Saturday, 19 July 2008

Bloggaversary gift received

Pam has informed me that she received her bloggaversary gift so I can now post a picture of it here. It's by Lizzie Kate and is called Friendship Begins. I wanted something special to show my appreciation for all the new blogging friends I've made and this pattern seemed to fit the bill.

It really was a fun stitch. I was trying to decide how to personalize it and Dani was here that day for a SAL. She took a look at it and suggested that I put our initals on the teacups. Brilliant.. why couldn't I think of that! I took her suggestion and was pleased with how it turned out. I've got some more pictures here to show the ititials, side view and the fabric I used for the back. I was so encouraged by the results (Thanks Vonna for the tutorial!) that I tried another one this week with my Butterflies.

I used the time I had off on Monday and Tuesday to finish not only my Butterflies but Weather Wise as well. My aim was to get both of these finished before I head off on holidays. I really didn't want to pick up WW. I just wasn't in the mood. I only had the grass, walkway and border to finish but it was sooo boring and I just wasn't looking forward to it. However I persevered and here are the results. This one is going to be framed at a later date (when I have the money!) and will go on the wall either in my guest bedroom or my new craft room.

Being encouraged by the results on my first pinkeep I decided to give it another go with Butterflies. I'm learning as I go along. This time I used a little too much glue when applying my quilt batting to the matboard and then didn't wait long enough for it to dry before I started centering my stitching. Consequently I ended up with small depressions in the corners where my stitching stuck to the glue underneath. I used a hair dryer after to try and lift it but wasn't entirely successful. However I can live with it ( perfectionist... I can't believe that's me saying that!) and when it's sitting on the easel it's really not that noticeable. I've proudly sat it on my coffee table in the living room and can't believe that I actually completed it

Next I'm going to try an ornament finished as a pillow but it won't be anytime soon since we're heading off next week on vacation!! I'm officially finished work now until Aug. 5th!

Before we actually leave for the cottage in Muskoka we'll be having some more fun because my granddaughters are arriving here tomorrow evening. Where my son works in Quebec, all the plants shut down for the last two weeks of July for vacation. Originally he was going to drive up here but his partner still has to work for another week and she needs the car so we have to go to Drummondville and bring them here. I mentioned my plans to my ex-husband and asked if he wanted to share the driving and then we could each have a few days with the girls. He thought it was a great idea so he is picking them up this morning and bringing them to his place. Then he will drop them off at my place on Sunday evening and I will keep them here until Wednesday afternoon after which I will do the return trip to Quebec. It benefits both of us, saves us some gas money and we both get time spent with our grandchildren. I'm so lucky that our divorce was amicable and we can continue to stay on good terms and work things out in instances like this. It's better for our children as well.

I've made a start on another of Tante Zolder's patterns this week. I'm not sure what I'll nickname this one. I enjoyed working on Butterflies so much that I printed out another of her freebies and got started. I'm using another Dinky Dyes floss which is an overdye called Pacific Sunshine. The colours are just so restful and perfect stitching for the cottage.

I'm also in the process of doing a floss toss with different fabrics so that I can start my Christmas gift for my youngest sister. You will recall I finished the USA tree for my other sister. I think I'm going to do M Designs Peace tree for her finished as a flatfold rather than an ornament. I'm saving the ornaments to give as gifts next year. I had Mary at M Designs do up some personlized trees for me to stitch some ornaments as gifts.

Now I'm off to decide what I can come up with for supper tonight. My DH does most of the cooking around here lately and I've rather grown used to it. He's working a little later tonight so it's my turn and I haven't got a clue what to do. Any suggestions?!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...those scrubbers are wonderful and work so well. :)
    Your pinkeeps are beautiful. When I make them I scatter a few dots of glue on the matboard to mount the batting, you honestly do not need much at all.
    I love you Weather Wise, absolutely gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful visit with your grandchilden. I love Quebec and if the gas were cheaper I would make a trip up that way. I have not been there in years.

  2. Cooking ... ugh. How about a lemon curd sandwich? That's my speciality lol

    Your finishes brilliant! What a great job you've done on them and I can't see where you used too much glue. It certainly doesn't show on the photo's.

    I hope you have a lovely time with your grandchildren and a great vacation.

  3. I just love Butterflys ! All of your other stitching is wonderful too. I hope you have a wonderful time with your granddaughters !

  4. I don't know where to start...All your pieces are wonderful. Nice finish on those butterfly's you whipped that together pretty quick!
    I'm glad you had a good time at the Lift-off. I've never been, it looks amazing.
    Have a great time in the Muskokas and I hope you have so much fun you won't have time to stitch...well maybe a little!
    Take care!

  5. Have fun with your grand-daughters :)

    And your pinkeeps are SUPER!!!
    I can help with the glue sticking to the matboard deal...take a straight pin and sort of stick where the fabric is depressed and just jab it in and out sort of lifting it off the mat board....and after a bit of time and a bit more jabbing and lifting it is all fixed ;)

    I think you do a fandabulous job!
    And I LOVE that Prairie Schooler finish!

  6. Great finishes, Lynn! FInishing these off is a learning process and I'm sure you will find the next one even easier to do. Corners are what give me the trouble!

    And I love the PS finish too! Have a wonderful time with your granddaughters.

  7. Well from your photos Lynn your finishes look fantastic! I can't see any fault!

    Congratulations on your Happy Dances as well. Enjoy every moment of your holidays you deserve them!

  8. My you've been busy, they all look wonderful. I think the Butterflies especially look lovely done up, that is such a gorgeous blue. It will be fun seeing your new one develope, the coloring is so pretty.

  9. Wow your finishes are great and I really love the pinkeeps.

    Have a great holiday!

  10. Your finishes look great Lynn! I cant believe weather wise is done already, you seemed to stitch it quickly..i love this one, a "must stitch" for the future!
    Have fun with the grandchildren :)

  11. Lynn,

    Think you'll be able to make it on the 16th.
    You'd be very welcome


  12. You know how much I love your gift (at least I hope you do!) but wanted to also post here and say it publicly! Thank you for making something just for me, I love it and will always treasure it! (sorry for posting this so late, trying very hard to get caught up on all the blog posts I've missed!) Hope you had a lovely time at the cottage!