Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Totally disgusted

That's how I felt when I got up yesterday morning and looked out my front window to see this view. Where the heck did that stuff come from?! We haven't had any snow since the last week of February which is a new record in itself. Yet here it is again. Even the poor birds looked pathetic, huddling on the branches of our tree. Fortunately temperatures have risen again today and there is no sign left of the white stuff. Except of course for the effect it had on some of my poor tulips. They wilted under the weight of the wet snow and have not recovered. Only the ones which had bloomed for a couple of weeks were affected and the rest seem to be back to normal. For the first time I planted some parrot tulips and I love them. I couldn't even remember what colour I'd planted and was delighted to see their colour when the buds opened. I must plant more of these beauties for sure.

I've had one small finish during the last week. I figured I'd better get moving on my LHN ornament for this month. I knew it wouldn't be long before they shipped out the next one. Sure enough, the day after I got started stitching, I received an email to say that the next ornament was shipping out. Snowy Pines is the name of this pattern and I must say that when I first saw it I didn't like as much as some of the others. However it turned out that I really enjoyed stitching it. I love the colour of the house and the little bear is just too cute!
I've just finished backstitching around it in preparation for a pillow finish which probably won't happen until next week. Tomorrow I plan to bake cookies which will go with me on a visit to my granddaughter's home on Friday. That just might wear me out since it's my first full day out of the house since my surgery. Therefore I'm leaving Saturday as a quiet day to recuperate.

Besides the ornament I've pretty much concentrated only on Nantucket Summer Sampler. I love stitching on this one and I'm getting so close to a finish now that I'm going to really miss working on it. I will definitely be doing more of the By The Bay patterns. The colours are so vibrant and I love the waterside scenes.

Naturally since I'm approaching the finish line on this one, it's time to kit up the next! This week my floss for Midsummer Night Designs Forget Me Not arrived. I dug through my stash and found a lovely hand dye fabric from The Blended Needle called Parchment which will be perfect. I'm tempted to get started on it right away but the sooner I start it, the later my NS finish. Shall we take bets on how long I can keep away from this new lovely?

Before I finish I have to wish a Happy Sweet Sixteen! to my niece. She's the one on the right in this picture, celebrating with friends. I was just cleaning out some drawers and found the watch that my parents gave me for my sixteenth birthday. Somehow I don't think thats on the list of wishes now. In fact my niece wanted a pair of Ugg boots which her parents chose not to get because of the cost so all her friends chipped in and bought her a pair. Not that she can wear them at this time of year but for now she's wearing them around the house. She says they're as comfy as slippers. This is the only niece I have and I dearly wish we lived closer so I could spend more time with her and her family.
Happy Birthday Dana ! Hope you had a super day!

Now I'm off for a walk to the post office. Hoping to find more stash!


  1. That nasty stuff was around here as well...mother nature playing one last cruel trick I think.

    Hope to see you in the near future (Dani's next weekend????)....

  2. I can feel your pain! Snow in April is just wrong! Love the stitching finish and Wip.

  3. Just when you think it is safe to put away the shovels...
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Wow how about that snow, just a few hundred miles up yhe 401 the weather is hot, hot, hot!
    I just finished snowy pines myself, I love it!
    You flowers are so pretty. My magnolia tree has been spectacular this year, the blossoms are just beginning to fall.
    Have a nice week end!
    We, the Stitching Sisters are on the countdown for our May 28th retreat on the shores of Lake Huron.............

  5. Oh what weather! We should be cold here, but it's been unseasonally warm. At night is has been too cold for just a blanket, but too warm for a quilt as well. Nobody has been sleeping well.

    Your stitching is looking great!

  6. Happy birthday to your niece! My twins just turned 16 yesterday. :) I hope the snow cleared up quickly so those tulips didn't freeze! Love the finish & the wip.

  7. Hi, thank you for your comment on my LHN ornie!

    Can't believe you got all that snow again! please don't send it to the UK though will you, lol

    Lovely blog BTW and I've added you to my blog list so i can come back to visit you again!

  8. Oh my, I can't believe that youwere having so much snow so late in April. It often happens at my place but I live in the mountains. I think I would have gone back into bed after seeing this, lol.
    I so much love Nantucket Summer. Can't ait to see it finished on your blog.

  9. That snow is just not right!!! Your wips are looking great and your pinkeep turned out beautifully, love the colorful trim. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. My DH is not fond of cats but Puddles is so clever he has worked this out and goes to him all the time hehehehe.

  10. Lynn, congrats on that ornament finish, its cute!

    OMG Nantucket is looking amazing! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!