Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy New Year

The season of Advent is upon us once more and in the Western Christian church it is the beginning of a new liturgical year. Advent is a preparatory season and is marked by a spirit of expectation, anticipation, and preparation. So many times I get too caught up in my preparations and forget to pause and remember what it is that we are preparing for. In our home we have an Advent wreath which was given by a friend to Bob and me prior to celebrating our first Christmas together. Every year since then our Advent wreath has graced our table. The lighting of the candles on the four Sundays prior to Christmas helps me pause and reflect on the true meaning of the upcoming season. On the first Sunday in Advent my DH always wishes our choir a Happy New Year. It is a gentle reminder to us all.

We had a house guest this past weekend so our weekend was a busy one but the rest of the week was fairly quiet which allowed me to finish stitching these two ornaments. The first is the companion ornament from Tra La La Duo de Noel. This one stitched up just as quickly as the first and I will be doing the final finishing today at our Wednesday afternoon group.

Tra La La Duo de Noel (ornament #2)
stitched on 32 ct natural linen
using DMC
The second ornament is a freebie called Winter Sampler by Carolyn Hofstede of Cosmic Handmade.  If there is no time for the finishing today I hope to get it done up by the weekend.
This was another quick stitch and I thought it appropriate for the beginning of Advent. 

Winter Sampler by Cosmic Handmade
stitched on 32 ct natural linen
using DMC
 As I sit here writing this there has been a dog, a golden Lab I think, making repeated trips from my driveway and then down the street. Each time he has been carrying something in his mouth. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure it's not from my yard but I haven't figured out yet what he's doing. He's already made three trips back and forth. I snapped this pic quickly through the window as he trotted by. You can see that he is carrying something in his mouth.

 The weather has been mild this way and our snow has disappeared but rain has taken its place. I had hoped to walk to join the group today but I don't feel like braving the damp. I'm off a little early now to join them for lunch. Catch up with you later!


Bekca said...

I love the Tra La La finish, so very cute. What is that dog up to? Do let us know if you find out.
Best wishes and happy stitching to you Lynn.

BrendaS said...

Great finishes Lynn! Have fun at your stitching group:))

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Tra La La La La,,, La La La La. sooooo cute, cant wait to see how you finish it off.
We had a bit of snow this morning but nothing to pull the shovels down for.
Be always in stitches.

Carol said...

I'll have to check out those Tra La La designs, Lynn--the little sheep ornament is darling! I've also had that freebie in my "to do" pile--maybe next year!?

Enjoy your evening...

Anne said...

Hmmm. That dog looks like he is up to something! Lovely ornaments Lynn!! As an orthodox Christian, we celebrate on the 7th of January and don't do the advent thing, but we do remember WHY we celebrate Christmas :D

AnnMcD said...


I had friends with a Golden Retriever who they taught how to retieve the newspaper. One morning they came out to find the newspapers for everyone on their street on their front porch. Maybe the dog in your neighborhood is on a similar mission.

Beatrice said...

Have a wonderful Advent season!
Curious about the dog...You will have to follow him and see what he is up too..LOL
your ornies are stunning!

Suzanne said...

Nice stitching!

Tatkis said...

Both ornaments are so cute!
Hope you'll have a great and fun Christmas preparations!

It's raining here, all around is green and hard to believe Christmas is so close :)


Pumpkin said...

What a great Christmas tradition you have :o)

Uuuuuuuu! I hate to say it but this one is even cuter! Your stitching is lovely Lynn.