Thursday, 19 July 2012


The calendar indicates that the new moon will rise which means that once again it's time to snap a picture of those orts. Here they are, pictured in their favourite corner of my gazebo.

As you can see there are a lot of red and white orts resulting from my Canada Day finishes in the past month.

I had a few new additions to my stash arrive recently. First up are a couple of fabrics for finishing. I think that the one on the right will work quite well for my strawberry cottage finish. The other will be great as a backdrop to some of my Christmas ornaments.

The second parcel contained some Carrie's Creations floss which I ordered from one of my favourite ONS, Knowledge and Needles.
I told the owner, Ann, that I loved blues and just to pick several floss and surprise me. Here's some of the lovely assortment that I received. I can't wait to try them out!

No stitchy pictures today. I should have an updated pic of my recent stitching posted in the next day or so. As of Sunday I'm going to be a bit tied up for a few days. My son and granddaughters are arriving for a short visit during the time that my youngest sister and family are arriving from Windsor. There should be a full house and lots of fun going on around here during the early part of next week. Chaos, but fun nonetheless!
Enjoy your upcoming weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely blue flosses! It will be fun to see what you use them on.

  2. love them all!
    and you stitching corner looks so nice.. enjoy the weekend, definitely sounds like a lot of fun from here! :D

  3. Pretty floss,lovely orts. I love the picture on your blog header.

  4. Very pretty ORTs, Lynn!

    Love the stash assortment, especially the fabrics. One can never have too many finishing fabrics to choose from!

  5. Your fabric will make wonderful finishes, and the floss is fabulous - blue is my favorite too!

    Enjoy your family's visit, but don't tire yourself too much.

  6. A lovely collection of orts! And, I love your new stash--especially the gorgeous array of blue floss!! Enjoy your time spent with family!

  7. I love red orts!!!! I really like the fabric with stars!

    Ann picked some fun colours out for you.

  8. Love your new fabric and threads, Lynn! I'm sure you'll love every minute with your son and granddaughters and your sister and her family :)

  9. Lovely fabrics and threads! It does sound like you will have a very full house but I know you will enjoy it. :)

  10. your ort jar and the pretty lamp!!
    Enjoy your time with your family!