Monday, 30 May 2011

Incredibly busy!

So many people have told me that when you retire you never have time for anything. I'm starting to believe them! It's only 2 weeks since I finished working and I haven't stopped yet. One of the first things I did was to return to the church choir which has been especially busy this month and the next. The weekend of May 21st was a long weekend for us here in Canada and all three of my sons and my two granddaughters came for a visit to celebrate my retirement with me. It was the first time the boys had all been together since Christmas.  We had a blast! There's nothing I like more than when I'm surrounded by my family. Since I'm in need of a hip replacement soon and knowing how much Bob detests gardening, their gift to me was to weed and plant my gardens. Even my granddaughters helped, carrying plants and flowers to and fro. Thank you so much boys! I couldn't have done it without you.
Here's the group after a job well done. Summer had gone for a nap at this point. You gotta admit, Chris' dye job is unique!

Following the long weekend, we've been busy with appointments and spring cleaning. I've hardly touched my stitching at all this month. When I finally did pick it up, I needed a change so I decided on a new start.  Blackbird Designs Their Song had been on my "must stitch" list for some time now. I've searched high and low trying to buy a copy of this OOP chart. I don't know how many ebay auctions I bid on trying to get this lovely. Finally, one of my Tuesday night stitching friends showed me her completed finish. "OMG, where did you find this one?" I asked. She didn't remember but told me that seeing as she was finished with it, I could add it to my own stash if I wanted it. Did I want it?! You betcha! Thank you so much Lori!

Here's a photo of my meager start. I'm stitching this one on PTP Mello with the required Weeks floss.

Spring Quakers is still in the background. I'm working the last side of the design now from the top and am just about finished this big motif.  As for the Wedding Sampler, well I've got both of their names stitched now but have a small bit to frog and restitch. I've put it aside for now but I know that I'll have to pick it up soon again and put in some time on it. I don't want to fall behind with this one. The wedding is not until August but I don't want to be rushing through it at the last minute.
  My latest stash addition was one that I fell for as soon as I saw it. Soar Sampler was designed by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Thread and was inspired by the family of eagles living in Iowa that captured everyone's attention on the webcam online. The sampler was limited to a printing of only 100 and is no longer available. My husband and I are avid eagle lovers. There are very few of these great birds in our neck of the woods but we have been  fortunate enough to see some on our treks to Muskoka.
The suggested fabric for this design is WDW Onyx but I haven't decided it if I will tackle stitching it on the black. I'm going to have a browse through my fabric stash and see if I can find something suitable.
I love Brenda's designs and definitely want to add some more to my collection.

Although there may not be any eagles in my area, there are some very colourful Cardinals which have been making repeated visits to our feeder. The first few years we had the feeder they would make occasional visits but now they are regular visitors bringing the family with them! In fact I hear one chirping out there right now.
I'll leave you with a picture of the male that graced us with his presence this week. Isn't he a beauty?


  1. I'm a follower of Brenda's. I've seen the Soar Sampler completed on several kinds of cloth, and it really is stunning on the black. Congrats on the acquisition. She raised twelve or fourteen hundred dollars for the raptor program with that chart. She's just wonderful!! As for the family, they're all so cute! Kids and boys, lol. Glad you got your garden all planted. Now all you have to do is water!!

  2. Lynn, I think you may have to go back to work so you can get some rest!!!!
    How lovely that your sons all came to celebrate your retirement and do the gardening ~ I shall have to show this post to my 2 boys!!!
    I don't know 'Their Song' but I do know from the colours you're using that I'm going to love it ~ your stitchin always has the colours I love most.
    Love the Red Cardinal piccie

  3. I think it's great that your post-retirement days have been busy so far, Lynn! And how nice to have all three boys and your granddaughters home for a few days. Their gardening gift was perfect...would you believe I haven't planted a single flower yet?? I'm so far behind this spring...

    Love your WIPs and your newest project--if you decide on the black, it will be so stunning... Go for it--you can do it :)

  4. That's great that you're keeping yourself busy! Very nice of your family to gift you with a nice cleaned up garden. Nothing nicer than those gifts that come straight from the heart and that would definitely be one of them in my books. I am sorry to hear that you have to have a hip replacement. Hopefully it goes smoothly. All of your WIPs look great! I remember watching that eagle cam myself :).

  5. What a nice gift your family gave you by doing the gardening for you! The gift of time is the best gift of all! So glad you had your family all together for the weekend, that is a special time for sure! Love your WIP!

  6. Sounds like a really fun weekend. You never said how your son liked his b'day gift? You are so lucky to have cardinals; they are such beautiful birds. Glad you are back to choir; what part do you sing? We have found retirement great fun but very busy also.

  7. Your boys are so sweet to plant your garden for you! And as those flower bloom you can think of your grand daughters!
    Glad to hear you are keeping busy, and I hope you find more time for stitching.

  8. How great of your boys to do your gardening!

    I love your new start and your Quaker piece is looking beautiful.

  9. Oh, it's so nice that you are so busy! A lot of interesting things all around :)
    Nice start of the BBD and a lovely bird photo!

    Best wishes,

  10. That's exactly the comment about retirement my father used to make, lol. I still have to work two more years before I can take retirement but I'm already longing for it and can't wait to be as busy with my favourite things as everybody says. My congratulations to you for being retired now! And stay busy!
    You made a nice start on your BBD piece. This one is among my WIPs from the Crazy Challenge and I'll also try to finish it this year.
    I love your cardinal picture. They don't exist here and I have never seen one other than in pictures. They're such beautiful birds.

  11. Glad you are enjoying your retirement! :) So nice that your boys all came to help celebrate and even nicer that the grandaughters were there as well!!! I'm sure your garden is gorgeous. Lovely stitching...awesome that you were able to get that chart you wanted passed on to you!