Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Fresh Start

After browsing through all my possible choices for a summer stitch countless times I finally made up my mind. Shakespeare's Peddler Weeds Make Haste was my final choice. I loved all the little motifs in this one, including the bee hive, birdhouse and the duck. Plus I had all the necessary supplies at hand. As it turned out,  I didn't go with the called for fabric of Tumbleweed Linen. I just thought it was too dark so I ended up choosing LSL Vintage Lentil which is closer to the colour on the chart's picture.  Here's the progress that I've made so far.

The colours are somewhat off in this picture. The camera's battery needed recharging and I just didn't have the proper light for a good picture. Hopefully my next update will be much better. The linen looks washed out and almost gray in this pic while it's actually more of a light sandy beige. I don't like the colour of the maiden's mouth so I'll be frogging that shortly. I don't know why they chose that particular colour. It makes her look somewhat sour and then it reminds me of the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? However this garden won't have pretty maids all in a row!
I'm hoping this stitch doesn't take me all that long because I would still like to stitch another of the charts in the summer bunch. 

I visited my framer last week with my friend Pam and together we brought in 5 pieces for framing. I took in my SP Magic Garden and LHN Autumn Hill. Together we received 40% off of our total cost. The framer has various discounts depending on how many pieces you bring in at once. I did so well that I wish now that I had brought in another finish. It will have to wait now until the end of the summer or fall when we go back with our Halloween and autumn finishes. By then I should have A Wicked Plant finished up. I'll post pictures as soon as the current finishes return from the framer.

I took a walk around my meager garden last night to see how things were coming along. Several things have yet to bloom on account of the late spring I suspect. My peonies face north and are always late bloomers as are my irises. From these pictures you can see that it will be any time now.

Look at this patch of irises. I think I counted just over 20 buds ready to bloom.

A new variety of columbine in my garden this year:

More columbine:

The clematis bowed over with growth but still no blooms:

My new garden sentry:

A return visitor to the yard, anxious for berries that are not quite ripe yet!

And finally, Clarisse, patiently watching me from the gazebo and swiping at the screen each time I would walk by. She loves sitting on top of the bar fridge, watching those cedar waxwings.

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start. The weather is pleasant here - sunny but somewhat cool and a little breezy. I could live with this all summer!


  1. Yes, it sounds exactly like our weather here.
    I have to say, I do not care for her mouth color either. ;)

  2. What a great start! I see what you mean about her mouth though ;-) My peonies look just like yours! Everything is late here too (Highlands of Scotland) with the spring being delayed, my apple tree just started blossoming last week! that's a great discount from the framer, I shall look forward to seeing the results :) Happy stitching,

  3. Oh Clarisse is really too cute!!! Anytime she wants to come for a visit,,, punkin would just love her!!! Tee hee hee, can I just stop trying to steal your cat...

    My peonies are just a little behind your's but they are in the sun,,, I always find my garden is behind, must be like me, just a little pokey....

    I love your new start, it is in my pile too, but the BBD win out every time.

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. Sounds like your weather is just perfect for the gardens to be flourishing..... And what a perfect new start to stitch.... Nice job....

  5. I love your new start! It is odd about her mouth, though. :) Peonies have the most heavenly fragrance - I'm thinking I need to plant some.

  6. What a lovely new start! Enjoyed seeing the pictures from your garden. This year for whatever reason my peony has the most blooms ever. Guess it likes a long, cold Spring!

  7. Great new start.
    Your white Columbine is gorgeous.
    Clarisse is soooooooo pretty. :)

  8. Wonderful new start. It looks like your garden is amazing.
    Sweet Clarisse, she has such amazing blue eyes.
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Love your new start Lynn! Beautiful pictures of your garden. We've been having the same cool weather and I'm with you -- I could enjoy this year-round:)

  10. Great new start and I look forward to seeing your newly framed pieces!

  11. Sweet stitches ~ looking forward to seeing your framed pieces.
    I had to laugh at the pic of Clarisse ~ it he look on her face and the intensity in her eyes, reminds me of the old "Uncle Sam Wants You" posters!!

  12. You've chosen a wonderful project!
    Clarisse is so lovely, and flowers will start to bloom very soon!


  13. That's a lovely new start. And gorgeous pics of the garden too.

  14. What a pretty new start, Lynn!! I'll bet this one is a joy to stitch...

    Oh, I love Columbine and those are two of the prettiest photos of it I've seen! I only have the typical purple and pink ones. I sure wish they lasted longer in my garden. Love the photo of the "prettiest kitty in Canada," too!!

  15. Ooh yay, I'm glad you went for that one :) You've made great progress already. I look forward to seeing your stitched pieces in their frames.
    Best wishes.

  16. A great start, very pretty. Love the new owl and your flowers are looking stunning.

  17. Weeds Make Haste looks beautiful! How nice that you got a volume discount with the framing. Your cat Clarisse is gorgeous!

  18. Your new project looks pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing your framed pieces. Thank you for sharing your garden.

  19. At the moment our garden is also full of columbines of all different colours. Some years ago my husband planted them in some places and meanwhile they have multiplied and they are everywhere, to our delight.