Thursday, 25 April 2013

April's WIPocalypse

April has been a rather slow month for me in terms of stitching. Life got busy for awhile and then my mojo seemed to have left me. It's only in the past week that I've picked up my needle on a regular basis. Nonetheless I'm pleased with the stitches I did get in.

Paradis Perdu resurfaced after a year's absence with the addition of Adam and Eve to the piece as well as the completion of the peacocks, numerals and the tulip motif. It looks slightly washed out in this picture but in reality is much more vivid.

My ornament for the monthly SAL was a freebie from Martine called Printemps.

Finally there is Viktor & Irina. Here's a before and after pic of my progress on this lovely piece.

This latter pic is a much better indication of the colour of the fabric.
Those smaller peach flowers don't show up all that well in my photos but I have decided to leave them as is. In the actual piece they do show up enough. I wasn't happy with the results of any of the other colours that I tried substituting for them so they shall remain as charted.

I promised more pictures of The Quilt of Belonging and I will post them for you in a second post since there are so many photos.

As the weather warms up and the sun shows its face more, you should find me out stitching in my gazebo. I made it out there two days this week and it felt so wonderful not to be confined to the house. Outdoors is still pretty cool but the sun warms up the interior of the gazebo so that I can stitch quite comfortably in it. Now I'm off to have my morning coffee and catch up with your stitching. See you soon!


  1. Your stitching looks lovely. I really like the Printemps ornament. Thank goodness it is finally starting to feel like spring, too. ;)

    I look forward to more pictures of the quilt. I really wish I had taken a better look at it when I had a chance to see it.

  2. Sorry to hear you had Mojo issues this month, but I"m glad you found it again!

  3. Lynn,
    Your WIP's are coming along nicely. I love your Ornament that you finished.

    I love all those lovely colors of your pieces.

    Enjoy your weekend with some stitching.

  4. Your stitching looks great. Sometimes we get so busy and tired that we loose our mojo, glad to see you have it back. Enjoy the better weather. I never really get a chance to sit outside as by the time it is warm enough the midges are too bad. The joys of the north west of Scotland.

  5. Lovely stitching - that A&E piece is so cool!

  6. So glad your mojo has come back Lynn. I hate that when it disappears. Lovely new spring freebie you stitched! Viktor and Irina are coming along nicely too. I think the colours are great! I hope the warmer weather visits you soon so you can enjoy your lovely gazebo!!


  7. Your stitching looks wonderful, wish I could join you in your gazebo, it sounds wonderful.

  8. These projects are all beautiful. And although you didn't have a lot of time you made some nice progress on them. I'm sure you'll find your stitching mojo again very soon as these projects are so intriguing.