Tuesday, 11 March 2008

CdC update

Finally I have a CdC update to share! When I got snowed in on Sunday I found time to pick this one up again and realized just how much I missed working on it. I've completed the second page now and just starting in on the third. There are 6 pages in total for those of you who haven't seen the pattern. I'm working on Wedding tonight but hope to be able to pick up CdC again for a few hours on Wednesday. For some reason I find it really soothes me when I work on this one. I'd love to try some of the other Ink Circles pieces in the future.

I spent the afternoon in Ottawa today. The purpose of the trip was to pick up some DMC that is needed for future projects but I also paid a visit to my local needlework shop. They're having a moving sale and this week everything was 40% off. Next week things are marked down to 50% but I haven't got any days off next week so today was the day. I had hoped to find one of Clover's thread cutters but they were all sold out. Instead I found Lynne Nicoletti's Maple Leaf Montage. This is one that I've wanted for awhile now. There are so many charts on the market geared to American patriotism but very few Canadian ones. I love the way this one has so many different hidden pictures in the flag, all of which are a part of Canadian heritage. One of my coworkers is doing this pattern over one and it looks absolutely fantastic!

During my stop I also picked up a couple of smalls, LK Good Things and Sam Sarah's Happy Birthday, the cutest cat bellpull, as well as a lovely piece of hand dyed fabric. Not sure which company this is from but it's a lovely 28ct Lugana in a shade called Pink Sandy Beaches. I also had the opportunity to chat with another fellow blogger, Manon who is also stitching CdC. We're hoping for a stitching get together in the near future.
A trip to Michael's for floss netted another purchase. They had a sale on some great craft boxes. I picked one up and have just finished filling it with my ribbons. The photo on the box reminds me of our summer visits to the cottage. If I keep looking at this long enough do you think I can wish all the snow away? Maybe not but it's a nice thought!


  1. CDC is looking SO good Lynn! and I love that box!

  2. CdC is looking beautiful girl. Way to go. I love that craft box and all your new stash.

  3. I'm not anonymous just hit the wrong button LOL

  4. I love your progress and the craft box is wonderful!!!!

  5. Your CdC is just gorgeous. There is so much stitching to that piece! Nice stash, and I love the craft box you got ;)

  6. It was great meeting you too, I'm so glad you picked up Maple Leaf Montage too, it's gorgeous... I just love mine!
    We can get together anytime, you have my work phone number and my email now. Thanks for the link too, I linked back!

  7. CdC is gorgeous Lynn! You sure have got a lot done. Im so behind on mine. That craft box looks great as does all that stash. 40% off sounds great to me!
    Hope you're snow free soon :)

  8. Wonderful new stash (love the cat bellpull), and CdC is looking fantastic.

  9. CDC looks great! I have seen the Maple Leaf done over 1 and it looks amazing.

  10. Your CdC is looking splendid! And you got some great stash. I love the bellpull.

  11. Your CDC is beautiful. Just discovered your blog, thatnks to Deb! Love your new stashing box as well!
    Happy Sitching!!

  12. CdC is looking very spiffy. I love the colour you are using.
    Nice stash. The chart of the Maple leaf flag is awesome.
    Cute box from Micheals. They always have nice things there.
    Don't work to hard.