Monday, 11 March 2013


I almost forgot about my TUSAL report today. It wasn't until I checked the calendar regarding an appointment that I noticed the new moon on today's date. Here are all my orts since last month's post. Lots of greens from my St. Paddy's Day stitch and browns and whites from Baby It's Cold Outside. Both of these pieces are now complete and I will be posting pictures tomorrow. There's also some greens in there from my BBD Awake the Dawning Day.

I got tired of winter and with the official start to spring just around the corner, I pulled out some spring decor to brighten up the house.  
Temperatures have been warming up so now all we need is for all this snow to melt a little quicker. I'll be back tomorrow with another post detailing all my recent stitching and finishes.


  1. It's such a sweet Spring finish Lynn! I love the trim that you used too. Oops! I forgot my TUSAL as well. I'll have to add another post later on this week. Looks like you done loads of stitching! Hopefully the weather will get warmer for you!

  2. Cute finish! I stitched that a couple of years ago, and finished it off as a mug-mat ;)

  3. Love your spring bunny and your edging of finishing is Gorgeous!
    Your jar of orts is full:)
    love Annette

  4. Lovely orts. Love that little spring piece.

  5. What a cute bunny an a great jar full of orts!

  6. Love that little bunny! Your ORT jar is pretty full which means you've been busy. Look forward to seeing what you've been up to. :)

  7. Wonderful bunny finish!
    Hope the spring will come soon ;)