Monday, 22 February 2016

February WIPocalypse

February... a short month to begin with and even less time for stitching here due to a bathroom renovation. I'm determined to finish off a few of my WIPs from last fall before starting anything new other than small stitches. There are two remaining projects which include Kathy Barrick's And Heaven And Nature Sing and Stacy Nash's Thistles and Spells Pinkeep. 

 And Heaven And Nature Sing posed a number of problems for me. Rather than purchasing the required silks I decided to use silks I had in my stash. Unfortunately I ran out of one of the main colours which is by Vicki Clayton and no longer available. Stitching friends to the rescue! I put a call out on Facebook and one of the ladies had the necessary floss and gifted it to me. I also came very close to running out of 2 other silks. It's hard to tell just how much floss you have remaining when they come on spools. 
Then I stitched one of the trees in the forest in the wrong spot! No frogging for me as I didn't want to waste my silks. Instead I redesigned my forest to accommodate my mistake. 
After that the only thing remaining was some beading. I chose to add beads to the holly around the deer's neck rather than just stitches. 
 Finally, a finish! I'm thrilled with the results, challenges and all. Here are some other close up pics.

After finishing this I turned to my one remaining project from last year which is the Stacy Nash design.
I am soooo close to a finish on this one. Just a few leaves left to stitch and it's complete. Once again I ran out of some floss. I was sure that I had two skeins of the necessary colour to begin with but I was wrong. Duh!!
So this piece is on hold until the floss order arrives.

I have recently started a small stitch which will hopefully be finished by Thursday so I can post a pic for the Smalls SAL. I've been hunting through my stash to determine my next big project and I've already put in my first few stitches. I should have a progress pic to share very soon. Until then, I'll keep you guessing! 

Just a note to let you know that I have finally created a WIPocalypse 2016 list of projects I'd like to complete this year. Better late than never! Check it out by clicking on the link just below the header on my blog.


  1. Heaven and Nature Sing is a lovely design and worth all the thread trouble it gave you! Thank Heavens for stitching friends!
    I love the deer, and the cardinals hitching a ride, even the forest is really sweet.
    The Halllowe'en Stacy Nash looks good too.

  2. Your finish is gorgeous! Stitching friends are truly the best - so glad you were able to finish.

  3. a beautiful finish. the colors are pretty.

  4. Beautiful finish of Heaven and Nature sing. For all that you used different floss and had to rearrange some of the design I can't tell at all - it looks like it's meant to be exactly as it is.

  5. Heaven & Nature is so pretty.
    The SN piece will be another great finish.
    I like your choice of 2016 projects.

  6. Beautiful stitching as always! :)

  7. Beautiful finish!!! And wonderful progress!!! Hoping your floss arrives soon!

  8. Wow! Heaven and Nature Sing turned out wonderfully!

    I'm always so worried when I use my stash of silk odds and ends. Many of them are mis-dyes, so if I run out I'm out of luck!

  9. Your stitching is beautiful! I love the Kathy Barrick design...

  10. A gorgeous finish. Congratulations!

  11. Lynn: I love the Heaven and nature so pretty and the beads are perfect.
    I have run out of thread so many times, I am like you I do not want to waste silks and they are hard to rip out, and not ruin them for reuse.


  12. A great finish, Lynn. You solved the tree problem perfectly. I particularly love the little cardinals that are everywhere on the design. So sweet. And the beads you added look gorgeous.
    I hope that your threads for the Stacy Nash piece will arrive soon. When I am so close to finishing a project I nearly can't wait to get it done. I think it's the same with you, isn't it?

  13. Despite your challenges, your finish is perfect! Heaven and Nature is so pretty.

  14. I love that Christmas stitchery. The deer and the colors are so pretty.

  15. Hi Lynn, your progress is so cute! Happy stitching!