Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Four More Finshed Ornies and a Birthday

This weekend I added to my growing pile of ornies once again by finishing off 4 more of my previously stitched ornaments. 
Here's the results of my swearing, I mean sweating!

This last one was probably the biggest cause of all my profanity. Using all my smarts I had stitched this ornament too close to the edges of my fabric. Consequently I didn't have much fabric to work with when sewing it together. Add in the fact that I made an error in the sewing, had to tear it out and restart, which led to the fraying of what little edges I had left on the linen. It might look a little rough but I'm more than happy that I managed to get the darn thing together! I've always loved the bear on this one and think that it's probably one of my favourites.
Our first significant snowfall of the year arrived yesterday, bringing bright, sunny skies with it. Six years ago today we welcomed the arrival of this special blessing.

Happy Birthday Summer! Grandma hopes you have an extra special day!! 
This picture was taken on a recent visit to my son's to deliver birthday gifts. Isn't she a sweetie?
I'll be back tomorrow with updates of my other stitching for WIPocalypse.


Siobhán said...

Lovely job on the ornaments, Lynn! They all look great. Your Summer is adorable!

Katrina said...

Hi Lynn, all of your ornies are fantastic, well done.
Happy birthday to Summer, she's a real cutie pie!

Vickie said...

Yes, Summer is a sweetie!
Good for you Lynn, getting so much accomplished. =)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Ahhhh...what sweet ornies, and what an even sweeter grand-daughter! What a dolly!

Carol said...

Both your finished ornaments are your sweet granddaughter are adorable, Lynn--hope she had a very special day :)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter ~ she's a cutie!!
Sweet ornaments!

Suzanne said...

Hahaha! I do a lot of swearing when I finish as well (although in my head, too many little ears around listening). Great finishes though!

I had a few pieces I finished too close to the edge of the fabric (I was trying to be clever and not waste any linen). I found that closing the pillow was really hard and the fabric started fraying. I basted each side down and very carefully caught the edges in a ladder stitch and found the closing was so much easier.

Mary said...

Great finishes! Congrats! Little Summer is just too cute - I know Grandma has spoiled her!!

Rhona said...

Summer is such a cutie!

Love your ornie finishes - alittle bit of swearing makes them better!!!

Kathy A. said...

Way to go girl. I just don't have any finishitive yet!

Annette-California said...

Happy Birthday to Summer! Love all your ornaments. They are wonderful.
love Annette

Mary Ann said...

Lovely ornaments! And, an adorable granddaughter--I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

Nicola said...

Happy Birthday Summer. Such a pretty birthday cake.

CATHI said...

These are wonderful ornies!!! Great job!


Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Summer!!
Your ornaments all look wonderful.
I love the reindeer peeking out from behind the tree!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Congrats on the finishes Lynn, they look wonderful. About that Snow... enjoy it, I can't think of a nicer person for it....tee hee hee. Many Happy Returns to Summer!(in more ways than one...)

Tatkis said...

I love your new finishes so much!
Congrats on Summer's birthday!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Cute ornies! who designed the one with the bear on it?