Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Mary Ann Farmer - May WIPocalypse

As promised I now have an updated photo of my Mary Ann Farmer sampler. I finally took her off the frame this morning to move the fabric so I grabbed a couple of photos at that time. 

The lighting is terrible here today. Once again it's overcast and I can't get a decent picture of the actual fabric colour. It looks too washed out in these pictures. The picture below is closer to the actual colour. 

I'm using a Silkweaver Solo 36 ct linen. I used to have a lot of these fabrics in my collection but I ended up selling a lot of them because my tastes in stitching changed and I was using more neutral fabrics. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll try ordering a few more from them. It's such lovely fabric to work on.

On a side note, I have a question for you regarding what type of iron you are using to press your linens. I find mine just isn't getting hot enough, even with the steam setting, to remove a lot of the wrinkles from the linen. I had this problem a few years ago and so I purchased a new iron. Perhaps it's just the fact that as the iron ages, the heat isn't as hot. I'm just curious as to which type other stitchers are using.

I won't have any Smalls stitching to share this month. With our renovations it was too difficult to try and get to my stitching supplies and dig out the necessary chart, floss, etc. They are coming to install the new floors this Friday so it won't be long before my house is back in order once again. Yippee!
See you next month!


  1. Mary Ann farmer looks wonderful.

    I was watching a craft program a few weeks ago and they said that newer irons don't get as hot as older ones.

  2. You may need a new iron, but how about using a dampened press cloth instead. I find that works the best for me. I don't have any iron recommendations.

  3. Mary Ann is so pretty.
    Great progress!
    Not sure about irons, I had the same problem.
    I spent the money & bought a Rowenta that everyone raves about.
    After a only a few months, it leaked terribly. I didn't want another, so didn't bother to try & replace it. Then I bought a Sunbeam, only to have the same problem.
    I contacted them, and they said they would not replace it, only gave me a 10% off to buy a new one. I didn't.
    Now I have a GE with an extra shot of steam, but even that doesn't take out all of the wrinkles.
    I think maybe the fabrics sit folded on a shelf too long, then the creases & wrinkles get set in the fabric.
    Good luck with finding an iron you like.
    There are some cheap ones, and some that are like buying a Cadillac! LOL
    But, I wouldn't waste my money on an expensive iron again, learned my lesson.

  4. If you watch Flosstube videos Flannel Jammies Farm video #5 had a visit with Pat Ryan at Dyeing to Stitch about ironing linens. Hope it helps. Judi in Tulsa

  5. Mary Ann is looking lovely. You have made awesome progress on her.

    I don't have an iron suggestion or recommendation. I do know that you might want to try Best Press for getting out the wrinkles. I have a few stitching friends that swear by it.

  6. Hi Lynn: I have a Shark, 19.99 I bought at Target, it said to use tap water, I use distilled water I do not want the scale to build up like it did in my Rowenta, I do still use a dampened cloth but not if I use specialty threads, some colors run.
    I hope your week is going well.
    Exciting you are getting new flooring.

    Mary Ann Farmer is a beautiful design, I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.

  7. Oh wow, it's coming along beautifully!
    Unfortunately, I don't have any iron input. We probably need a new one too!