starting to get some answers to her health problems. I went with her to one of her doctor appointments and it looks like some back surgery is necessary in the next few months. In the meantime they are hoping to give her injections to freeze the problem area in the spine which should help control her pain and give her more mobility. She is still undergoing tests for some other health issues. She is so frustrated because she went from being quite active to a dead standstill. Since she is unable to get out much my sisters visit frequently. I'm the one who lives the furthest away and I only get home to visit a couple of times a year so Mom was very glad to have my company.

Now I've returned to the post Christmas mess at my place. We left the day after my sons so I still have to take down all my decorations. I'll get started at some of it today and finish taking down the tree tomorrow. I miss all the glitter of the season but it's nice to return to normal.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from all the fun challenges out there!
Happy stitching!


  1. Great finish! I love the idea of this Challenge but just can't commit to it this year :o(

    That reindeer pattern is one of my favorites. Now I want to dig it out and stitch it. LOL!

    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas :o) I love crackers! We didn't have any this year for some reason...

    I'm sorry to hear your mom is still struggling with health issues. It's hard to watch isn't it? My Gram has gone down hill quite a bit this past year and it kills me that I live farther away from her :o(

  2. define normal. Once all the glitz and glitter is put away you will find time to finish off those beads and set a stitch into Paradis Perdu , ouuuu I can't wait to see it in motion.
    Glad you had a nice trip and nice to see you in all the pic's looking happy and content. Congrats to Laurie, wooo hooo .
    Cheers to whatever 2012 may bring to you Lynn and your cross eyed family....(to funny)
    Be always in stitches

  3. What a wonderful family you have! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. I'll definitely keep your dear mother in thoughts and prayers. Stitchwise, that little reindeer peeking around the tree is just too cute!

  4. Lynn it looks like you've had an awesome holiday season surrounded by your family! Lots of smiles there!!!

    Congrats on your first finish and your soon to be finish!

    Happy New Year. I think I might try to work Tuesday stitching back into my schedule... we'll see how it goes!

  5. I am with Pumpkin - that soon to be ornament is just darling. I am getting ready to join a magazine challenge, and that might just be the magazine I choose.

    Your family sounds just delightful, and I hope your Mom can get the answers and repairs needed to put her back on track!!

    I chickened out of the BAP challenge, but I am going to enjoy watching folks work on it!

  6. Glad to hear you arrived home safely, Lynn--driving up your way in the winter months must be very uncertain. You're always at the mercy of mother nature, aren't you?

    Lovely Christmas photos--the one of the guys with their money just made me laugh. Our guys got money as well, but nearly as pretty as all those rainbow colored Canadian dollars :)

    Congratulations on your finish and being so close to a finish on that cute reindeer.

    I do hope your mom continues to get answers about her health issues...It is so hard to watch them age.

  7. Glad to see you are home safe and sound after your travels. How lovely to be able to spend Christmas with family. Hope your mother is feeling better soon.

  8. I'm glad that you're back safe and sound and had a good time! :) I enjoyed seeing all the photos--family is one of the best things about Christmas. :)

    Love your finish and WIP! I'm glad that Becky extended the winter challenge--I have more ornaments and things that I want to stitch!

  9. Lovely stitching . I'm so glad that you got to have some great times with your families .
    I love the picture for your blog header too , it would be great as a Christmas card. X

  10. So good to hear read that you had a wonderful Christmas with your mom and family Lynn. It must be so frustrating for your mom to not be able to be as active as she was. But it's good your sisters live nearby and can help her out! I love the picture of your sons holding their money!! They certainly are happy!

    Can't wait to see your new start! I'm like you too with the distractions in blogland. But I've resisted and am staying on track!!



  11. Lovely pictures of you and your family. Good to hear that you had such a great time.
    Lovely finishes

  12. Loved seeing all your family pictures!
    Those crackers are common over here. I think most people have them at Christmas. So if you ever need me to send you some you can let me know :-)

  13. I loved to read about your holidays and to look at all the family pictures. Hopefully your mother's health problem can be solved very soon.
    Congratulations on your first finish of the new year. And I'm looking forward to seeing your first WIPocalypse progress picture. What an awesome challenge this will be.

  14. Lovely family pictures Lynn, what wonderful memories they will give you.
    A small finish but very pretty and a lovely colour of blue, I love the reindeer peeking round the tree as well.

  15. lovely finishes Lynn
    that reindeer is really cute, and winter finish would make a lovely fob

    what beautiful pictures of your family looks like you all had a wonderful time x

  16. Great time at Christmas. I had a real quick trip since I started a new job so I know how much time I really wanted to spend with Family. See your Mom as often as you can.

    Great progress on your stitching and a nice little finish!

  17. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your family. Glad you had safe travels. Love the Christmas crowns and what a nice picture of you with your sisters and mom. Hope your mom can return to her active self soon!
    Love your stitching - that little reindeer is so cute! :)

  18. Nice WIP! I know a woman who did a bicornu a month for 2010 -- maybe I'll come up with an ornament a month for 2012...

    Or not. :) Got enough on my plate. But thanks for sharing!

  19. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday with your family.

    I love the deer peeking out from behind the tree!

  20. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I live in TN so it's not very warm as FL where I used to live but it's warm enough this season. Layering the tights helps too ;)

  21. Love the photos Lynn. It is always great to catch up with family.
    I hope that your Mum gets some answers to her health issues. It must frustrate you living so far from her to only enable you to visit her occasionally, I know how you feel as I am the furthest away from my Dad compared to my siblings.

  22. Great family photos, thanks for sharing. Cute little finish and nice work on Santa's Buddies. Your BAP is a beautiful design, I especially love the A&E. Now another to add to my growing list of A&E charts I want to stitch.