Tuesday, 7 February 2012

February's WIPocalypse

Wow, the last month really flew by, didn't it? The full moon has shown its face again and it's time for February's WIPocalypse. So far, I think I'm not doing too badly. I've managed to finish off three of my WIP, I've completed two ornaments and finished two of the items on my list. My previous post showed pics of the Quaker Valentine finish. I've also started the companion piece to this one, Be Mine. Once again, I'm using the same fabric and floss as the previous finish. It should be finished by the end of the day. I say should because I'm getting very tempted to start something new.

My other finish is BBD Eveline Cunningham which I've renamed Dennis Kearn. Eveline was stitched in memory of the designer's grandmother. I decided to stitch mine in memory of my father because this is a winter sampler and he was born in December as Eveline was. My Dad was a very special man who was taken from us far too early. I know I will smile every time I look at this in fond remembrance.
When I first started stitching the design I hadn't made up my mind how I would personalize it so I stitched it using the charted colours. Once I decided on the memorial to my Dad, I just didn't think the pink flowers would work. As much as I loved the colour, I found some replacement floss in shades of blue to restitch the flowers and stitch in the name. The blue colour isn't as striking but it actually will fit in with our decor better.

A Blackbird Design Bonus chart
stitched in memory of my father
using 32 ct Silkweaver Purely Primitive
using GAST, WDW and CC floss

I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments on our dear Clarisse. What I neglected to mention is that my hubby is really not a cat lover at heart. He would never admit it but he's rather smitten with her too. However he still likes to tease me and offers to send her home with anyone who comes to visit.
No, she is not going anywhere!

I have also passed on your kind comments to my friend Pam regarding her stitched piece. She sent me an email yesterday to say that she was wrong on the designer. It is not a French design but an Italian one, by Renato Parolin. Is anyone out there familiar with this designer at all? The is the first time I hear that name. 
I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I look forward to checking in and seeing all the amazing progress out there. You never disappoint!


  1. Be Mine is lovely and would like to be finished. asap. lol I love the sampler dedicated to your Dad. The color changes are perfect.

  2. Your bbd bonus chart is beautiful;)

  3. Well, you made me curious, so I had to do some searching. Here is a gorgeous blog of completed Renato Parolin designs: http://www.casacenina.com/charts-leaflet/renato-parolin.html

    It also has a link to her sales website, because after visiting the blog you're going to want to stitch some of those beauties!

  4. Oops - that was the sales site. Here's the stitchers' blog:
    http://renatoparolinstitchers.blogspot.com/ Sorry!

  5. You've certainly been busy. Lovely WiP and gorgeous, gorgeous finish. Still loving the colors. So soft and delicate.


  6. Lynn, that sampler is just divine! I love the personal changes you made and I think it's a perfect tribute to your dad :o)

  7. I really like what you did with the BBD Sampler - what a great way to remember a special person! I wonder what new project is calling your name - hehehe

  8. Lovely finish I like the memorial piece for you father.

    Your cat is cute. We let our ferret play on the bed and actually throw him up there but he stays in the cage so he doesn't wake us up. Though he has taken off with my scrappy things and bags of floss.

  9. Love your BBD finish and the blue works so well! I've a couple of Renato Parolin charts in my stash, they are lovely designs.

  10. You are making excellent progress on all your WIPs Lynn. The sampler is perfect, what a wonderful tribute to your father.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I am chuffed to bits with all my followers! I'm so humbled that people have an interest in my stitching.
    Best wishes.

  11. Your WIP is lovely Lynn. Did you finish it or did start something new? lol!

    Your tribute to your Dad is beautiful. I love the colour changes you made.

    I stitched a Renato Parolin design late last year ( nothing on the scale of the beauty your friend stitched ) called Peace Love Joy.

  12. Lovely progress Lynn on your Quaker Valentine!! What a lovely design you made to remember your father. The colours are perfect!

    Don't let your hubby give away Clarisse!! Hahah!! My Dad isn't a lover of cats either and what he says is "He's perfect for making slippers!" He just teases though!!

    Renato Parolin is someone I am familiar with. I have a lot of Hungarian, Eastern European blogs in my blog reader, reason, he is VERY popular over there. If you take a look at his designs you can see why. Really beautiful designs, especially of trees.

    Take a look at his community blog


    You will be amazed!

  13. What a lovely rememberance of your father. Love the colour changes.

  14. Lovely finish on the BBD. The blue fits in perfectly with the rest of the colours.

  15. Your father remembrance stitching is so sweet and touching!

    I know Renato Parolin designs very well - they are adorable!
    You can see a lot of them there (most of them are hearts and angels :)) )

  16. I love how you changed the BBD piece to better suit your Dad, it turned out great.
    LOL at your DH. Mine would pay someone to take our Puddles, and yet he picks him up all the time.

  17. What a special way to remember your dad, Lynn--it really is beautiful... And your "Be Mine" is looking great. I'm almost done with it's companion, "Quaker Valentine" and am enjoying it so much.

    Sounds like your husband has the same sort of relationship with Clarisse as mine did with our old cat, Shadow! Unfortunately, due to his allergies, we won't be getting another cat :(

  18. Be Mine is beautiful, the Sampler for your Father is lovely, I do like the color change on the flowers.

  19. THe tribute to your father is beautiful! I went back and read your story about Clarisse. What a little sweetie!

  20. What a beautiful finish Lynn and a great dedication.

  21. "Be Mine" is lovely. Hope that you are able to finish it soon:) The BBD memorial piece in memory of your beloved father is beautiful. I love the colours you chose, and your stitching is wonderful.

    I just have to tell you that your sweet Clarisse is just beautiful, and sounds like she is lots of fun!

  22. I love your BBD sampler and the color change for the flowers. It is lovely.

    And Clarisse is one beautiful cat, and she sounds like quite the character.

  23. Oh how pretty, I just love the Quaker's. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures. They sure make you appreciate what this country has to offer and the beauty therein.
    finally got rid of the virus so,,,I'm back.
    Be always in stitches.

  24. Beautifully done tribute for your Dad! The colors are lovely.

  25. Beautiful sampler and a lovely tribute to your father.