Saturday, 23 June 2007

Some progress

I managed to spend a good portion of yesterday evening working on Easter Fairy. I didn't feel like stitching alone so I called up Pam who is one of my few stitching friends and asked if she'd like to join me. She gladly accepted. I don't get to stitch with Pam often since most of her free time is spent on decorative or tole painting. She's working on a landscape pattern, the name of which escapes me right now. We had a great evening, stitching and catching up with all the local news! Here's a picture of my progress so far.
I'll soon be ready for the sparkle in the wings but at the moment I've misplaced my Kreinik thread. I know it's here somewhere, I saw it not all that long ago! Until I find it I'll just work around the area.
Work was quiet today so I managed to spend a little time working on my Britty Kitty. I'm hoping we have the same kind of a day tomorrow and then I'll be able to update you on my progress.

There won't be much time for stitching tonight. I've already got a pan of peanut butter brownies in the oven for tomorrow's potluck.After supper I still have a bit of cleaning to finish and I'll be heading to bed early. Five o'clock comes much too quickly!
I'll leave you with a picture of the downy woodpecker I snapped this week. Bob and I were seated in the dining room when we spotted it. I'm playing around with my new digital camera so I grabbed it and used the zoom lens to see how well it would perform. I was pleased with the results!!


Beatrice said...

Your Easter Fairy is sooo... pretty. and I like woody too. Stitch with happy fingers.!!!

tkdchick said...

Those wings are taking shape! Love the woodpecker photo!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your woodpecker photo turned out wonderul, and your Easter Fairy is beautiful.