Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A new TUSAL jar

I've added a new jar to my TUSAL collection. In the summer I do a lot of my stitching in the gazebo. Nine times out of ten I forget to take out one of my little ort jars with me. So what happens is that over time a small pile of orts grows on the table. Quite often, before I have a chance to add them to my jars indoor, my hubby picks them up and horror of horrors!..... he throws them out!! That was the case early on in the month until I found this little jar at a local craft shop. It's actually meant to hold a tealight candle but I thought it was just perfect for my orts! It's made out of glass which is very similar to the pink depression glass and it has a little handle to carry it around. It's been the perfect addition to my outdoor stitching.
The next picture shows my collection of orts for the last several weeks.

As you can see, there are quite a few greens from my Magic Garden Sampler.

That's about the only thing I've been stitching on recently and there hasn't been much of anything added as you can see from the next pic.

Here's a closeup of the area I've been working on.

Not much else to report at this time. I've been really busy with appointments and functions to attend. When I have been home I haven't felt like doing much of anything other than reading. The pain level in my joints has been pretty high lately, probably because I've been running around so much.
I know I promised my giveaway on this post but I'm afraid it will have to wait until later in the week when I have more time to get things organized and have had a bit more rest.
I see that I'm only 4 people away from having 200 followers! Yippee!! Let's see if we can hit that magic 200 before my giveaway post. Enjoy your week!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I had to smile when I saw your new ort jar.
    I have three of those little jars!! I bought
    mine at a home decor store here in
    Georgetown. They have little fleur de
    lys on them right?? I have them in three
    different colours and they're on the shelves
    of my bookcase in the living room. I never
    thought about using them as ort jars but
    they are a nice size for daily orts.

    Your progress on Magic Garden is fun to
    follow because I'm curious to see what's
    going to appear on there next!! That
    blackbird is cute and a bit goofy!!

    Hope you're able to avoid the heat and
    humidity Lynn. It makes me long for the
    cooler days of early spring or fall. I don't
    like humidity and heat at all!!!

    Hope you'll hit the 200th follower soon!


  2. Cute new Ort Jar! Lovely stitching!!

  3. What a nice jar for your orts! Magic Garden Sampler is coming along very nicely - such pretty colours. Hope the pain in your joints settles down a bit soon.

  4. I hope you feel much better soon Lynn. I'm sure things will calm down soon enough for you to get some "me" time in :) Lovely stitching progress too.
    Best wishes.

  5. Cute little ort jar and the colours you've been working with look very pretty in it too!
    Joint pains ~ they really get you down don't they, I'm off to my first session of physio tomorrow at the hospital and am guessing I will probably feel a lot worse before it gets any better!!!
    I love Magic Garden, can't wait to see more progress xxx

  6. What a lovely little ort jar!
    And your Garden sampler is going great!


  7. Very pretty ort jar, and your wip is looking good.

  8. Garden is looking great. What a fun piece to stitch.
    The new TUSAL jar is pretty too.

  9. Your little jar is very pretty and your Stitching looks lovely.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  10. Garden sampler is very nice Lynn. I am sorry for increased pain, I hear you! Take some pain pills of some sort!! Relax a little more this week. :) http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  11. Lovely new ort jar and your Magic Garden WIP, Lynn! You must love every second of stitching in your gazebo :)

    I hear you on the joint pain--not sure what is going on with my knees! We couldn't possibly be getting old, could we?! Hope you find some relief soon...

  12. Now your 3 away..I'm 197!! Yippy...lol look forward to getting to know you hun; love this picture your stitching whose it by??

    Hugs, Shar

  13. I love the new jar! I just can't believe the audacity of those people that throw away our orts! Don't they realize those pieces of thread are tiny treasures we track our progress month by month? Magic Garden Sampler is looking very cute.

  14. great idea for daily orts!
    and congrats of the traveling pattern win from Ariadne! :D
    have fun with the garden sampler.. it's so pretty.. every time I see a picture of it I go "I have to stitch mine this summer too!"
    happy xxx, take care

  15. Lynn that's an adorable little ort jar!!!

  16. Lynne, I love your new ort jar! Anyting in pink depression glass (or a reproduction). Can you share where you founded it ;-)) ??

    I hope you get some relief from the pain and I see you at stitching on Tuesday.

  17. HORRORS! Smack hubbies hands next time. You NEVER toss ORTs out!

    I'm loving this garden sampler. I giggle every time I see that silly crow.

  18. Lovely jar. Magic Garden Sampler is progressing beautifully. That cros is just too cute. I need to get him stitched on mine too.


  19. Helloooooo from number 200!
    I came here because Chiara Grey Tail tagged us both for 11 Things and saw you needed one more follower so here I am.
    Wouldn't it be great if Blogger did something like ticker tape on your blog when you hit a big number?
    Looking forward to browsing the rest of your blog.

  20. What a very pretty jar!! Oh the horrors ~ your poor husband didn't know what he was doing! ;)
    I do hope you are feeling better...

  21. What a beautiful new ort jar - isn't the colour fabulous!
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  22. Very cute little ORT jar! I'm sure you husband didn't realize the importance of all of those little ORTs that were thrown away. ;)

  23. Oooh! Bad Hubby!! LOL! Sorry had to laugh when I read about this. Men don't understand why we keep our orts! Mine wonders why I keep my strings in a bowl!! Lovely new ort jar Lynn! So antinquey!!