Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Home Once More

Home once more, after a restful and relaxing vacation! The weather in Florida was lovely, I couldn't have asked for better. The view on the lanai while stitching was also much improved from the usual view out my front windows. Lush greenery and palm trees waving in the breeze.....makes me wish I was back there already! Does anyone know what the tree in the above photo is called? They're very pretty and have these fuzzy red flowers which hang from the tree. Whatever they are, the bees love them!
Isn't this a cool palm tree? It looks like a giant pineapple to me.

We've had a pleasant Easter weekend both company and weather wise. The temperatures were well above average for this time of year. Friends of ours were also returning from a trip to Florida . Their plane arrived at suppertime yesterday so we invited them to join us, along with my son Daniel, for our Easter meal. We had planned on doing a leg of lamb on the BBQ but the burner died and DH wasn't able to replace it in time for our meal. So I roasted the lamb instead along with some yummy asparagus. DH has a signature dish, rice almondine, which he prepared to accompany the meal. For dessert I tried a new dish. It consisted of fresh crushed raspberries, orange juice and tapioca. You cook it until it thickens,then add a small amount of sugar, and refrigerate. It basically is like a raspberry filling for pie. When you serve it you add either a vanilla custard sauce or Dreamwhip. DH preferred his served with angelfood cake. I was looking for something light and relatively fat free and this filled the bill.

During Lent, both myself and DH usually give up our sweets and snacks. This year I also tried to make healthier eating choices. The result: I've lost 12 lbs and DH has lost 11! I was pleased to see that I even managed to maintain the weight loss during my vacation. I stuck to eating lots of fish and chicken along with salads. On my last night there I treated myself to a Florida specialty....Key Lime Pie. Mmmmm! It was worth it.

Okay,enough of food talk. I'm getting hungry! I have a small finish to show you. This is the piece I worked on during my flight and while waiting in the airport. Hoppity was a very quick stitch. Not sure if I'm happy with the floss colour of the bunny but I don't feel like stitching it over. I got started yesterday to make it into a small ornament and discovered that my glue gun has gone missing. Perhaps a pillow finish instead.

Nantucket Sampler surfaced during my last few days of vacation. I just have to add the long stitches to the tree on the left. After that what remains is to finish up the flower border and then add the mermaids and the alphabet to the top of the piece. Doesn't sound like much but I'm slow.

Next up, HoaN (too). Pretty well only the borders top and bottom remain on this one. I really dislike doing borders. I know it means I'm close to a finish but they're so boring.My next LHN ornament, Snowy Pines, arrived while I was away. I just have to dig out a piece of fabric for it and then I'm ready to go. I didn't touch my LHN Easter piece while away so I want to concentrate on it for awhile. I'm limited though to evenings at home since I need my light and magnifying light for this one. I'd really hoped to visit a needlework shop that I know of in Port Charlotte while I was away. Problem was, I shared the rental car with my sister but my name wasn't on as a second driver. So I had to depend on others for transportation. We did head that way but spent the day shopping for other things and ran out of time. It's not like I really needed more stash but I would have like to look at fabric.
My surgery is scheduled for this Friday. I've been fighting some cold symptoms so let's hope it goes ahead. I don't think it will be a problem since I'm almost over my sore throat. I haven't had a cough, fever or runny nose. Just a bit of congestion. I'm thinking allergies rather than a cold. I'm having an epidural rather than a general anasthetic so it shouldn't be a problem.

Back to work tomorrow for a couple of days and then lots of down time while recuperating. Today is overcast with scattered showers. A good day to sit and stitch and a pleasant way to end my holiday.


  1. Your vacation sounds lovely...I hope you don't end up having a cold before your surgery. I'll be thinking of you on Friday and waiting to hear how you are doing.

    Lovely stitching....

  2. Beautiful trees, Lynn! I sure like those red flowers, though I have no idea what they are!

    Lovely stitching. I always take stitching on holiday...just in case.

  3. welcome back and I am happy you had a nice time in Florida. I will be thinking of you on Friday and I certainly hope your deck is ready for your recovery and a good old case of the OOTDS.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Hi there, glad you are back and that you had a good holiday, Yummy I love keylime pie, the real one made in Florida, my Mom and I were in the keys a few years ago. We loved the keylime pie that was served there.
    I hope your surgery goes ahead that you will be able to stitch your way back to a healthy you!
    Take care and be in touch.

  5. It must have been so great in Florida. When I look at your pictures I just imagine lying on a deck chair just underneath a palm tree and stitching. A wonderful thought ...
    Your WIPs are nearly finished. And that little bunny looks so good to me.
    I wish you all the best for surgery on Friday.

  6. Best of luck for your surgery Lynn, I hope that all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery. The tree is an Australian native, the genus name is Callistemon and they are commonly known as a Bottle Brush tree. They come in a variety of colours, red, yellow and purple. Your wipe are looking great also.

  7. Your holiday sounds great and way to go with the weight loss! The tree is a bottlebrush and it looks fantastic. Ours doesn't look anywhere near as good as this one and it's native to our area.

    Your WIP's are looking great.

    Good luck with the surgery!

  8. Wow, good for you with the weight loss!! I say this as I prepare to gorge myself on pizza tonight. Eek. ;)

    Your WIPs look beautiful! I love the Florida pics, too.

    Prayers going out to you today with the surgery, hoping for a speedy recovery.

  9. Lynn I hope your surgery went smoothly! I'll be thinking of you!

    Sounds like you had the perfect, relaxing trip to Florida and got in lots of fantastic stitching time.

    Your Nantucket piece is amazing.

    You want to know my secret to borders? I try to stitch it first! That way the borning part is done and you can ejoy all the fun stuff!

  10. Yep that`s a bottlebrush tree - we have some here in AZ and they are lovely.
    Hope the surgery goes well and you are up and off again quickly. Take care - sending warm hugs