Wednesday, 12 March 2014

So Much For Spring!

After several spring-like days with warmer temperatures, sun and melting snow, Mother Nature has decided to play a cruel trick with us. A winter storm just started over the past couple of hours and is forecast to dump another 15-25 cm (6"-10") of snow on our region. We are to expect strong northeasterly winds as well making for dangerous driving conditions. I expect my DH will be cancelling his choir practice tonight since the area where they rehearse is right in the heart of the storm.  Look at the pic below and you'll see the beginnings of the fine white snow.

This little fellow dropped by just as the storm began. He's enjoying a feast from all the droppings left by our feathered visitors.

The milder temperatures earlier in the week pulled me outdoors more so I didn't get as much stitching done as I usually do. 
I snapped the following pics on my way home from a friend's one evening. It was such a lovely sunset and I couldn't resist!

 It seems my mojo has hidden itself lately. I just don't feel like doing much of anything. Here's some progress photos from what little stitching I did accomplish lately.

Not  much done on Love Thy Neighbour but a little more effort was put into Three Tulips below. The planter that the bunny sits on is going to take forever! When I tire of the solid stitching I move around and stitch a few leaves or letters.

I also did a little bit of sewing recently. I have already finished off two pillows for my smalls SAL March commitment and will post pictures the last Wednesday of the month. Hint - St. Paddy's Day takes place this month! Besides those two finishes I took a Blackbird Designs finish from last year and made it into a pillow as well. A sprinkling of birds or bunnies does hint at spring's slow arrival.

The few times I did sit down to stitch lately, Clarisse has sat beside me or along the back of the sofa just waiting for an opportunity to play with my floss. Can you see the devil in her eyes?

"Please Mom, look at me! Won't you stop and play?" So one morning I cut off a piece of ribbon, brought it out and proceeded to make her happy. See how she sits and waits for the ribbon to appear between the cushions?

Got it!!

Unfortunatetly I've created a monster! I can't ever sit down now without playing the game. She sits patiently by my side and if I ignore her, not bringing out the ribbon, she cries constantly and paws at my legs. She never seems to tire and wants the game to go on forever. Bob has tried to distract her and get her to play with him but she's having none of it.  I love sitting by the windows in the morning with all the natural light to stitch by but I've resorted to skulking in the basement rec room in my Lazy Boy in an effort to escape her. Ah well, once spring has arrived and we can make it outdoors to the gazebo once more her attention will be diverted to better things. 

I've been meaning to tell you about a local artist that I discovered this past fall. When my sister was here visiting we took in a Fall/Christmas craft show in Ottawa. We discovered a booth with lovely glass mosaic art. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the artist, Cindy Laneville, lived just 10 minutes from me in the next village. I fell in love with many of her works including the wonderful lanterns she makes and old furnishings and windows that she adapts with her art. Recently she posted some pics of birds that she had done on her Facebook page. I contacted her, dropped by for a visit and came home with this small framed piece. I do love birds! 

The snow is intensifying and I'm heading down to the gas fireplace to sit and stitch awhile. I certainly hope this is the last storm of the season!
PS. The owls are still around. I snapped this pic just after sunset on my return home last evening.


  1. Where you live sure looks cold. But OH the sky!! Lovely :)
    I love the photo's of your cat Clarisse, so playful and mischievous!
    Loving your stitching its stunning. Thank you for sharing your post today I really enjoyed reading it :)

  2. We were fortunate the snow missed us this time. Not spring yet. Nope.
    hahaha! Clarisse. I am picturing you hiding. ;)

  3. I have pictures of sunsets like That. So pretty. Your cat is so pretty. Love the mosiac bird picture.

  4. Mother nature is certainly having fun with us all this year.
    Gorgeous pics, your little furry friend is adorable and so lovely to want to play with her mum.
    Lovely stitching pics and beautiful artistry.

  5. Lovely WIPs and finish too, I love the added touch of the buttons.

  6. Surely this winter will end soon! Hang in there and stay warm with your stitching. :)

  7. Oh, I hope the snow stops soon.
    Clarisse is sooooooo pretty, love her bluer than blue eyes. :)
    Cats are funny, aren't they, they want attention all of the time.
    The sunset and Owl pics are awesome.

  8. Love your stitching progress! Your BBD pillow is beautiful! Hope you have lots of hot chocolate to keep warm and keep stitching!
    love Annette

  9. Will winter never end!?
    Clarisse is quite a character. So sorry that she is impacting your stitching. I love the small finishes and your progress on 3 tulips!

  10. I loved reading this post and looking at all your gorgeous pics! Can't decide which one I like more! I love owls and cats....and that sunset....WOW!
    Great stitching! Keep warm!

  11. I wish for all this snow to go away, I know some of you really had it bad. For us in the UK it was the never ending rain...
    Love you stitchy projects, hope you'll want to spend more time on them soon. You cat is adorable, she just wants to play with her mum :) Amazing what you can do with a ribbon :D Have a lovely day xxxx

  12. Gorgeous pictures of Clarisse, she's such a charmer! I'm sorry to hear you're still faced with wintery weather. It's cool here in the UK but bright and sunny. I hope you enjoy staying in with your stitching :)
    Best wishes.

  13. This feels like the winter that will never end, doesn't it? We have more snow too, after being teased with warm spring-like temperatures. Love your sunset pictures. Stay warm and safe.

  14. Oh, goodness! I love your fluffy cat!

    Wasn't the snow yesterday awful? I took the little man to the park to play, and he loved it. I didn't. :( I also can't believe how cold it is today. Oh well, the end is in sight... I hope.

    Also, that glass mosaic is fabulous. She is a very talented artist indeed.

  15. So sorry you're getting more snow, Lynn! This latest storm just gave us a dusting....

    Love your sunset photos--Wow! And that pretty Three Tulips piece may just end up in my next shopping cart, too :)

    Stay warm now!

  16. Your stitching is pretty, as are all of your pictures! I especially like the ones of Clarisse. She is such a beautiful kitty!

    We missed out on the last storm (Vulcan, I think it was named) thankfully! But, I think there is yet another system heading our way this weekend. Yikes!

    Love the bird picture you came home with too!

  17. I'm sorry you have more snow. I hope we do not have any and that we have missed it all now.

    All I see in Clarisse are those big beautiful blue eyes. Shame on you for not playing with her when she asks!!

    Beautiful stitching and finishing.

  18. Very lovely stitching! And gorgeous sunset pictures.

  19. Gorgeous Sunset photos and wonderful stitching :)

  20. Oh no, that's not fun to get so much snow in the middle of March when everyone is longing for spring. I hope that in the meantime some of it has melted away.
    Doing some spring stitching certainly helps. I always love stitching designs with birds, no matter which season, and bunnies in the spring. This year I'm trying to stitch a bird/birds per month and so far I managed. And I'm enjoying it.

  21. Loved your pretty photos, but was sorry to hear about the snow. You've had a long winter! I'm impressed with your stitching, Lynn; I've not done even that much!