Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter wishes

Here's wishing all of my blogging friends a very Blessed and Happy Easter! It was sooo cold here on Easter that it's a wonder the Easter Bunny didn't freeze his tush off. We had a very quiet weekend here. My boys all had other plans, either with their girlfriends or their Dad, and the guests we had invited cancelled due to illness. So the leg of lamb stayed in the freezer and Bob and I roasted a small turkey breast for ourselves. The sun made an appearance all weekend but the temperatures remained cold so we stayed indoors except for church on Sunday.

I'm busy preparing for my trip on Wednesday so not much stitching is getting done. I tried my darndest to have this little Checkerboard Bunny finished in time for Easter but ran short on time. As you can see there's not much left now... just the border and french knots for the eyes (I saved the best for last!). I'd like to try finishing him as a pinkeep.

My other stitching is on hold until I'm sitting on the beach or by the pool in Florida. I spoke with my sister last night and we are both just so anxious to escape the snow and get away. She received another 6 inches of snow on Good Friday at her place in Michigan. Some sun will do us both a lot of good along with some quality stitching time, I'm hoping!

I do have some pictures to share of some fairly recent finishes which I picked up from the framer's this past week. I was a little disappointed with these two . Faith wasn't stretched all that well and is not quite straight and BB Country Gardens has too much fabric showing around the piece. The girl who took my order was new at the job and recorded the measurements incorrectly but really I can't complain too much because the price was right. There was a sale on framing and each one cost me considerably less than usual. I may have Faith redone at some point but for now I've let it be. I love the colour of the frame on this one.

That's about all the news from here for now. I don't expect I'll have access to a computer while I'm away unless I can make a trip to the library. So I'll see you all in April. Can you believe it's only about a week away? Until then, happy stitching!!


Carol said...

Oooo, pretty finishes! And your bunny is so cute! I wish I had good hints on going low carb - I like it for the most part, but it just takes getting used to. I did find that the sugar free sweets are very difficult on my system - gives me cramps and diarrhea and stomach upset. What a shame. I hope, if you do try them, that they are easier on you :-)

Vonna said...

I love all the finishes :) How disappointing about the framing, but I think they are both lovely. I love that bunny and I think I'm going over right now and printing it would make a LOVELY pinkeep ;)

Kathy A. said...

Very nice bunny. Ah well, next Easter. Have a wonderful holiday in Florida. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

Beatrice said...

I hope you have the best holiday in Florida. ...Mind you, you know you will miss the snow..No? really?
Soak up some sun for me too!
The bunny is cute.

Wendy said...

Lovely framed pieces but its a shame when they come back just not quite right. I had that experience last year and it put me off framers...but I do know 1-2 great framers, they are just pricey.

I hope you are soaking up some of that Florida sunshine for all of us! Have a wonderful vacation :-D

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Beautiful stitches, Lynn! I love them!
Hugs, Deb

tkdchick said...

Lynn I hope you're having a great time in Florida...without me! I say your pic on Deb's blog and you look like you're having a great time!

Oh by the way... definately going to the reatreat again this year... will you be going? Wanna be my roomie again?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn

I expect that by the time that you read this you'll be back home from Florida. Hope you had a wonderful time down there in the sunshine and the warm temperatures. I'm sure you missed being up here with our howling winds, icy rain and grey on grey skies.

Your two framed pieces are lovely. At least your Faith is straighter then mine turned out. And I love the frames that you chose for each piece. I wasn't impressed with the lack of choice for framing square pictures/projects when I was looking for frames for my projects.

Your Easter Bunny project is so cute, and I love the bright candy colours it's being stitched in.

The Wedding and CdC look fantastic too. You're almost half way through CdC already. Wow!


stitcherw said...

The bunny is looking so cute, he'll make a very sweet pinkeep. Your two finishes look lovely framed. I really like the frames you chose for them, they really compliment the designs. Hope you're having a lovely time in Florida.