Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Still waiting

I'm still waiting for all my threads I ordered to arrive so I can start Trick or Treat Lane. I'm really anxious to get started on this one. Thanks for all your help and comments on my fabric choice. In response to Judy's questions, the original fabric called for is Lakeside Linen 28ct Autumn Gold. It makes up pretty well all of the background on the piece. I've decided to go with the fabric I pictured from my stash. I think it will look just as good. In the meantime I went ahead with a quick little finish. On Sunday I started Helga Mandl's Blood Donors Needed. This is just a cute little Halloween piece which is also appropriate since I work in a lab and take blood!
Here's a pic of my progress so far. I don't have much left, just the ghost, spider web and border. I'm waiting for the button pack to arrive. I've got LHN Faith kitted up and ready to go after this is finished. By the way Dani, I'm usually stuck in Ottawa for the whole day like that about one Sunday a month so I think next time I will take you up on your offer to stitch with you for a few hours. It's just too quiet by myself and the day seems to drag.

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day, warm and sunny. It's just too bad I had to work! I'm hoping the weather holds out until my days off next Mon & Tues. I know it's supposed to be a little cooler by then but that's okay. We'd like to take a day and head either to Gatineau Park in Quebec or to Lake Placid in NY. It's about a 3 hr drive to Lake Placid so it all depends on whether or not we can get back in time for rehearsal for Bob. If time doesn't permit then we'll head to Quebec. The leaves are really starting to change now. I took a few pictures on my way home from work this afternoon. There are a couple of wooded areas where the trees change fairly early on .

I was online tonight checking out some of the new charts. Has anyone seen the new Mirabilia Christmas Tree? I like this one a lot more than last year's. I love the doves on it. I'll have to add it to my wish list which seems to be growing quickly! I should have some new stash arriving either this week or next. I was successful bidding on a couple of older Prairie Schooler charts. I'm also waiting for some fabric to arrive.

It seems my love of cross stitch is generating some interest at work. During breaks I take my stitching with me. Several women have come up to see what I'm doing and I've learned that there are a few who also stitch. One of the older ladies in housekeeping commented on my Gingher scissors. Since she doesn't have a computer and is not computer literate, I offered to buy a pair for her online. She just wanted a plain pair not the designer ones. I managed to find a pair for her for only $11 including shipping and she is just so thrilled! I've also got one of my male coworkers stitching now! He is just about finished his first piece, a snowman, and he tells me he's hooked. Also one of our secretaries is now bringing her stitching to work. She's currently working on one of those computer generated charts from a picture of her daughter. We're slowly starting to take over the table at break with all our charts, etc.!


  1. LOL I love the blood donor one! I might have to get that one myself!

    My co-workers just look at me as if I'm mad if I do any stitching in my breaks and then get really irritating by counting stupidly out loud while I'm trying to count. They think it's funny. I gave up and just do mine at home now.

  2. I have a lot of people ask me about my stitching too! No one stitches yet...but I'm this close ** to talking one lady into it! LOL!
    Love the scenery pictures :)
    Lovely red maples!

  3. Oooh you cant beat the colour of the leaves in Canada at this time of year. Our leaves are nothing like the red you get over there. DH misses Canada at this time of year (and summer, winter and spring too LOL)
    Love your Halloween stitching!!

  4. I LOVE the blood donor chart !!! Good job with the enabling your co-workers, we must spread the maddness where ever and when ever possible. Bahahaha : )

  5. Wow Lynn, Blood donors is working up so quickly! I'll e-mail you my phone numbers so that if you decide to stich with me you can get in touch to make sure I'm home! As you know I have a habit of going places on the weekends at times!

  6. Your leaves have turned much quicker than ours!

    How great that you have started your own stitching group at work, but those break times must fly by too quickly. It must be hard to drag yourself back to work LOL!

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Love your Blood Donors Needed project. Very cute, and ironic. I like the look of the fabric that you're stitching it on too. It really makes the thread colours pop!

    I think that Autumn is the most beautiful season of all. When the trees change colour the sight is breath taking. And I love it when it rains at this time of year because it deepens the colours even more and makes them richer looking. And the air smells so fresh.

    I take my stitching to work too. I sit at my desk, and depending on the job that I'm doing that day I can have anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half free to stitch before I start work. I have a few people who come over to see what I'm working on. I've had many say that they "use to do that years ago, but not anymore."

    Oh those new charts. So enticing. So irresistible.


  8. Your Blood Donor project is looking great, and it does sound perfect with you working in a lab. I saw this done up awhile back (can't remember who did it) and it was so cute. I've thought of doing it and giving to our local Red Cross Donor room.

    That's great so many people at your work are getting interested in stitching, sounds like you'll have your own stitching club there.

  9. Your blood donor project is looking great. Love that you and your fellow stitchers are taking over the table, LOL

  10. I see a SAL happening at your work. Have fun with your new stitching friends.
    Love the fall colors on the trees we are at about the same level as yours.
    Blood Donor is sooo cute.