Thursday, 28 August 2014

August Stitch From Stash

Summer continues to fly by as we come to the close of August. Really? It seems like summer hardly got started let alone is near it's finish! Already I feel the need to stitch some pieces for fall as the cooler days and shorter nights move in. Actually, now that I think about it, all my pieces that I've worked on this month have a fall theme or feel to them.

I mentioned to you last month that I had got started on a new piece from my stash, Pumpkin Hill by Carriage House Samplings. This piece is being stitched for a friend who chose it from my stash as a thank you for all her help in finishing off some of my cross stitch pieces. Here is my progress up until now.

Lots of fall colours and motifs in this one! I've also spent some quality time on This Is The Day by Hands To Work Designs. This one is a little slower going since I'm not used to stitching on 36 ct fabric. This designs also has a lot of fall colours in it. I originally started this piece in September 2013 so it's about time I put some stitches in on it.

I deliberately left the year of the date of completion unfinished on this one because I really don't know whether I'll finish it up this year or next.

I always like to have a small project to take with me on the road. My recent start is from the November 2013 issue of Cross-Stitch & Needlework. It's called Primitive Welcome and is from one of my favourite designers, Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives.

I haven't got too far on this one yet. Another stitch which I completed this month was Halloween Chant by Teresa Murgida and it can be seen here. Most of my stitching took place earlier in the month and all of it was from stash. However.....

As you can see from the pics above, I did add some to that stash this month. I ordered a Halloween e-pattern from Etsy @ $7.00 as well as a few of Brenda Gervais' new releases @ $32.00 and BBD Honeybee Hill @ $10.16 for a grand total of $49.16. Mel, this total is before the $25 market exemption for the month. So with my market exemption and my $25 monthly exemption I just squeaked in under budget. 

I thought the Honeybee Hill pattern would be perfect to stitch for one of those shaker boxes I purchases at the antique shop last month. Now to find the time to stitch on it. 
Hope you have all had a good month and that several of you were much better at resisting temptation than I have!


  1. Way to stay under budget!!! Your This is the Day is just lovely!

  2. We didn't have much of a Summer here either, but I can't complain because it wasn't too hot until last week.
    Great progress, love all of the Fall colors.
    You got some great stash!

  3. Lovely fall stitching. Fall colors always make such wonderful pieces.
    How to squeak through under budget lol!

  4. Just squeaked through indeed, well done Lynn! I love your latest stash enhancement and your WIPs are lovely too. Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

  5. Yay for staying under budget! Lovely new stash too.

    You're stitching on some beautiful pieces.

  6. Lovely autumnal stitching and great new acquisitions.

  7. You're right, summer flew by way too fast. Here we had more sun than ever before, so we can't complain. Love your stitching projects and hope you're feeling great again!

  8. Wonderful stitching on both pieces. Great stash too.