Monday, 25 February 2019

February WIPocalypse

I spent most of the past month working on small projects which can be seen here. This past Monday I picked up my larger WIP to try tackling it once again. Don't get me wrong, I love the design. It's just that I've had such a difficult time with it in terms of the floss colours. This is an older design from the Blackbird Designs book, A Fine Collection and because it's an older design the dye lots have changed for many of the called for floss. I didn't want to spend more money ordering floss which still might not work so I've dug into my stash in a search for just the right shade or another skein of the requested floss. In some cases I've stitched and then frogged out a section three times because I didn't like the looks of it.

Here's my progress up until now......Blackbird Designs February Hearts. 

I'm stitching this on a 28 ct Lakeside Linen Mocha. I haven't used 28 ct for some time now but I thought the colour suited the piece. I'm still now sure if I love the colours. I think it will grow on me more with time.

I really don't know what I'm planning for my next start. I've been checking out the Nashville Needlework Market to see some of the upcoming releases. There are several this year that I like so I might treat myself to two or three pieces. In particular Heartstring Samplery, The Scarlett House and With Thy Needle and Thread each have a piece that has caught my fancy. 

It's a cold, blustery day today so I'm about to sit for bit with a cup of blackcurrant tea and stitch for a while before supper. Looking forward to my quiet time with needle in hand!


  1. I guess your frogging worked because it looks great so far!

  2. You are making good progress on your WIP. I think your color choices look good.

  3. I think the colors you chose look great.
    I saw a "few" things I like from Market also. :)

  4. I'm going through the same thing at the moment with threads/dye lot colours. Your colours look lovely on your BBD piece.
    Mmmm there are a few charts from Market that I have seen too. We'll have to see what my ONS gets in.

  5. It looks great Lynn, it's always unsettling though when something just doesn't sit right - wishing you a speedy and satisfying finish

  6. Lynn: What a sweet design, I like the colors, the fabric color is perfect.
    I have had problems with dye lots especially the Weeks and Thread Gatherer threads.
    We had snow and more snow, this week we get rain lots and lots of rain, great days to stay in and stitch.