Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February Stitch From Stash

February has seen me continue to stitch on designs and supplies from my current stash. I completed the stitching on last month's new start, The Pink Sparrow Sampler. Absolutely loved this one!!

With Thy Needle and Thread The Pink Sparrow Sampler

I continued stitching on This is the Day. Click on the link to see my progress on a previous post. In addition I had two new starts from stash - PSS Love Thy Neighbour and WTN&T Three Tulips. Here are some progress pics on both.

PSS Love Thy Neighbour
WTN&T Three Tulips

It was as I predicted! It didn't take very long for me to go through my GC from my son and most of the money from my MIL which I received for Christmas, all earmarked for stitching supplies. With the $25 GC from my son I purchased PSS Winter Wienerland and  Cinnamon Stars and Notforgotten Farms Parson Brown. Dan knows that one of my favourite designers is Plum Street Samplers and suggested that perhaps I could order some of her charts which I didn't already have so I followed his suggestion. Parson Brown reminded me of one of Dan's favourite childhood Christmas songs, Frosty the Snowman. When I stitch any of these three I will be reminded of my son. Thank you Dan! The total of these items was $25.17 so I went over budget by 17 cents.

My MIL as I've mentioned before is very generous and I had a total of $200 earmarked to use towards stitching purchases. Of that money I have spent $117.02. The remainder of the money is being saved until Picture This Plus has their Christmas in July sale which is where I often top up my fabric supply. With her generous gift I purchased Rosewood Manor Summer Quaker as well as the floss needed to complete it along with With Thy Needle & Thread Noel Sampler, Silvercreek Samplers Forever Love and a market pre-order for Plum Street Samplers limited edition kit The Beekeeper. There is a theme of love and Christmas from some of my selections which will always remind me of my MIL's generosity. Summer Quaker will be a companion piece to my RM Spring Quaker which was another gift from my MIL. I could have waited on ordering The Beekeeper but because it was a limited edition kit I knew that it had to be ordered now. This particular market selection was ordered before I knew about our market allowance for this month.

Speaking of market, that was my doom. No, I didn't go over the budget allowed but I certainly spent more than I planned to. I ordered charts only, no floss or fabric. Most of these designs will be stitched from fabric and floss in my stash unless I just can't find a substitution that is suitable. A good portion of them will not be stitched this year either.  So here is a list of my market purchases:

1. PSS Count Twice
2. Abbey Rose L'il Abbey's Love
3. RM Cornwall Cottage Sampler
4. SHS A Bee in your Bonnet
5. PSS True Friendship
6. WTN&T Easter Parade

Along with:

7. BBD Give Thanks
8. WTN&T Mary Valentines' Handework

So I managed to stay within the budget allowed for market spending, having spent a grand total of $74.55 and I spent 17 cents from my February budget for the top up on my gift certificate. 
There were so many other market releases which I could have added but I did try to control myself somewhat. In the past I've limited myself to only $50 on market spending but I know that I won't be spending the monthly amounts this year that I have in the past as a result of joining this group so I splurged a bit more within the allotted budget. There should be no further purchases now unless it is with birthday gifts in May (hint, hint family!!) and my annual fabric splurge during the Christmas in July sale.

I hope everyone else is managing to stick to the budget and some of you were able to withhold the temptation of market releases far better than I was!


  1. The sparrow sampler is gorgeous, I fell in love with it and it is now in my wish list :)

  2. Congrats on the lovely finish!

  3. Great job on staying in the budget! It sounds like you have lots of fun things to play with for a few months!

    The Stamper's Stitches

  4. I'm so glad you got to treat yourself with new stash Lynn. You'll have to take a picture when it all arrives :) Enjoy all of your lovely purchases!
    Best wishes.

  5. Great report :) Lovely finish!

  6. Hi Lynn, your sampler has turned out wonderful, lovely colours, and what a fab new stash report - so many new charts and kits to be tempted by!

  7. Pink Sparrow Sampler is gorgeous! I'm amazed that you stitched that in only one month. The colors and motifs are so pretty!

    I did click on every one of your links. Thanks for being so organized! This is the Day is really pretty and the sheep are cute. Love the big rabbit on Three Tulips. I saw The Beekeeper at my LNS on Saturday. I love the Winter Wienerland and Cinnamon Stars designs. The Cornwall Cottage Sampler will be gorgeous! A Bee in Your Bonnet is the perfect match to The Beekeeper. You could frame them side by side. Easter Parade is so adorable! I think I'll go back to my LNS to find that one.

  8. The Pink Sparrow Sampler is absolutely gorgeous. Great finish! And I love Three Tulips which is on my wishlist, very high to the top.

    You were doing great staying within the budget for this month. Your purchases are all wonderful charts - and very intriguing for me. Sometimes we just need a new chart, or two, just for the fun of it. And my doom will come when I'll visit the US again, lol.

  9. Pink Sparrow is so beautiful and gorgeous! You stitched her very fast. Great new stash you ordered. I am waiting for my order to come in then I can share about what I got.
    You did very good:)
    love Annette

  10. Pink Sparrow is so pretty, congrats on your finish.
    You have gotten some GREAT stash, enjoy it!
    I too shop PTP's fabric sale in July, I've started a list. :)

  11. Pink Sparrow looks great and so does the progress on your other piece.
    Wonderful new stash! You are doing well sticking to your budget. It is hard!
    Happy Wednesday!

  12. Three Tulips is lovely, the bunny is adorable.
    Lots of new things to keep you busy!

  13. Lots of lovely stash for you to stitch on and for us to drool over. looking forward to seeing your progress.

  14. Your Pink Sparrow is lovely! Well done on managing to keep in your budget and what nice stash you've added!! There are some Market releases that are a definite 'must stitch' for me but I'm trying to show great self-restraint for another little while!

  15. You amaze me, Lynn, at how fast you get these projects finished. Love this one!

  16. Fabulous finish! Congrats! I love your wip's and you got some great stash. I really tried to limit myself this year as well. My market purchases were English Garden, The Beekeeper, Eliza Poole Sampler by Stacy Nash.

  17. Beautiful Pink Sparrow finish! It's another sampler I want to stitch!! Lovely progress on your Love Thy Neighbour and Three Tulips. I love Brenda's designs!

  18. Your WIPS are coming along gangbusters. THE PINK SPARROW is stunning Lynn! Utterly gorgeous!
    Love the stash enhancements too :)