Sunday, 9 March 2008

Snowed in, stitching and lovin' it!

Today I was supposed to work however Mother Nature had other ideas. Most of southern and eastern Ontario has been hit with a major winter storm which my local radion station has dubbed as "The Big Juicy One". It lived up to its name! Since Friday night we've received close to 50 cm of snow which for those who don't do metric translates into 20 inches. When I headed out yesterday for work things weren't too bad. There was a lull in the storm, the roads had been plowed and it was pretty smooth sailing. Coming home was a different story! Cornwall had sleet falling which changed over into snow the closer I got to home. My little village is midway between Cornwall and Ottawa. We seem to be sitting on a boundary of some sort because sometimes we get Ottawa weather and sometimes we get what Cornwall gets.

This morning however it was clear I wasn't going anywhere. The snow in my drive was even with the snow banks at some points and the roads weren't plowed yet. Because of the time change it was still dark and the winds were causing whiteout conditions. I called in to work to notify them I wasn't coming and found out that even my coworkers who lived in town were having difficulties. A couple were stuck in their drives and there was a 2 hr wait for a cab. One girl managed to get in by snowmobile! The photos below show the view outside my home. In the one picture you can see the mound of snow outside of my back door. The level of the snow in the back yard is even with the top of the hedge in some spots and is almost halfway up the gazebo.

Awww, stuck inside and no place to go....guess that means I'll have to stay home and stitch!
I'm going to have to switch stitching chairs though. My usual spot is in the rec room by the gas stove but it won't come on this morning . I suspect that the pipe outside the house is blocked with snow because the pilot light is out as well. It's too cold to stitch down there now so I've moved everything upstairs. I managed to finish off most of the stitching on my Angel Stitchin ornie. All that remains is some straight line stitching. I plan on spending most of today catching up on CdC. I've neglected it lately and it needs some quality time. I should have a picture of it to post in the next day or so. The hunt begins now for a new stitch. After I finish here I'm heading up to check out my stash. I may start another ornament. These are perfect for my takealong pieces.
Can any of you tell me if there is anywhere I can pick up ornament size cuts of fabric online? If not then I'll just order a larger piece and cut it into the sizes I need. My LNS carries some but I find they are so expensive.
Yeah! I hear the sound of a snowblower approaching my place! My neighbours have been so good and in return we supply them with gas vouchers or in some cases wine. Pays to make your own. Hope you are all safe and tucked in nice and cozy this weekend. Happy stitching!


  1. I'm glad you decided to stay home! Todd is still digging out and he went out over two hours ago. It took him a long time to snow blow our dirve and now he's doing the finishing touches witha shovel. Poor guy! Your ornie is cute! Settle in and stitch!

  2. Oh my gosh.. what a crazy picture with your door open! I'd have stayed in, too :)

  3. Cute snowman piece, and perfect lead in for your winter/snow pictures. You really got hammered didn't you. The Wedding is looking lovely too, nice progress. Hope you're staying warm and I'll look forward to your stitching update showing what all you got stitched on your snow day.

  4. That is such an adorable ornament. Enjoy your snow day stitch-in! I surely wouldn't drive in that.

  5. Love your "joy" and I'm happy to hear you were home safe and sound, not out on those roads! Come on spring, I need a SAL with Lynn!

  6. What a storm!!I'm glad you were in and safe.
    JOY is a nice little piece!

  7. Love your JOY!! Glad you were home safe and sound in that storm. Now you know why I run away for the winter. I just ordered some small cuts from Silkweaver $5 each to use for ornaments and such. I thought it would be fun to use some of the dyed fabrics. You might want to take a look at them.

  8. Don't you wonder where (and when) all this snow is going to go? I'm so glad you made the best of your snow day. And oh...a new start! I can't wait to see what you decided on.

    I know Drema at Needlecraft Corner sells ornament fabric cuts and she provides wonderful service, speaking as a very happy customer.