Saturday, 12 July 2008

Up, up and away!

At Cornwall Lift-Off of course! This was my first time visiting the event. I'd mentioned it to my son a few days ago and then I saw the pictures on Dani's blog and knew that I definitely wanted to go. Since I work in Cornwall, Daniel and I decided to head there after I was finished work today. The weather forecast was good so at least that was in our favour. Before I left work I received a call from Chrisanne to let me know what time the balloons took off. She told me that she and Dani were heading down there again and we hoped to catch up with each other.

I've seen hot air balloons take off before but never so many at one time and I've never been this close before. The colours of the balloons were so vibrant and it was just breathtaking to see them rise. Daniel couldn't believe how big the balloons were. I think we shot about 100 pictures as they all took off. I've got some video as well . You'll find it at the end of this post.

Before the lift-off we did run into Dani. Chrisanne was saving their seats for the concert tonight. However because I'm working again tomorrow and I'm just beat, I decided not to stick around for the whole evening. Instead Daniel and I parked our chairs under a tree just outside the admission gates and listened to the first couple of bands from there. Cheap, eh?! I wasn't going to pay the admission when I knew we weren't sticking around for the big act.

As for my stitching... well, I'm almost ready to start dancing! My butterflies are nearing completion and with any luck I'll be able to finish them off tomorrow after work (or at work if it's as quiet as it was today!). I'll wait and post a picture when it's finished. In the meantime I've started a little snowflake ornie. My DH's godmother gave me a whole bag full of pieces or aida cloth which she no longer could use. It seems her eyes are just not strong enough any more for stitching. I've haven't stitched on Aida in the longest time. I've found this piece of green and thought I'd try that for the ornament. It does seem rather bright though! Not sure I'm going to like this one.

I also hit the jackpot on Friday. I took a drive into Winchester, which is the next village over from us, in order to visit their dollar store for some greeting cards. Look what I found when I got in there.....boxes and boxes of trim.
I just couldn't resist and after all, it is the dollar store is it not? Now I have just about every colour I'll ever need. I also found another fabric store in Cornwall today which I'd completely forgotten about. Next time I need fabric I'll have to pay them a visit and check out their prices.
I've got a couple of days off after working this weekend and then just three more work days before the start of my summer holidays and the cottage. Yippee! Time to start planning what stitching I'll be taking with me.


  1. Fun pictures, looks like you had a great time seeing all the balloons and such. Can't wait to see your Butterflies finished, they are so pretty. As to the green aida, I like it. Once you get the piece stitched and finished, the green will probably appear to tone down some as there won't be so much of it compared to the stitching. It looks like it would make wonderful ornaments.

  2. You have been busy, with the balloons, stitching with friends and Canadia Day celebrations, thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary to you and Bob Lynn, love the wedding photo.

  3. Looks like it was a fun event, I just love watching hot air balloons. Great trim you picked up, it should keep you going for quite some time.

  4. Lovely pictures of the Balloon festival. Been to a few too and just love it. Great finds on the ribbons and trim - they are always needed if and when we decide to finish things.

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Lift Off looked like it was lots
    of fun, and fascinating to watch
    all those colourful balloons take
    off. Would you ever go up in one?
    Don't know if I would.

    The designers of City Gardens is
    Barbara and Cheryl Present or
    Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl.
    They seem to lean towards these
    sort of designs. Houses and
    gardens, alleyways and street
    scapes. Not difficult, but
    very intense because it's solid
    stitching. The one I'm doing is
    5" by 7". Not too big.

    Oh, I can't wait to see your
    butterflies all stitched up.
    So, how many skeins of thread
    did they use up??

    A vacation at the cottage.
    Sounds heavenly to me!! Hope
    the weather is good for you.
    How do you decide which bits
    of stitching to take?? I'd
    just heave the whole cupboard
    out a window, tie it on top
    of the car, and take it with