Friday, 14 February 2014

Pretty in Pink - February WIPocalypse

For February's WIPocalypse and just in time for Valentine's Day, I have a finish -The Pink Sparrow Sampler.

While I was laying this out for the photos I found some pretty pink buttons that I thought looked nice with it. I had been pulling them out for another finish.

I didn't realize I owned that many pink buttons!

I finally finished stitching the tree on This Is The Day and then I added the little sheep. They don't look much like sheep to me though. They look more like goats. I'm still not convinced with the colour of them either. It's the called for floss but I find they don't stand out enough. I tried tossing a more white floss on the fabric but then it just seemed out of place with the more primitive colours of the design. So I'll leave them as is for now and see if they grow on me.

I completed a Threadwork Primitives Valentine freebie which I featured on my Smalls SAL post.

I also completed two smalls for this month's commitment which I'll be posting on the last Wednesday of the month. Here's a sneak peek of one of them.

Snow is exactly what the weatherman brought our way for this Valentine's Day. We were expecting only 2-4 cm (1-1.5 in) but it seemed there was quite a bit more on the ground when we woke and as the day progressed the forecast changed. Now it appeared we were expected to get 20-30 cm (8-12 in). As it turned out we did indeed end up with the 30 cm and the last time I checked it was still snowing lightly. See for yourself!

It may be hard to tell in these photos but the banks of snow on either side of the drive are now close to 5 ft tall.

This is the snow outside our back door. You can see my hubby's footprints where he tracked around the gazebo as he removed the snow from its roof.

Even the birds' home is leaning with the weight of the snow! 

Clarisse took it all in from her window perch on the back of our loveseat. It appears that all that snow hasn't fazed her a bit!

I was going to start With Thy Needle & Thread's Snow Day as my next start but I think I'm just about snowed in now. Instead I'm going to get started on another of Brenda's designs, The Strawberry Hill Sampler. Looking ahead to thoughts of spring!

I hope you are all enjoying your start to the weekend and that you are enjoying a lovely Valentine Day. I intend to prop myself in front of the TV and continue watching the Olympics coverage. Go Canada Go!!


  1. Clarisse has the right idea: view snow from the inside! Boy, you sure do have a lot of it. I love your newest projects! Looks like you're staying busy, and I hope, warm!

  2. Beautiful finishes
    I love the sparrow and have it kitted, I may just have to get it out now
    The snow will be gone before we know it,....maybe
    Pretty little kitty

  3. What a lovely finish! Stay warm and snuggled up with Clarisse. :)

  4. I love the pink sampler and the valentine freebie both! They look like they were made to go along with each other.

  5. Lovely stitching on your pink sparrow. I have a tin of buttons, there's loads and I'm not really sure where they all come from.

    I think Clarisse has the right idea, stay safe in all the snow

  6. Congratulations! Pink Sparrow is beautiful and what a lovely gift to yourself for Valentines. Oh wow you have all that snow. I can't imagine what its like to live in but it looks beautiful. Clarisse is Gorgeous! Happy Valentines - love Annette

  7. Beautiful stitching both progress and finishes. The Pink Sparrow is wonderful - love it!

    That looks like one very contented cat!

  8. Yay! Pink Sparrow is so wonderful. Yes, the sheep do look different now that you mention it. Ugh. The view out your windows looks just like ours. So much snow. No signs of spring whatsoever. I am watching the Olympics too. =)

  9. Hey Lynn!
    Clarisse looks so happy, she is such a beauty.
    Your stitching is very lovely too. The Pink Sparrow sampler is one of my favs.
    Have a peaceful weekend :)

  10. The pink sparrow sampler is very pretty. You have a lot of great stitching going on at the moment. I agree that there is too much snow. I am wishing for a spring pattern right around now.

  11. So much snow, Lynn. I can feel with you as this is our usual load in a usual winter up here, just not this year. I can totally understand that you decided to start stitching on The Strawberry Hill sampler instead of Snow Day, lol. I love stitching snowy sceneries but not when I'm snowed in, lol.

    Congratulations on finishing The Pink Sparrow Sampler. The lovely sparrow alone makes it worth stitching the sampler. All so beautiful. I'm very curious to see how you will use the pink buttons.

  12. Congratulations on finishing this beautiful sampler and other small projects!! They all look fantastic.

  13. The Pink Sparrow Sampler looks gorgeous Lynn, you must be so pleased with it. I hope you're staying warm and cosy despite the cold weather. No snow here, but plenty of rain!
    Best wishes.

  14. What a sweet, lovely sampler! Congrats on your finish!


  15. A beautiful sampler finish as are your other finishes. I think Clarisse has the right idea.

  16. Gorgeous finish. WOW that's a lot of snow!

  17. Your projects are just beautiful. I love that first sampler.

  18. The Pink Sparrow sampler is lovely, they don't look much like our sparrows which are rather small and dull brown.
    I am intrigued as to what you will do with the pink buttons, they look lovely.

  19. Congrats on your finishes!! Your sampler is lovely. And SUCH a pretty kitty!!!