Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A surprise find

Last week's preparations for the Ottawa Doors Open display of my needlework resulted in a surprise find. I was rooting around in the drawers of my extra dressers looking for plate frames and stands on which to display my finished needlework. In the bottom drawer, tucked under some seasonal garden flags, I found 3 pieces of finished needlework. Two of these are from a group of projects I completed during my first few years of stitching and I've been looking for them ever since then. Because I was new to stitching, they were naturally done on aida. The first piece if my memory serves me right was from an issue of either BH&G Country Cross stitch or For the Love of Cross Stitch. It consists of three mittens hanging on a line surrounded by the quote, "A mother holds her children's hands for awhile, their hearts forever". The finished piece was meant to be inserted into a wooden coat rack with pegs. I remember I loved it because I had three sons and each of the mittens represented one of my boys.
The second piece, also on aida, is a monochrome done in blue. It consists of a cabin surrounded by woodland animals. Both pieces have yellowed and have marks on them from taping my edges as I stitched to prevent fraying. Obviously I never got around to washing them. Any ideas on how I can get them cleaned up? The monochrome piece was stitched on a piece of fabric which was obviously not large enough and as a result it can't be framed unless extra fabric is sewed on. Even then I'm not sure there's enough fabric around the top and bottom of the piece for stretching. Maybe a standup finish? Any ideas are more than welcome.

The third piece was also from another magazine which I'm unable to remember. Knowing the designer didn't seem to be important to me at the time but I sure wish I knew now! It's called Winter is For the Birds. Somewhere from my mind has surfaced the thought that this one is stitched on 25ct bone lugana. I noticed in my pics that there are marks from the hoop on this one. Hopefully they'll come out when washed. I'm thinking this would make a great pillow. Hmmm, I just noticed something. It looks like there's some backstitching missing on the last 2 pickets in the fence. Guess I'll have to do something about that.

Now I'll need to get pictures of these three developed so that I can add them to my album of finishes.

I also spent the past week updating said album so that I could include it as part of the exhibit of my needleworks. Apparently the weekend event was a hit and there were quite a number of people who came to visit our church and take in the displays. My works were well received and the ladies who volunteered at the event hope that next year I can join them so that I can answer questions as they arise. Hopefully I've sparked an interest in someone out there to find out what cross stitching is all about and enough interest to give it a try as well.

Just before the weekend I got a call that my cat sampler was ready at the framers so I rushed over so that it could be included as well. I've shown a closup pic of the frame so that you can see the small flowers all around its border. The girl at the framers' thought this one was perfect since it matched the flowers stitched in the corners of the piece. I'm really pleased with its finish.

Late last week I managed to finish LK Prayer Connection, well ahead of its deadline. It'll be headed to the framers shortly. I then got started on my LHN ornie of the sheep. This one is just too cute!! What little I have done was completed on my breaks at work. In the evenings at home I've concentrated on Forget Me Not. It's moving along slowly but surely. I find the colours in this are so pretty and its a fun stitch as well. I just realized that I've forgotten to take pics of these WIP so I'll do that tomorrow when the light's better and save them for another post.
Would you believe I'm already perusing my stash for my next start? After all I might have to place an order for fabric or floss so I have to give myself plenty of time! Perhaps I'll check out Halloween charts so that I actually have a finish ahead of schedule for a change.
Speaking of Halloween, have you seen the sneak peek of Donna's Halloween Cove over at By The Bay Needlearts? This one has definitely piqued my interest and I can hardly wait until she completes it.
Tomorrow is a day of rest for me after having just completed my first 5 consecutive full days at work. And am I pooped!! After alternating days the first 2 weeks back I was feeling pretty good but I expected that after my upcoming 7 day stretch I'd be done in. The health nurse suggested that I work only 5 , booking off a couple of days, and boy am I ever glad that I took her advice! My DH is having a day surgery procedure tomorrow and while I wait for him I intend to sit and stitch to my heart's content.

Okay so what could be the final game in the Stanley Cup is starting now and I'm heading to watch it with stitching in hand. It's been pretty fast hockey, think I'll actually get any done, lol?


  1. I just love the snowman - too cute :)

  2. All three newly rediscovered pieces look great, I especially like the woodland themed piece. Maybe it could be finished into a wall-hanging or a pillow?

    Thanks for sharing the link to By The Bay Needlart, I have never heard of them but I really like their designs!

  3. I love the mittens and have done the monochrome in dark browns and finished it off as a hanging down from a tree branch for a friend's nature room. Have fun with the show, I am sure everyone will love your work.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. How fun to see your "early" work! Why not give them a good soak when you wash them and see if they won't come clean? The blue piece wouls make a grat pillow too and it looks like there is plenty of edge for that type of finishing! This one would look fantastic if it was wadded up and tea-dyed to antique it. That would tend to hide any spots or yellowing too.

  5. Wow Lynn what great finds! Even early on your stitching was great! How fun to put your stuff on display like that!

  6. What fun to find the surpise pieces, they'll all look great finished up. Hopefully the slight discoloration and hoop marks come out with no problems when you clean them up. Your finished companion piece looks wonderful, the frame is perfect for it. I hadn't seen the sneak peeks of Halloween Cove, but it does look interesting. Like you I'm now looking forward to seeing the new design when finished. Hope the couple days off find you much more rested. I'm glad you took the couple days off and only went for the 5 rather than 7 day stretch. It takes time to get your energy and stamina back, so please make sure you give yourself the time and don't overdo.

  7. What beautiful stitching, Lynn! It's fun to see your earlier work, isn't it? :) I love the frame job on the cat sampler, and your prayer connection is adorable!

  8. Lovely pieces you unearthed. The blue design could always be made into a pillow finish, you don't need too large seam allowances.

    How lovely for you to be able to display your needlework like that.

    Nice framing on Clarisse, the frame is gorgeous.

  9. We have old pieces from the woodland cabin sampler too. We want to do it again. Any ideas on where to procurethe pattern?