Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Clarisse Update

Recently I had a couple of requests for a Clarisse update. For those of you who are not familiar with her, Clarisse is my furbaby. She is a blue lynxpoint Ragdoll cat who thinks she's a dog, plays fetch, sits up and begs and loves it when company visits.

How can anybody resist that face, you say? It's easy, especially since she's been getting into so much mischief lately. If you look at the picture below, you might see a definite lump in the comforter on our bed.

Now anyone who knows us is aware of the fact that my hubby does not like the idea of pets on or in our bed. Clarisse is very cognizant of this fact however when she thinks I'm not looking, this is what I find.

Shhhh, we won't tell Bob, it's just our secret, okay?
In actual fact, quite often she will visit our bedroom and peek over the edge of the bed to see if Bob is in there with me or not. If he's not, then she figures the coast is clear and hops right up there beside me.  However she is not a very good bed companion because when she figures it's time to get up, she scoots under the sheets and takes a nip at my behind in order to get me moving rather quickly! Not a pleasant way to wake up, I assure you!

Then there's the matter of her mouse.

She prefers this fur mouse which is a new replacement for the old one who over time became bald. She has a strange habit of leaving it in her water bowl as a trophy. I don't know what the significance is unless she figures she drowned him and wants to show off her hunting skills.
Her other trick is to deposit the mouse on our bed in the middle of the night, knowing that if I feel it on my face I'll pitch it at which point she gladly runs after it and returns, wanting to play the game again. Not something that I appreciate at 4:00 am! Of course, this only takes place when Bob is staying overnight in Ottawa and she knows she has free rein in the bedroom.

Yesterday afternoon my friend Pam dropped by for a visit. Clarisse loves it when she stops by because Pam and her husband operate a dairy farm and have a number of animals of their own in the house. Clarisse loves to stick her nose in Pam's purse and other belongings, checking out all the other animal smells that only a furbaby can detect. On this particular visit, I was stitching and Pam was knitting as we sat and talked. Here's what happened next.

Who, me? I didn't touch a single thing!

I love how she squints whenever I take out the camera. You see, she's anticipating the flash. I've found it's much easier to take pics of her in daylight without the flash so that I don't get that red eyed look.

Pam and I did manage to get some of our knitting and stitching done during our visit and as well, she brought over her latest stitchy finish for me to check out.

It's stitched on 14ct Aida and unfortunately Pam didn't have the name of the designer with her although she was pretty sure it was one of the French designers. Does anyone recognize this piece? 
I think she did an awesome job and it will look lovely on her wall next Christmas.

That's about all I have for you at the moment.  I should have some updates on my stitching at the full moon this Tuesday for WIPocalypse. I'll leave you with one last pic of Clarisse. We've been cleaning out some of our rooms and getting rid of any items we're no longer using. We left an old TV stand in our entranceway to take to the rummage sale at our church. Clarisse thought we'd left it there for her benefit since it's her favourite spot to sit in the entrance and wait for our return.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon! Siesta anyone?


Rhona said...

What a beautiful cat...and those eyes! Wow!
The christmas stitching is fantastic, but I've no iodea who the designer is! Hope someone can help you with that.

Maggie said...

Sorry i don't recognise the piece, but it is lovely:-)

What a beautiful cat! She looks a proper Lady, can't believe she gets into mischief, lol

Have a good week x

Kath said...

Oh what a funny kitty you have. Loved the story and she really is beautiful. I have one who thinks he is a dog too, follows me everywhere and thinks nothing of walking into anyones house! Except when there is a dog lol.

Love Pam's piece, totaly gorgeous.

CalamityJr said...

Clarisse has you figured out! (just like Woody knows how to rule this house... ) Pam's tree is beautiful!

Barb said...

Clarisse is an absoute beauty. She probably know this and figures she can get away with A LOT! Thanks for sharing her picture and story - very entertaining!

Autumn said...

LOVE your kitty! She's beautiful. We would have a ragdoll if we could own a cat.

BrendaS said...

Clarisse is a beautiful cat. I especially like the last picture of her hanging out on that shelf!!! Too funny:)

Anne said...

Yay! Thank you for posting pics of Clarisse since I've been dying to see her!! SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Like Titus! So big and fluffy! Titus likes to go under the blankets too!! I love her tufts of hair on her paws...and how she is trying to help with the yarn. Her eyes are blue like Titus' They would be great friends!!

Michele said...

She is a beautiful handful. LOL I know what you go through completely, for I have one of these crazy cats myself. His name is Clyde (I'll have to post some pics myself) and he was the neighbor's cat before he happened to adopt us as she was moving and he is a rambunctious, (lovable) terror. We love him!

Ranae said...

Clarisse is a beautiful cat. We too have a very loving ragdoll.
I just took photo's of her for my next post. people have been asking me too.
Pam's tree is gorgeous

Judy S. said...

What a pretty kitty! Great photos, too. You sure have finished some nice pieces lately, Lynn. Like Pam's tree also!

Deborah said...

Clarisse is just beautiful! Pam's finish is lovely.

Beth Pearce said...

Pretty kitty cat, and apparently a busy kitty cat - LOL! I do not know who the designer of Pam's piece is, but please tell her that I think it is beautiful - Love it!!

Nancy said...

Clairisse is beautiful! Sounds like she has a lot of personality!! Pam's tree is so pretty!

Sharon said...

Clarisse is one gorgeous cat! Beautiful Christmas stitching!

Kathy A. said...

Oh that Clarisse. What a girl! Gotta love her!

Siobhán said...

Clarisse is so funny! And beautiful, too, of course, but so funny! LOL at her checking to make sure your DH is out of the room before high tailing it onto the bed. Talk about a smart kitty!

Your friend's finish is so pretty!

Terri said...

Clarisse is a beautiful kitty! I used to have a ragdoll and I miss her terribly!

Love your stitching, too!

Tatkis said...

She is soooo sweet and cute! Lovely cat!


Maureen said...

oh my - she is a beauty! does she need a lot of grooming to keep her nice and fluffy?

Veronica said...

Clarisse is a beautiful cat and her antics completely adorable. I'd definitely love to see more of her :)


Pumpkin said...

Oh my, you have your hands full with that kitty! She has one amazing personality ;o) LOL! Love the stories and the pictures.

Carol said...

Clarisse looks like a splendid kitty, Lynn--I do love her stunning eyes and she certainly sounds like a fun companion :)

Suzanne said...

What a lovely kitty you have. Pretty piece your friend stitched.