Monday, 25 June 2007

Successful potluck

Sunday's potluck with my DH's choir was a resounding success. The temperature was just comfortable and the rain held off until the last guest had left! I had to work the day, which was a quiet one, and then the first guests were just arriving as I pulled in the drive. In previous years it had either rained or was so hot that no-one wanted to sit outside. The day was a bit overcast but just perfect for sitting outdoors. By the time supper was served the sun had come out and it was really pleasant. And food!! Wow, did we have food! There were about 25-30 people present, most of which had brought a dish. At the end of the meal they had a short meeting. I was snapping some pictures of the group when a number of birds showed up to munch on the berries in the neighbour's tree. When I looked closely I discovered that several of them were Cedar Waxwings. I was able to get a few good pictures of them as well.
There was no time for stitching that evening but because it had been quiet at work I managed to get quite a bit done on my Britty Kitty. Today I haven't felt the best(too much food!). Bit of a stomach upset so I have rested and caught up on some of my reading. I'm an avid reader and the books tend to compete with the stitching for my attention! I'm getting the itch to start another project though since the Britty Kitty is almost completed. I'm going to look through my stash tonight and see what I can come up with. It can't be too big since this is my travel stitching.Perhaps one of the freebies I downloaded.


  1. Wow you've gotten so much done on your Britty Kitty.

    Another fantastic bird photo!

  2. Sounds like you had a great gathering. I'm glad the weather was nice for it. Your Britty Kitty piece is looking great!

  3. What a great shot of the bird!

    I've done a bit of reading lately too. What I need is a book on cd from the library so I can do both, read and stitch! :D

  4. nice job on the Brittercup pattern.

  5. Lovely picture of the Cedar Waxwing, they are such pretty birds. I don't see them by me, but I do get quite a few nuthatches and chickadees (along with the more common robins, sparrows, etc..) which I love to watch.

    Your Britty Kitty is looking adorable, those designs are so cute. Have you decided what you want to work on next once this is finished?

  6. I love this design, yours is looking great.