Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spring's Final TUSAL

Yes, this is the final TUSAL this spring. The next time I post a TUSAL pic it will officially be summer. Yippee! Let's hope the weather figures this out soon. 
Since summer is only about 2 short weeks away, I took a pic of my orts out in the gazebo which is where most of my stitching takes place at this time of year.

Colourful orts from Viktor and Irina, Fruits of the Spirit and my latest ornament for June's SAL. The orts don't actually amount to all that much since Fruit of the Spirit is being stitched with one strand of silk.

I sat my little jar of orts next to my latest addition to the gazebo. This landscape photo was a Christmas gift from my friend Trish and her husband which she said was reminiscent of my DH and his love of Muskoka. She immediately thought of him when she saw the Muskoka chair, the gazebo and the water view. The only thing she wished was different was that the boat was a motor boat like Bob's rather than a sailboat. This one was for Bob and the following one was for me.

This one made Trish think of Clarisse relaxing out in the garden although in actual fact you would never see my cat outside of the gazebo. She would very likely wander off and we don't want that!
I also have lots of potted flowers and hostas out in my garden too which can also be seen in the pic. Clarisse lays across my wicker love seat just like that, depositing her long white fur on the cushions.

We have been patiently waiting for the good weather to arrive so that we could display these in the gazebo and they are really lovely. Thank you Trish and Ken for such an awesome gift!


  1. What interesting photos - I've never heard of landscape photos before. Very pretty!

  2. What lovely pictures! We've been having some lovely sunny days lately - makes such a difference to have blue skies and sun.

  3. Wonderful ORTs, Lynn! The gifts are perfect for your outdoor area!

  4. Ooh orts and lovely new additions to the gazebo.

  5. What lovely gifts of art. So special.

  6. Those are such wonderful paints, and they seem just perfect for you and your husband. What fabulous gifts.

  7. Very pretty pictures! They are perfect for your gazebo. :)