Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Giveaway Time!

Thanks to all of you for your recent comments and welcome to all my new followers. Yippee, I made 200! I'm amazed that so many find my posts worth reading and I'm so fortunate to have made so many blogging friends through your comments. Before I post about my giveaway I'll show a few pics so you can see what I've been up to. 

May and June have been extremely busy months for us. This is the time of year when my hubby's choirs wind down and there are lots of year end potlucks and parties. The bell choir that Bob directs played during the village garage sale in the neighbouring village of Winchester. This is the last time that Bob performed with them because he has now resigned to pursue other endeavours next year.
I'll miss hearing them and they're always so fun to watch.

Winchester United Church Senior Handbell Ringers

Bob, doing what he does best!

Then came the proms. Yes, that's plural. I only have one niece but she managed to get invitations to three different proms! I considered myself lucky enough to get just one invite. My sister sent me these pics of my niece in the two different dresses that she wore.

My niece Dana and her Mom, my sis, Lana
Back view of the dress

This next one is from her own prom.

Don't they make a cute couple?

Following the prom came graduation. Dana's brother and my nephew graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Congratulations Andrew! One more year and he'll have his Nursing degree!

Andrew and family
My Mom was also able to make the graduation. This is amazing because just a few short months ago she was unable to walk because of her back. 

Andrew and Grandma Joy
Mom will turn 82 in August. She sure doesn't look it, does she?

Life has been hectic and there hasn't been a heck of a lot of room for stitching. Finally things are slowing down and I'm able to pick up needle and thread once more. My friend Pam came over last Friday evening and we stitched for a couple hours. I was also able to put in several hours waiting during some of Bob's rehearsals.
Magic Garden Sampler is getting close to a finish now. Only the side border remains.

I pulled out my Canada Day stitch for last year since our July 1st celebrations are almost here. I haven't got it framed yet but I found an easel to put it on to show it off. This one is an adaptation of LHN America.

I've also started stitching another small for Canada Day. Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow. I'm proudly using my patriotic O Canada scissors from Dinky Dyes. The fob was made by one of our Tuesday night stitchers. It's hard to make out but in the second picture you can see that the charms are little beavers which is our national symbol.

So that's what has kept me tied up for several weeks now so that my blogging has suffered. I did promise you a giveaway in honour of my 5th blogging anniversary. I will also add one for my 200 followers and my 300th post. First prize will be a stitched item made by moi. The second and third prizes I haven't fully sorted out yet but they will be made up of some finishing fabric, scissors, and floss. I know many of you may be away celebrating the upcoming Canada Day and 4th of July so I will wait until Monday, July 9th to draw the winners. You need only comment on this post but, to make it interesting, let me know what your favourite summer pastime is. 
Mine is cottaging in the Muskoka's. I was introduced to this lovely area by my husband on our honeymoon and we've returned there each summer since. We spend most of our time on the water, boating in and around the various islands. This shot was taken from the back of the boat as we made our way through the lake.

Good luck to everyone entering!!


  1. Hi Lynn! Love the Canada themed design and those scissors!!! LOVE, Love Love!

    Please enter my into your giveaway please :)

  2. Great progress, especially on Magic Garden! No wonder your niece was invited to so many proms - she is gorgeous! Glad to see you are feeling better. My favorite summertime fun is boating on a lake which is about 45 min from our house. We try really hard to get there at least every two weeks.

  3. I am more of a spring/fall girl, but I would say my favorite thing to do in the summer is 1) go to the waterfront festival in Cobourg and 2) finding a shaded area and sitting outside and stitch.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your Magic garden looks pretty. My favorite thing to do in every season is cross-stitching =D

  5. Love your stitching. Glad your Mom is feeling better , she looks great .
    I'd love to enter your giveaway please . I love to go to the beach , and shell hunt, but don't get chance very often.

  6. gosh congratulations on the proms degrees and stitching success's .... you mum doesn't look that old I agree...
    well done on you anniversaries and followers tooo :)
    mmmm favourite time is to be sat outside on a warm summers evening with a drinkie poos listening to the quiet world go by until the stars come out :)
    don't get out and about much heheheh :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  7. What a lovely family! So glad you're blogging and sharing with us. Since I'm not a hot weather fan, I'd have to say my favorite Summer things to do are indoors and are stitch related - keeping up with my blogging friends and stitching away in front of a fan! Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway.

  8. Yu're so close to a finish on this one, Lynn. What great pics of your niece, nephew, other family members and your DH!

    Would love to be entered in your giveaway! I think my favourite thing in the summer is when we've had a lovely, sunny, warm day and I go outside in the evening to water the plants!!!! There's something so nice about a summer's evening.

    Happy Canada Day!

  9. I love the Magic Garden, such pretty colours. One of my favourite summer activities is to go strawberry picking with my children and then make it all into jam for family and friends. They are now teenagers and not into family activities but still like to do this together.

  10. You're almost done with it Lynn. It looks great. I love to garden in the summer. I inherited my green thumb from my mom. Please enter me in! Congratulations to you. :) http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  11. Beautiful stitching! Please enter me in your giveaway! My favorite summer past time is going to the beach.


  12. Your niece looks so lovely in her gorgeous gowns. Congratulations to your nephew! Your Mother is a beautiful lady!

    Magic Garden is full of wonderful summer happiness....beautiful stitching! Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! Please add my name for your giveaway too. I most enjoy summertime, for the opportunity to plant my favorite flowers, for lazy days, sipping tea, stitching, and for special visits with far away family & friends.

  13. You really have been busy! It seems like we always have a lot going on at this time of year too. Glad you found time for some stitching.

    I enjoy our vegetable gardens at this time of year. It's fun to watch the plants grow and eventually we'll harvest some delicious tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and butternut squash!

    Happy Canada Day!

  14. Great family photos! Magic Garden is looking enchanting.LHN Canada is Fantastic, I've been looking at that design (LHN America). I like how you displayed it, with the white vase and red flowers. Helps your sampler stand out. Whatever color RED you used looks perfect.
    Congrats on your anniversaries!
    Fav Summer pastime? When the backyard is all clean, I get to sit outback, enjoy a cold drink & feel the temperature cool down at dusk. Even if just for a few minutes.

  15. Lovely photos, Lynn. Your mum really doesn't look over eighty. In fact, she doesn't even look over seventy!

    Wonderful progress on Magic Garden! I'm still dragging on mine :( Love your O Canada, scissors and fob.


  16. Wow, many events and some stitches too - great time!
    Congrats with your 200 followers (I see another one, so it would be soon closer to 300 ;) )
    And 5 years blogging and 300 posts - wow!

    Have a lovely day!

  17. I love bell choirs, best wishes to Bob and his new endeavors. Cute Canada Day stitch. Since moving to Maine I've become more aware of all things Canada. Happy Canada Day! I really enjoy camping in the summer and fall; it is so relaxing. Congratulations on your blog milestones, please count me in.

    Keep on stitching.

  18. Your mother is going to be 82???? I hope I look that good when I'm 62, let alone 82! Wow, she looks fantastic. Congrats on all the family goings on. We have one grad/prom going on here--they happen in August--my son will be going, and I hope he realizes that I shall be going to his GF's house to take photos! LOL

    Enjoy your Canada Day! I am ashamed that I've done zip for patriotic stitching... I really need to snap myself out of it!

    I love to see your photos from your vacations. My favorite summer past time won't be happening this year, thanks to the recession and kids in college, etc.--it's going home. Sob. Ah well--please God we will next year.

    Love your progress on the Magic Garden Sampler!

  19. Congratulations Lynn on your blogging milestones!
    What lovely family pics of your niece and your nephew's graduation. Your niece and her dresses are stunning.
    Magic Garden looks great. Such fun colors.
    I love your Canada Day stitching.
    HMMM... favorite summer things...
    fresh corn and tomatoes!!!

    Please put my name in the hat :)
    I hope that the rest of your week is great.

  20. Congrats on all the family happenings and what wonderful pictures to share.
    Love the Canada theme scissors too.
    Now, as for the favorite summer pass time.....hmmm let's see. Has to be OOTDS.
    As always

  21. Not surprised you have so many followers!
    Awesome blog;)
    Please include me in the giveaway!

  22. Lots of fun activities going on in your family, Lynn! I can see why your niece was invited to three proms--she is just adorable--great smile :) And congratulations to your nephew as well! That's sad that Bob will no longer be directing the bell choir--I'm sure you really enjoyed every performance...

    Love your garden stitching and the Canada decor :) I'd love to enter your giveaway... Favorite summer thing has to be stitching on my front porch--it is so relaxing in every way... Thanks for the chance!

  23. You have a beautiful family
    The dress is as gorgeous as your niece. Love the stitchy garden piece
    Lovely post

  24. Lynn, I absolutely love how you adapted the LHN piece for Canada! I just love it. It's so rare to see any Canadian piece and you did a wonderful job! I also love the scissors and fob too!

    Your Magic Sampler is very sweet!

    Favourite summer past time? Probably gardening. we don't have a place to get away to, so to speak but hanging around for the rare nice weather in Vancouver is no so bad!

  25. Congratulations all around, you for your blogging, your hubby for the wonderful work that he does and your niece and nephew for their scholastic achievements!

    I hope you enjoy the summer and get lots of time on your boat.

    Missed seeing you at stitching last night ;-)))

  26. I remember watching your progress on your LHN Canada Day piece last year! It really did turn out lovely. I look forward to seeing this year's Canada Day project.

    My favourite summer past time is camping. I absolutely love getting away and being unconnected from the world for a few days.

  27. You've definitely been busy! your niece looked stunning in her prom dresses. Your Canada stitching is lovely, and that fob is adorable!

    Not sure if it counts as an activity, but my favorite thing about summer is the fresh fruit. I can eat watermelon until I burst!

  28. My favourite summer past time is sitting on my deck early in the morning - listening to all the different bird calls and watching the young swans in the bay.

  29. What a great post! I love the sound of a bell choir! I'm sure they will miss your husband.
    Your niece is beautiful! Congrats to her brother as well.
    Lovely stitches. Awesome adaptation of America!!
    Congrats on your followers and posts ~ my favorite summer pastimes have changed over the years. Right now with my three boys, my favorite thing is watching them play baseball ~ even if it does cut into my stitching time!

  30. how many beautiful pics! it's so good to have you back Lynn! :D
    I'd love to enter your giveaway, anything from amazing Canada would be such treat!!
    (you're lying on Grandma Joy though.. she simply cannot be in her 80s!! she looks way way younger!! :D)
    happy xxx,

  31. Great update Lynn and some wonderful milestones in your family!

    I haven't been able to stitch much either this month.

    Oh please enter me in your giveaway my favourite pasttime is playing road warrior. Hitting the highway in my car to go and visit friends!

  32. The little beavers are so sweet!! After seeing your magic garden, I am anxious to get started on it.

    My favorite in the nice weather is to sit outside with my morning coffee and have supper outdoors of it isn't too hot.

  33. What lovely photos. I swear the younger generation are more gorgeous than we ever were! I certainly didn't have the confidence your niece exudes. Or the beautiful dress.
    My favourite summer pastime is stitching (of course!) but it's nice to be able to do it outside.

  34. Fun photos, Lynn, and fun to get caught up on your blog. I can relate to the busyness part as it's been crazy here, too. Love your Canada scissors and the fob, very cute. Glad to hear about your mom's improved health. I love everything about summer; now if it'd only show up here!

  35. Lynn, you have such a lovely family!

    Your summer pastime looks wonderful. That is such a beautiful place to visit.

    Hmmm, my favorite summer pastime? It used to be Arena Football games in Tulsa at home games and listening to them on the radio during away games. Sadly, our team moved to Texas and we are a little at loose ends now!

  36. Sounds like you have been very busy but having fun too :)

    My favorite Summer pastime is Camping at McCrae Point Provincial Park near Orillia. If we don't go it doesn't feel like Summer! This whole area of Ontario is so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  37. Oh my, i LOVE her dress. Beautiful.
    I would love to enter your competition. My favourite summer pastime is just to be outside...the garden, the park, walking, the beach. Nice weather can be rare in Scotland so we just go out and stay out :)

  38. Oh Lynn, your family is beautiful! I love your Magic Garden Sampler...so much I bought the chart to make one too!! I remember you making your Canada day stitch!! Yay!! Congrats on reaching 200 followers!! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Favourite summer pastime...hmm, hard to pick but I think it would be my cycling trip with my hubby up the Sunshine Coast and camping at Porpoise Bay. It's like our own private beach during the week!!


  39. Hi Lynn,

    I'm eager to enter your anniversary ... er ...
    anniversaries ... contest because I'd love to
    have something stitched by you!! As for
    what my favourite thing to do in the summer
    would be .... hmmmm. I guess if I had the
    opportunity to spend time at a lake side
    cottage, able to swim in the lake, boat
    around the lake and just sit and enjoy the
    view .... that would be a perfect summer
    for me.

    What a beautiful young woman your neice
    is! I don't know of anyone who's gone to
    three proms in one season!! Wow. Her
    gowns were gorgeous too. Lucky gal!

    Your patriotic scissors fob is adorable.
    Especially the beaver charms.

    And I love your Canada Day stitch from
    last year. Where did the adaptions
    come from to change it to a Canadian
    version of the America design??

    Congrats on reaching 200 followers.
    Your blog is always so much fun to
    read and to look at it's no wonder
    you have so many followers.


  40. Your neice looking gorgeous in both of her dresses. Congratulations to your nephew for graduating. Nice work on your garden sampler.

    In summer here it can super hot, so on these super hot days my favourite thing to do is kick back under the ceiling fan and read a nice book with a tall glass of icy cold drink. (Not that I actually get much chance to do this with three little ones, but I can wish!)

  41. Whew, I almost missed this one! My favorite pastime - hugging my grandkids! and then stitching.
    I would love to be entered Lynn to have a beautiful stitched piece from you. Please toss my name into the proverbial hat.

  42. Beautiful family hun and love the stitching as always..my favorite pass time is stitching; I'm not an "outside girl" at all during the Summer; I hate the heat; Fall is my favorite time of the year..:) Please enter me in your drawing hun..

    Hugs, Shar