Saturday, 31 August 2013

Summer's End

I know summer isn't officially over yet but once we reach Labour Day weekend it sure feels like it's over. Our vacation is over and as of Tuesday morning, my DH is back to a full schedule of work and choir rehearsals. 
I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I should be at Kathy's in Trenton this weekend for her annual SAL but instead I'm sitting at home stitching alone. Some costly car and boat repairs over the last few weeks plus vacation expenses have left me broke so travelling right now is out of the question. That goes for spending on some of the new stash from market too. It will just have to wait until a later date. On top of everything else, the change in the weather yesterday brought about an increase in the amount of pain I'm having with my hip and back so that I can hardly walk today. For those of you who don't know, I'm in need of a hip replacement and am scheduled to get on the list next week. My back problems stem from walking incorrectly due to the hip.
So I've propped myself up in my Lazyboy chair with stitching in hand to pass the time, and arthritis strength Tyelenol to ease the pain. Enough of my self pity now and on to some of my recent stitching.

While at the cottage in Muskoka I got started with my Torah Stitch by Stitch. The lakeside is a beautiful setting for stitching this.

The kit I was sent indicated that I'm stitching from Genesis 12: 6-9.  As of yesterday I'm halfway through verse 7.

I'm using an online Hebrew interlinear bible to see what words I'm stitching and to verify that I'm stitching them correctly. I have 9 lines of text so I'm now one third of the way through. When it's complete I have the option of adding a border on three sides so I'm on the hunt for something appropriate.

After finishing off my SubRosa bee freebie, I decided to go with another smaller stitch and save a larger start for when I'd returned home. I picked Blackbird Designs Song of Spring which is a kit which was created for the members of the Ladies Prim Society which I recently joined.

Although this is a spring stitch, the colours tend to fit in better with an autumn stitch. This is a sweet design which will finish up as a small, square pillow after I'm done with it. I still have a long way to go yet.

During out cottage stay I always like to make a stop at the antique shop located at the end of our lane. Last year I found some great buttons and this year I found these.

I figure these lovely wooden spools will make great pincushions. I know that Blackbird Designs has some great patterns that will fit well on these plus there have been some market releases by Lone Elm Lane Designs that will work well too. 

Our cottage visit on Lake Muskoka was fabulous and I'll leave you with a few, some, a whackload of pics from our holiday.

A Fabulous Lakeside View

Morning boat rides to our favourite haunt
Unique watercraft and operators!

Check out the driver on this one!

Visits with friends from near and far. Some even prepared us dinner!

The Bala Waterski Show

Afternoons spent stitching dockside

or watching the scenery from the boat

Wildlife - big and small!

Bell rehearsals on the cottage porch
Note: I have a full video of the final performance and will post it if there is enough interest.

Followed by naps on the porch!

The beauty of the full moon

Pink clouds


And even the rain on our final day

I love the sound of the rain on the cottage roof.

Hope you enjoyed our vacation album!


  1. I did enjoy it very much! Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Your cottage visit looks lovely, how nice to stitch on the side of the lake. Thank you for sharing your photos x

  3. Beautiful photos, love your vacation spot. Please do share a link to the handbell concert.

  4. You will love your new hip. Easier than a knee. Beautiful pictures. Good luck with your recovery.

  5. So hard to believe that summer's almost past, isn't it? Enjoy the last of it. Our choir rehearsals started back up this week, too. Good luck with the hip surgery, and a very speedy recovery.

  6. Great projects, and great pics of your vacation, thanks for sharing them. I would love to see the video.

  7. Wonderful vacation Lynn! I would love to stitch by that dock all day. How marvelous :D Great photos of the lake and those water skiers are so neat!

  8. A lovely sounding holiday! Too bad your hip is playing you up now. Hopefully they will schedule your replacement soon.

    Don't you have a credit card for that stash??? lol - just teasing!

  9. I so enjoyed seeing your vacation photos ~ looks like fabulous times! I do hope you are feeling better...

  10. I enjoyed looking at your pics. Wonderful.I like the pic with the full moon. You really got an eye for taking pictures.
    Sorry to hear about your hip problems. Hope you are doing better.
    Greetings from Germany

  11. What a beautiful retreat for vacationing! You have wonderful photos. I enjoyed each and every one!

  12. Your vacation pics are wonderful. I am sorry about all the repairs. At least we have a lot of projects at home to keep us busy. Your Torah stitching looks great and so does your BBD start :)
    Happy September!

  13. Aaahhhh....looks like it was spectacular and restful. I love bell choirs! I would enjoy seeing the performance and sharing it with my mother, who also enjoys them. :) rest easy and hope you get the procedure you need in the nearest future.

  14. It was a lovely post! Thank you for sharing with us :)

  15. Gorgeous pics! Muskoka looks like a fabulous place to vacation! Sorry to hear that you weren't able to make to Kathy's stitching weekend, but there's always the next one. :) I've been on the go quite a bit this summer too, and will need to watch my spending over the next little while. Everything adds up so quickly these days....

    Hopefully, you won't have a very long wait for your hip replacement.

  16. I commiserate with you about not making it to Kathy's this weekend...I'm home stitching by myself and referring the boys. But your photos from your vacation are beautiful! Love the one of Bob napping in the porch :-)

  17. Lovely vacation pictures, and lovely stitching!

  18. What wonderful vacation photos - looks like a blissful spot. Take care :)

  19. I was just looking at all the pictures in your vacation album, can't get enough of them. What a wonderful place with great people there. Very special.
    But not so great that you have so much pain. Good to know that the hip replacement is already scheduled. I'm sure you will feel so much better with a new hip.
    Great stitching during your vacation time.

  20. Stunning pictures, so beautiful.
    I hope you get your operation quickly and are soon in much less pain. A lovely project you are working on.

  21. Great job on the Torah Stitch.

    And what a lovely weekend you had. The pictures are great.

  22. Firstly, I've thought this before, but I've never stated it (that I know of) but your hair is gorgeous Lynn, not only in color but the style is just beautiful! :)

    Now what you are stitching. that Prim Society piece is cute!
    and all of your stunning pictures from vacation...lovely! That Bala Water Skiers reminds me of Cypress Gardens. We went there when I was a little girl :)

  23. Whooops, hit enter too fast! I want to also let you know that I'm keeping you in my prayers. A hip that needs replacing is not an easy thing to deal with. Morning and night your intention shall be in my prayers :)

  24. There really is no other place like Bala in the early morning sunrise. Cheers to a wonderful holiday and a quick stay on that list.
    As always

  25. I'm so glad you shared your beautiful lakeside vacation photos, Lynn. How relaxing and peaceful everything looks. To me, there is nothing better than sitting by the water--it is just so calming to me.

    I'm hoping that you get on the list very soon for your hip replacement and that all goes smoothly. It must be horrible living with chronic pain... Please rest and take good care of yourself!

  26. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures, your cottage really does look heavenly :) Great stitching too, I can't wait to see what you turn your needle to next :)
    Best wishes.