Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Canada Day Finish

Just a small post to show you my pillow finish of my Canada Day stitch. I'd picked out a fabric with maple leaves on it in the red and white but found that it didn't look that great. Then I found this piece of fabric and liked it much better. When I posted the last picture I hadn't added the cardinal button yet either. This button came from a collection of clay buttons I found on ebay last year.
My DH came home from work yesterday with a small funnel for me. I'd already been to 3 different hardware stores trying to find one. I was thrilled that he'd finally found one and finished filling the pillow with the crushed walnut shells.

The weather is much cooler here today and breezy so I have all the windows open to help get rid of all the humidity built up in the house. Shortly after I opened them I heard a familiar cheep, cheep. The cardinals had arrived for their morning snack. I've been trying unsuccessfully to get a picture of the female. She's far more skittish than the male and flys off at the slightest movement. Sometimes I haven't even moved, she sees me and takes off.
This morning I was sitting right by the window, checking out my photo of the pinpillow when they arrived. I couldn't believe my luck. I hid behind the opened vertical blinds and snapped this pic. It's not the greatest but before I had a chance to get a second one she was gone.

The cedar waxwings are also back for their annual visit. The only time we see them is towards the end of June when they arrive to clean off the berries from our neighbour's tree.
I snapped this photo yesterday.

I love the yellow tips on their tails and their masks which make them look like flying bandits!

Now that the mail is back on track once more I'm anxiously awaiting several orders I placed in the last 3 weeks. I just got a peek at the new BBD Loose Feathers chart which has yet to released and I've also been considering the Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread. I know that many are doing a SAL of this one. I'm not ready to stitch it right now but would love to have it for my stash. It will all depend on my first pension check. After all, I'm on a reduced income now!


  1. oh Canada, what a pretty finish Lynn. You go girl.

  2. Adorable finish Lynn! I love the fabric you chose and the cardinal button is perfect! Especially since you had one visit you! Good to know about how difficult it is to fill the pillow with walnut shells because I was thinking of getting some myself. I like the way it feels in Daffycat's fob that I won. It has a nice texture and I like the fact it is organic. Beautiful birdies you have in Ontario. We don't have the cardinals here in BC. Kind of glad yet not glad about the postal strike being over. Happy for us, but not happy for them. Now our orders will come, eventually!

  3. I love your latest pillow finish, the fabric was a great choice. Thank you for sharing pictures of such beautiful birds. I really love cardinals, even though we don't get them here in the UK. I've been ogling at new stash recently too, and gave in to my craving for a new LHN chart, hopefully it will be arriving soon. Happy stitching and best wishes.

  4. Lovely bird pics . Glad you got your funnel sorted. The pillow turned out great . X

  5. Oh golly what a darling, darling Canada finish! Cute as a button!
    Your snaps of your birdy visitors are gorgeous Lynn...I love spying my birdy neighbors landing on my deck and around my home. Such fun!

  6. Cute finish! Hope your packages arrive pronto!

  7. Love your Canada Day pillow! Its such a treat to see something patriotic for our part of the world.

    I bit into the Mystery Sampler but the poor thing has been trapped in one of probably thousands of bags of mail all these weeks. I hope it arrives soon...well at least all the parts will have been released by the time it arrives. So much for the mystery!

  8. Beautiful finish of flag pincushion! (I need to try this idea with fabric on the face side myself :) )
    And those birds are adorable!


  9. Love your little Canada pillow finished just in time for Canada Day, Lynn! The cardinal button adds a perfect touch.

    I've never seen a Cedar Waxwing before--what a lovely photo. You know how I love birds and I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Our Great Blue Heron was visiting our pond again yesterday--oh, how I wish I could get a photo of him in flight--it is just a magnificent sight :)

    Happy Canada Day :)

  10. Lynn its a wonderful finish! I bet you're still enjoying your retirement... still in the honeymoon phase!

  11. Great finish Lynn! I love the linen you used to stitch the design on. The red and blue fabric you chose looks great with it and the little cardinal is the perfect touch! You did a great job finishing it.

  12. Good luck acquiring your new stash. I hope you have enough! Great birds pics. Love the female Cardinal. She's beautiful! And grats on getting your finish finished before Canada Day! I hope you have a great Canada Day tomorrow!