Saturday, 14 January 2012

After The Storm

Our two days of freezing rain and snow has finally ended and the sun is out once more. Temperatures have dropped and it's a crispy one out there but I love a day like this where the sun glints off of the snow and ice-covered trees. Winter has definitely arrived now! Below are a couple of shots I took from inside the house during the storm.

 A true sign that the storm is past comes with the arrival of the birds again. I heard the Blue Jay first thing this morning. His friend, Mr. Starling, looks a little chilled with his feathers all puffed out! The bird feeder pic also gives you an idea as to how much snow was deposited.

Thanks to the big orange machine the driveway is clear and I can get out without revving the car before I tackle the mound of snow left by the plow. 

I spent my time well during the storm, with stitching in hand and a cuppa my new favourite tea, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, which I highly recommend. The latter was courtesy of my youngest son at Christmas. To complete the picture, I put on the Lady Gaga double CD that Chris also gave me and stitched the day away.
Here's my progress on my BAP, Paradis Perdu.

I am really enjoying this one, especially those silks! Don't you just love the sensation as they glide through the fabric?

Gobble would have been finished last night but as you can see from the picture below I ended up frogging a section of the last border. I'd stitched it up too high, by just one hole, but enough that you could see the difference. I thought frogs didn't like cold weather but it's obvious that they don't give a hoot. Of course, I was sitting in front of a warm fireplace so that must be the drawing card! I also changed the date on this to the current year. I got ahead of myself when I stitched in 2011, thinking I could finish it by year's end.

My stitching will now be put aside until tonight. I plan on cooking a couple of casseroles for our casserole ministry at church. Their freezer supplies are dwindling. Then I'm thinking a chili would be nice for supper to warm up our tums. I also plan on having a look see to decide which project will be next up after Gobble's finish. Any suggestions as to which you'd like to see first from my WIPocalypse list?

A very happy birthday to my eldest son Jeff! Jeff is 31 yrs old today and because he lives 3hrs away I won't be able to spend time with him on his special day. Earlier in the week we sent him a Toronto Maple Leafs hoodie which he was thrilled to wear on his visit to meet Felix Potvin, a former goalie for the Leafs. Apparently Felix is coaching some hockey up his way and a friend introduced them. Jeff was in his glory, especially in Habs territory!
I hope you have a wonderful day hon. Love you!
Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!


  1. Wow - you sure got a lot more snow than we did! We can still see green grass in some places. Love the look of Gobble. He is a beauty.

  2. That's a lot more snow than us in Mississauga too :) It's freezing cold here though as well. I enjoyed my time inside stitching too, aside from slipping and sliding in my car on the way back from a School drop off!

    I love your BAP project and I don't think I have ever stitched with silks before, the price scares me away.

    Too bad about the frogs visiting, I think you should chuck them outside in the snow ;0) LOL.

  3. The snow photo's is so pretty.
    I sat and stitched all day too.
    The WIP's are looking great.
    Thre is nothing like silk, I just wish it was more affordable.
    Happy Birthday to Jeff
    No more frogging!!!

  4. YOWSA Lynn...that is a lot of snow, but so pretty :)
    I love Gobble, you've about got my clicky finger going on that one!
    And your silk WIP, stunning!
    Happy birthday to your son! May he have many, many more!

  5. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Jeff and Many Happy Returns.
    Just love that you have soooooo much snow. We did get the shovels out and pushed the snow from the driveway but not really that much on the sidewalks other than from the wind. Enjoy the stitching and glad to hear you had a safe ride the other day.
    I can almost smell the fragrance of a casserole cooking away. Hmmm Chilli may just be the answer for our dinner too, Thanks.
    Be always in stitches.

  6. Love the pictures of the snow. What a beautiful scene to look at as you sit and stitch.
    How nice of you to make cass. for your church.
    My eldest turns 27 today.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. Ohhh, you guys got some snow! We had a bit but it was gone the next day with the rain and wind. Back to green grass ;o)

    Gobble is looking fantastic! It makes me giggle that you're sitting there listening to Lady Gaga ;o)

    I hope your DS has a wonderful birthday.

  8. Yeah I'm not liking this winter thing and busses weren't cancelled so I was driving around on the crap.

    Sorry to hear the frogs hit you!

  9. Gosh, that's a lot of snow. Thank god I experience snow only on pictures year long :)
    What a pity that you had to frog a part of Gobble. It looks so lovely. Love your other WIP too.

  10. I'm slightly jealous of the snow, as sick as that sounds. I'd love to just hibernate in front of a fire with some stitching while its snowing outside.

    Your BAP is looking gorgeous, and I can just imagine the sheen from the silks.

  11. I think we got more freezing rain/ ice, but you win for more snow! My clothes line was about an inch round when it was all said and done.

  12. BRRRRR!!!! Love looking at it in photos though.
    Love that little turkey stitch.
    Sending warm hugs

  13. Boy that snow storm was great for your stktching! Wonderful progress on your BAP, I love that you changed the date on Gobble. So honest. It is going to be lovely.

  14. I'm loving your Gobble piece, Lynn. What fabric are you using?

    Happy Birthday to Jeff, too! My oldest will be 30 in March--oh, does that make me feel ancient :)

    Enjoy your pretty snow--we only have about 3 inches which is fine. Lovely to look at, but still easy to get around in!

  15. Oooh, lots of snow! Amazingly we haven't had any in NY this doubt we will be hit later on because I've said that!! Love the pictures of the birds...they look so cold! Stitching on a snowy day is sooo enjoyable!

  16. It sounds like you spent your time perfectly with your stitching while the weather was bad. That tea flavour sounds yummy, think I might have to try that one. Happy belated Birthday to Jeff!
    Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

  17. Looks like winter at your home, Lynn! We're not really sure what season we're in, altho it has been coldish. They tell us winter is coming tho - maybe tomorrow. We'll see.

    Enjoying all your Gobble updates!

  18. Brrrr! It's snowy here, but you are definitely winning! That poor starling looks really cold. Love the additions to Gobbler, and sorry about the frogs...... that's an interesting sounding tea; I'll have to look for it. Meanwhile, stay warm! The PS piece is nice too; I love their designs.

  19. That's a lot of snow. How about stitching Snow Day for your next project? It certainly fits ^.^ Lovely WiPs. I'm pretty sure you've Gobble finished by now?

    Happy Birthday to Jeff.


  20. Looks like that snow is the perfect excuse to hunker down and stitch! Love your WIPs--sorry about the frogging on Gobble, though!

    Happy birthday to Jeff!

  21. Wow! A lot of snow! Love those photos :)
    And your processes go well!
    Happy birthday to your son!


  22. oh wow, love the snowy pics but you can keep it ;)

    Great work on your stitching.

    Happy birthday to your boy. That reminds me I need to stitch on rivalry next time I watch a hockey game. It appears to be Habs vs. Leafs on their jerseys.

  23. Wow. Those are the kind of pictures that I've seen yesterday and this morning after getting up. Unfortunately we haven't got anj orange machine here. I was out this morning for over an hour shoveling snow but I'M very lucky that it's Saturday today and I needn't drive to work.

  24. Brrrr, looks too cold for me. Wonderful shots of the birds.

    Some lovely WIPs.

    Drive carefully.

  25. That's a huge amount of snow! Love your stitching on Gobble. I love stitch with silk, it's such a lovely feeling fibre.