Wednesday, 26 September 2007

No stash yet!

I keep checking the mail but Canada Post keeps disappointing me. I'm waiting for some new stash from various places such as my SB&B order and some ebay wins but nothing is in sight yet! The last few times I've placed an online order I find that things have been getting tied up at customs. Not that I've had to pay any duty. It just seems to stall there. The order is shipped pretty quickly but it seems to take forever to get here. Or maybe that's just our post! I've also won a few Praire Schooler charts on ebay that I'm anxious to have a look at. I'm a new fan of this designer. Oh well, we'll see how patient I'm am!

I finished Blood Donors on the weekend but I'm waiting for the button collection for it to arrive. As soon as that arrives and they're all sewn on then I'll take a picture and post it.
I decided that I'd get started on an ornament next. I've gone ahead with the SamSarah Joy Ornament from the JC preview issue. The day after I got started I found the 2007 ornament issue was finally in the stores here. The ornament I'm doing appears in the issue with 2 snowman and spells Love. I'm using a combination of DMC and Weeks leftover threads that were in my stash. I'm using some lovely fabric from Country Stitch Kiwi Illusions. I bought a few pieces on ebay and was surprised at how nice it is. I really love the colours and it's such a soft fabric. The piece I'm using is almost identical to the fabric used in the magazine for this ornament. I haven't got enough done yet for a picture but maybe by the weekend I should.

I can't believe that October is almost here! The weather here the past two days has been warm and humid. I worked the weekend but my days off were Monday and Tuesday which were both lovely. Monday afternoon I actually sat out on the lounger for most of the afternoon and read my Harry Potter book. I'm almost finished the Half Blood Prince. With any luck I'll get the last book for Christmas. My DH never knows what to get me so I'll add this to the list this year.
On Tuesday I headed for the states and did a bit of shopping while our money is so close to par. I drove to Watertown, NY which is a 2 hr drive from my place. It's the first time in a very long time that I've been over to NY. We used to go on a regular basis since my ex-husband's family lives there. There's an apple festival held every year just outside of Syracuse which I'd love to go to again. It's much more than just apples. They have huge tents set up which are full of crafts. There must be 7 or 8 of them just packed with every type of craft imaginable. Plus of course, the homemade apple pies and fritters! It's held in a farmer's field with the fall colors of the Adirondacks as a background. I checked online and the festival still takes place but it's always on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Not really possible since I've always got the boys headed home for the holiday. But if any of you live in that area check it out!

I'm headed off to stitch now and watch the season premiere of my favourite show, Criminal Minds.

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  1. Ah, apples and fall!!!! Does that mean that cold weather is on the way? Have been happily shopping too now that the dollar is at par.
    I am also finding mail is very very slow coming from other countries. it is soooo frustrating