Tuesday, 13 November 2012

TUSAL and one more ornie

 I was thinking it must be getting close to a TUSAL post and sure enough when I checked the calendar this morning I found that today is the day of the new moon. It's such a lovely, sunny afternoon that when I headed out to check on the bird feeders I decided to take my  TUSAL jar along with me and snap a pic outdoors. 
Here it is, hanging on the post for my bird feeder. In the first pic you can see all the blacks from my Halloween stitching. Then, when you turn it around you start to see the red, greens and whites from my Christmas stitching.

I'm afraid that in the process, I disturbed these little fellows who were patiently waiting for their next meal!

After snapping the pics, I headed around to the front yard to the feeder there only to find that my DH had already filled it. Our neighbourhood birds are messy fellows who spill half the seed on the ground. These female finches dropped in to clean up the mess while their friend patiently waited her turn.

When I went to put the camera away in the back bedroom I opened the blinds to find a surprise in my neighbour's back yard.
They've just finished putting up a gazebo like ours. Guess they're trying to keep up with the Joneses!

Ladies, do you suppose he'd rent it out for our SALs? That way we'd all have a spot in the outdoors!

I've finally started stitching on my BBD 'Tis The Season but I don't have enough stitched for a picture. In the meantime, here's my latest ornie which I finished up on the weekend.... LHN It's Snow Cold!

Hope to post again soon with a pic of my new start!


  1. What a lovely day you had! Your TUSAL looks awesome in the Autumn sunshine!

  2. I love the photos of the birds. finches have such cute little faces.

  3. love the ort photos ... and well done on the stitching front ...
    your birds are really cute :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Always love the pics of the birds! Beautiful TUSAL container! Love your latest ornie finish too!

  5. Great photos and way to show your orts!

  6. Hello Lynn! I love the jar!

    I have a tusal here:



  7. Beautiful pictures!! I love the ornie!!

  8. Lovely bird pictures! And your finish is beautiful, too! :o)


  9. It looks lovely outside.
    Your ornament finish is sweet.

  10. Ha ha--keeping up with Joneses--literally :) Love your newest little ornament finish, Lynn :)

  11. Love the birdies. A lovely stitching finish too.

  12. Lovely bird photos! I love that ornament, too--adorable!

  13. Lovely TUSAL post! Great ornament finish Lynn!