Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rainy Day Stitching

Finally I have a chance to park my butt in an attempt to get numb bum. I had hoped to stitch outside in the gazebo but indoors will have to do on account of the rain that is now falling. The rain is a welcome relief to the warm, dry weather of the past week or so. Our lawn has been yellowing and the gardens in need of a good soaking. Yesterday saw a haze settle over our area along with a smoky odour due to the forest fires currently raging in northern Quebec. There are about 50 fires raging, several out of control, and the winds carried the smoke as far as Boston and Rhode Island. Today's rain will be a blessing and help them gain back some control.

I returned to work last week on alternating days and found myself exhausted. Work, followed by the commute and the heat did me in. I'm only working 3 days this week before I start a 7 day stretch on the weekend. Our health nurse has suggested that I book a couple of vacation days so that I only work a regular 5 day week rather than the 7 days so I'm working on arranging that. We've also had a busy weekend here with overnight guests from Sault Ste. Marie on Friday followed by a potluck dinner for one of Bob's choirs on Sunday. Saturday I joined my friend Michelle in checking out the garage sales in the nearby village of Winchester. They put on a village wide sale each spring. This year it coincided with the huge Glebe garage sale in Ottawa which I'd definitely like to check out next year.
Because of all this my stitching has suffered this week. I did make some small progress on Prayer Connection and have a pathetic start on Forget Me Not. I seem to have a bit more energy this week so hopefully I can advance my progress.

Each year in Ottawa an event called Doors Open takes place. If you're an architecture or history buff it's great fun because you get to check out a lot of historic buildings and homes, some of which are off limits to the general public. Our church, St. Luke's Anglican, participates in this event by not only opening its doors but showcasing the talents of its congregation. In the past we've had some displays of sculpture by one of our parishoners as well as music ensembles made up of members. This year I was approached and asked if I would display some of my needlework throughout the church. What fun! I've chosen several framed pieces as well as some of my pinkeeps and flatfolds to display. I also had to write up a little blurb about how I got interested in stitching which I completed last night with the help of my DH.

Wouldn't you know it though! I have to work this weekend so I'll be unable to be present during the whole thing. I hated to ask someone to swap weekends when I've only just returned to work. One of the parishoners has said that she will be present to discuss my stitching. Toni is a needleworker herself having learned her craft at school in Ireland. It was a regular part of the curriculum at that time. She's offered to teach me drawn thread when I have some time on my hands.

My flower gardens are starting to come to life finally. I had a friend's daughter, who is studying landscaping, clean out and weed my beds for me since I had orders not to do any gardening post-op. I planted all my containers 2wks ago which are really starting to fill out now. My irises have finally bloomed and the peonies are just about ready to open. I'm pleased to see that some of the perennials I planted last year are really taking shape and my clematis is finally blooming again after a hiatus of 2 yrs. Here's some pics of my irises and the columbine I planted last summer.

Tuesday night stitching resumed last week but since it was my first day back at work I chose to stay home that night and rest. Tonight though I'll be there! Woohoo! Since I'm off work today I'll have plenty of time to rest up before going. Nothing like a good stitch with friends to make you feel great.

While making a pit stop at the pharmacy yesterday, I picked up a copy of the homecrafts entries for this year's fair. This is the first year in about 5 yrs that I won't be on vacation during the fair and will be able to submit entries. I was disappointed to discover that this year there is only one category for cross stitch which is stated as one small article of counted cross stitch. Perhaps we are a dying breed? Quilting seems to dominate this year's entries. There are a couple of other categories including a Christmas article of your choice where I plan on submitting my Noel flatfold and perhaps I can finish a biscornu in time for the Fancy pin cushion entry. It's too bad really. I always enjoyed seeing all the needlework displayed at the fair.

Barb recently asked how sweet, little Clarisse was doing. As you can see from the photo above she's being her usual pesky self and she isn't so little anymore! Look at the devil on her face. The minute I open my stitching bag she jumps in. I've found that while I'm sitting, quietly stitching, she'll deliberately jump up somewhere she doesn't belong in an effort to get my attention. She won't move until I get up and come towards her at which point she'll jump down, get her ball and drop it at my feet hoping I'll play. Now I'm off to do exactly that as she's just let me know it's time she got some attention!


  1. Don't you just love columbine? Your kitty is very cute. Your stitchery reminded me of a sign on a local church that said, "God receives knee-mail." We had a real gully washer yesterday which is different from our normal drizzle; my walking shoes still aren't dry.

  2. Have fun tonight with your stitching buddies. Nothing quite like being able to do that.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Beautiful flowers in your photos :)

  4. You have been busy! What a shame you're going to miss your own needlework exhibition. Gorgeous photo's :o)

  5. Those rainy days are the best for stitching! Your flowers looks wonderful, as does your stitching, sometimes slow progress makes for great pieces!

  6. Cute kitty! I'm happy that things are starting to bloom up your ways too. It's such a bummer that you have to work during the needlework exhibition.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    We are back from our stitching retreat. We had a super time.
    I love your iris and columbine. Mine are blooming too.
    I see you are a fellow Anglican, when we lived in The Eastern Townships our church was St. Lukes, now we attend a St. John's.
    Take care and don't over due at work.

  8. Lynn I'm sure its going to take you awhile to get that energy level back to normal! Take it easy girl!

    Your stitching start looks great!

  9. Your wips are looking great. I just love that photo of Miss Clarisse, she is beautiful. At the moment Puddles is playing soccer with a lid which a a bit smaller than a tennis ball. All we can here is it sliding across the floor and 'thunk' when it hits something.

  10. Oh hon, I am so sorry that you are struggling back to work. Hang in there, hopefully it will be better soon!
    I am sure all your stitched pieces will be a wonderful addition to the church. What an honor!
    Take care there girl and maybe you need to provide Clarisse with her own bag LOL

  11. Clarisse is so gorgeous!! Good for you on showing off your needlework--it's a shame that you won't be there to see it in person! Lovely stitching.

  12. The flowers are beautiful. I love rainy days cause its an excuse to just sit and stitch. It sounds great to be able to display your stitching, what an honor. My cat always sits on my stitching things just to bug me. Take work slow, have a good day

  13. I hope that all those fires are now under control. Your garden looks lovely, those flowers are beautiful. Nice stitching.